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Transcript of Maestro Juan Miguel P. Tenorio Maestro Michael · PDF fileMaestro Juan Miguel P. Tenorio...

  • Informative Issue No. 178 2015

    Maestro Juan Miguel P. TenorioMaestro Juan Miguel P. Tenorio

    Maestro Michael TuralbaMaestro Michael Turalba

    A Filipino Hybrid Street Fighting System Molded in the Streets and Real Combat Situations

  • Background of Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu Basic Street Fight Defense for Skilled Opponent Basic Defense for Jab Basic Defense for Roundhouse Kick Basic Defense for Bullies - Cloth Grab Basic Defense for Choke and Hold Basic Defense for Countering Opponent Final Thought

    Each issue features practitioners of martial arts and other internal arts, other features include historical, theo-retical and technical articles; reflections, Filipino martial arts, healing arts, the culture of the Philippines and other related subjects. The authors, publisher and owner of this online magazine are not responsible for any injury, which may result from the instructions contained in this online magazine. Before embarking on any of the physical activates described in the magazine, the reader should consult his or her physician for advice regarding their individual suitability for per-forming such activity. The ideas and opinions expressed in the FMA Informative online magazine are those of the authors or instruc-tors being interviewed and are not necessarily the views of the publisher, editor or owner of the FMA Informative. The articles are the property of the authors that wrote them and cannot be used without the permission of the author. The FMA Informative is for the promulgation and promotion of the Filipino martial arts and the Culture of the Philippines. NO issue can be printed and Sold for Monies, without the express permission of the Owner and Publisher of the FMA Informative.

    Last year when the FMA Informative first worked on an issue with Maestro Juan Miguel P. Tenorio the organi-zation was called Senbo Combative Alliance then just before the issue came out Maestro Tenorio changed the name to the Tenorio Jiu-Jitsu Alliance and now the organizations name is Shinko Kiboai JuiJitsu Alliance. However even with the name changes the basic concept and fundamentals have stayed steady and that is it is an organization that practices Hybrid Martial Art focuses on striking, throwing, grappling and weapon combat and self-defense. All of its techniques depends on simplicity and leverage that gives the opportunity to defeat stronger and larger assailants.

    Maestro Juan Miguel P. Tenorio Shinko Kiboai JuiJitsu is a Filipino hybrid art, it can be described it as hybrid Dumog, Buno, Panantu-kan and Pananjakman, incorporating it with the roots of the Filipino martial arts or Kali / Escrima, the weapon combat. We are still preserving the filipino art by merging all our knowledge to make the Filipino martial arts alive. Again our Jiu-jitsu is a Filipino way of fighting and it is hybrid or mixed on other martial arts. We chose Jiu-Jitsu because it is the same that Takenouchi Hisamori did, it has weapon combat striking, throwing and grappling, so it is MMA or hybrid.

    To Contact Maestro Juan Miguel P. Tenorio in the Philippines: (0916) 837-8047 Email: [email protected] Website: FaceBook: Senbo Ju-Jitsu Alliance - Click Here

  • Background of Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu Maestro Miguel Tenorio has trained and studied the follow-ing styles: Gracie Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Panantukan, Pekiti, Sambo, Du-mog. Maestro Tenorio main style of a hybrid Ju Jitsu is basically made up of Ju Jitsu, Judo and Jeet Kune Do. With various aspects of other styles that he has trained in. All of these Systems techniques that Maestro Tenorio has learned are merged and com-bined in Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu, where all techniques are modified to make it simplified and effective. Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu is not a fixed martial art where it stops in the midst of polishing the tech-niques. Instead, it is an eclectic kind of street fighting system that adapts to survive, it improvises to take advantage and it overcomes to defeat. Senbo is a kind of Street Fighting System where it always hungry for new techniques, an art that always growing.

    Maestro Tenorio was awarded by Sensei Eric Cambione 8th Dan of Goshinjutsu Koryu Aikijujutsu a certificate to teach Jujitsu in the Philippines. Another was awarded in Japan to Maestro Tenorio for his Judo skills from a Kodokan Judo Master Soke Hiro-shima Tanaka which gave Maestro Tenorio a rank of substitute 5th Dan Judoka. Maestro Tenorio authority to teach Jujitsu was given to him in the Philippines by Sensei Eric Cambione of Goshinjutsu Koryu Aikijujutsu. Using what he has expe-rienced in various other styles he has incorporated what he felt was useful and in alliance with his main style, which is a hybrid style, tat Maestro Tenorio states that he considers it a Filipino hybrid style of Ju Jitsu due to the incor-poration of other Filipino arts that have been added. Shinko Kiboai

    Ju Jitsu, is a Filipino Hybrid Street Fighting System molded in streets and real combat situations. Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu is most likely an MMA but a street MMA without rules followed.

    An Eclectic Kind of Fighting System

    Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu is an eclec-tic kind of fighting system for it does not stop at the knowledge it has attained, but it is always hungry for knowledge and learning more techniques, Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu adapts to survive, impro-vise to make something superior and overcoming it. Same as other martial art, we also have principles and our basic principles and will be our principles and way of life. The concept or basis of Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu is lever-age and the techniques which are taught. Some of the aspects of the art is the footwork, which is to manage the distance from the opponent. The strikes that are taught are basic concepts and the

    mechanics of boxing. In the leverage concept of Shinko Kiboai Ju Jitsu, one has to be smarter than the opponent, practitioners have to think before executing techniques, you have to conserve your energy, in short you have to be conservative managing the distance and feeling the oppo-nents movements and then apply leverage in the execution of the technique to dominate the oppo-nent. A student is taught the basics by learning to relax the body and mind and flow with the opponents movements. Learning the correct execution of strikes and blocks in combination to falls and of course Ju Jitsu.

    Using the basic concepts of leverage and positioning Mae-stro Tenorio believes that a weak individual can overcome a larger, stronger individual. Though in his training of his students exercises are important to develop coordi-nation, strength, endurance, and balance. In training for holds, the basic idea to train for is to sense the movements of the opponent to be able to accomplish the hold and to be able to continuously be able to maintain the hold. In dominating an opponent it is in the mind will be the first set, if you fail in the mind, you will fail the rest. To control an opponent you have to be smarter than the opponent, which means you have

    Basic Defense for Jab1. Preparation for Fight. The Ready Stance. 2. Opponent throws a leading jab, quickly go to your right side and grab his hand and apply a pull to strengthen his momentum on falling. 3. Use your opponent force to take him down and add a pull to strengthen his momentum on falling forward to have a better set up of a lock. 4. Then set up a Kneeling Straight Armlock .

    Basic Street Fight Defense for Skilled Opponent





    the technique to finish him even he is bigger than you.

  • Basic Defense for Bullies - Cloth Grab1. Someone tried to bully you and end up grabbing your collar or cloth. 2. The opponent launches a haymaker punch towards your face. Quickly block his hand and enter your right hand in-side the opponent left hand (one that grabs the your cloth) 3. Enter your right hand and place it over his neck like you are going to hug him, or like reaching his backbone while maintaining your control to opponents right hand by hugging it inside. 4. Take out your hip to have a better leverage for throw and bend downward to lift him up. Pull his right arm and swing your body to the left to execute the throw. NOTE: This throw can be used by anyone for it doesnt need so much strength to throw an opponent. Even thrice your weight, size and height you can lift him and throw him to the ground. Using only Leveraging. By placing much more damage, spring your legs till he hangs in the air then swing your body. 5. You can run, do a joint lock, strike him to the face, groin strikes, chop his carotid and etc. Street applications have no rules so you can do anything. In here neutralizing the opponent to avoid damage to you and bring it back to him.


    Basic Defense for Roundhouse Kick1. Preparation Stance. Opponent tries to work his strategies. 2. Opponent launches a roundhouse kick to your liver. Go forward to avoid the most critical part of the kick (the shin) and block it with your both arms. Shoot your left arm after slowing his kick to have control of his distance. 3. Execute a takedown by reaping his balance. 4. You can either hit his groin, poke his eyes, or break his Achilles or do a joint lock.


    2 Up Close

    2 - Upclose. These is how you will block your opponents punch. Hook it over his biceps to have control of his hand and prevent it springing out-wards to deliver another punch. Your left hand enters inside the opponent grabbing hand (to your cloth) for throw set up.

  • Basic Defense for Choke and Hold1. Opponent tries to hold and choke you like they are bullying you or trying to get something. 2. Go to his flow, place your left