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2. This magazine cover is one that is very useful to my research as it features one of the films that I decided to look at Hot Fuzz. Although there is quite a large title, the main cover feature is for a Bourne film. This indicates that comedy does not always make it to main feature status. In fact, I would say that magazine covers focus mainly on action films. The whole cover has been designed with action in mind from the orange and brown colour palette suggesting fire and the smoky texture of the background. We will not have many direct models for our cover but we an work on the idea that the background needs to be textured and help to convey the genre. EMPIRE 1 3. This is a very busy cover that is packed with images and text. I think this could be the kind of cover style that we might emulate as it suits the comedy theme of our film. This magazine cover particularly focuses on The Men in Black films which have a touch of humour as well as other films such as G.I Joe and Battleships which are also action films. This magazine cover also uses props such as guns. I would like to use props in our magazine cover because I think it would help to convey our ideas and genre. The men in black character is almost in costume and I think our characters might need a stylised kind of dressing. The characters are also pulling action poses which again makes the magazine cover look more attention-grabbing and action- packed. EMPIRE 2 4. This magazine cover is slightly different to the other two as it doesnt have a bright colour scheme but is muted and stylish and only focuses on one character. I thought this would be an interesting contrast and shows that magazine covers take a lot of different styles and can be manipulated in lots of different ways. The character also appears to be in action pose and there is a mysterious light source in the background. The cover has a simple, clean appeal and even the Empire red font has been changed to fit the overall scheme. This shows me that there is quite a lot of flexibility and magazines will adjust their covers for a film they feel will be popular and will help them sell copies. EMPIRE 3