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Make it Memorable. What do you remember about your library?. Elementary School. Book Fair. School Pictures. Junior High / Middle School. Sleeping. Be Quite. No Talking!. High School. Research. Card Catalog. College. ( Depending on what type of student you were!). OR. Good Times!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Make it Memorable

What do you remember about your library?

Elementary School

School PicturesBook Fair

Junior High / Middle School

Be QuiteNo Talking!


High School

Card CatalogResearch


Good Times!Research / Studying

OR(Depending on what type of student you were!)

What do you want your students to remember?

How can you make your Media Center memorable to your students?Planning and being preparedPlanning ahead and being prepared makes your job easier and the students get more out of the lesson.

Do the unexpectedDress up in costumeIt can be as simple as a book character or someone you make up.

This is Miss Bumpkin and she is an expert on manners and cleanliness. She does a whole lesson on respecting your elders, washing behind your ears, wearing deodorant, and the importance of teeth brushing! Several books from the Media Center are tied into the lesson. The students love Miss Bumpkin!Do the unexpected

Give them a snow day! Make it snow in the Media Center and let them play in the snowyes in the Media Center!!We promise it can be cleaned up!!

Do the unexpectedGet your students involved and make them excited about the media center.Get the teachers excited about the media center.You do not have to have a huge budget to make things memorableit also is very easy to do!Now we will demonstrate a memorable Media lesson!

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