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Transcript of Magazine Advert Drafts

  • 1. Magazine Advert Drafts By Lacey Ruttley

2. EDIT 1 For our magazine advert we wanted to include an image of the band. While looking into existing band magazine adverts, I really liked one for Mumford & Sons Sigh No More album. On of front they had 4 images of each member of their band. I wanted to try this in our advert for The Turning. During our photo shoot with the band we had taken photographs of each band member against a brick wall. We really liked this as it linked well with the performance in our music video as they are performing in a studio with a brick wall. I cropped each picture to the same size and made the images back and white. I then changed the contrast to make some areas darker as we felt this emphasized the images of the members more. Although we did like this layout we felt it was too dark and it would not stand out to its audience. We also used The Turnings actual logo in our magazine advert. 3. EDIT 2 I therefore decided to change the images of the band members to colour. I then changed the saturation to make the images not as colourful. We felt changing this make the images look more indie. I also made the images bigger as they were too small before. 4. EDIT 3 I then decided to add the bands logo in the middle and put the images around it to really make their name stand out. I also began to add text including when the album is out, name of the song and their website. 5. EDIT 4 I then decided to try a different idea using a full image as we felt the previous ones were too dull and not eye catching enough. From the photoshoot we did with the band I chose this photo as I like their positioning on the stairs and it also includes a brick wall like in the music video. As at this point our group was going with a black and white theme I edited the image to go with that and also made the text black. I wanted a block colour at the bottom so we would be able to add small text and make it clear. We found, on an existing magazine advert a shape like this which we decided to also use. I liked this as it really make their logo stand out. 6. EDIT 5 In my next edit I added text to the top telling the audience the name of the song. I also added the front picture from our digipack and the bands website link. I faded the black shape we had at the bottom as I still wanted to keep it however the felt the full back looked odd and didnt fit in with the rest of the advert. 7. EDIT 6 I felt having the whole advert in black and white wasnt eye catching enough and quite dull. As a group we therefore decided to change our ancillaries to the same colour scheme as The Turning. This was a blue filter. In this edit I also added text stated where the album is available in this case on itunes. 8. EDIT 7 Changed the text to an actual logo for itunes. 9. EDIT 8 From our audience feedback one main comment we got was that our ancillaries didnt have a clear enough link and didnt stand out. We therefore decided to look back at our research and we found the band Razorlight still used the colours black and white but with also with the primary colour yellow. We really liked this colour scheme as it still kept with our original colours black and white but the yellow really makes it stand out. We applied this to both of our ancillaries and felt this made them look more professional. I also changed the itunes logo to the up to date one one and because my last one said download which you wouldnt see on a magazine advert. 10. EDIT 9 I also added the logo of a record company which is also normally found on a magazine advert at the bottom. We choice Atlantic Records as the band Alt-J, which influenced our products, is signed to their company so we thought this would be a good choice for The Turning. 11. EDIT 10 FINAL The only element I changed in our final edit was the decision of changing our digipak from album to EP. I am happy with the final edit of the magazine advert as I believe it clearly links all of our products together and looks like a professional magazine advert that would be found today.