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Madeley Matters 118th Edition Madeley Town Council has awarded the contract to refurbish the Anstice Memorial Hall to Shropshire Building Contractors company Pave Aways Limited. The project will bring the building back into full use and accessible to the whole community. Work starts on 25 February and will last six months. At a Town Council meeting this week, councillors unanimously supported the £1.2 million upgrade scheme to modernise the Anstice. The Town Council working with ACT has £618,109 funding secured or covered by reserves for this project, but needed to find a further £586,680. Because of prudent financial budgeting, the Town Council are able to take out a Public Works loan without any need to increase the Town Council precept. The renovation of the original vaulted ballroom on the upper floor will provide a great affordable venue for local events, especially with the new lift providing access for all. The ground floor requires more extensive work, but will retain original detail, such as the Maws tiled floor and wooden stairs. It will bring the library back to its original home with a First Point (help-desk) reception on the ground floor, fully adaptable multi use space and toilets /cloak room linked to a café. It will create a great interactive environmentally friendly zone where staff and volunteers can engage with the local community and visitors. Once the work is completed, the running of the building will be taken over by the Anstice Community Trust (ACT), a registered charity run by local people. Work set to start on Anstice refurbishment in Madeley... February 2019 See inside for further details and lots more local news too... Cllr Carrie MacKenzie, Madeley Town Council’s Vice Chair said: “These are exciting times and the work on Anstice will build upon the previous improvements carried out over the past few years in Madeley centre”. We would like to thank all the organisations that are offering funding support, including Telford & Wrekin Council, Veolia and Power to Change. FREE PLEASE TAKE ONE
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  • Madeley Matters118th Edition

    Madeley Town Council has awarded the contract to refurbish the Anstice Memorial Hall to Shropshire Building Contractors company Pave Aways Limited.

    The project will bring the building back into full use and accessible to the whole community. Work starts on 25 February and will last six months.

    At a Town Council meeting this week, councillors unanimouslysupported the £1.2 million upgrade scheme to modernise theAnstice.

    The Town Council working with ACT has £618,109 funding secured or covered by reserves for this project, but needed to find a further £586,680. Because of prudent financial budgeting, the Town Council are able to take out a Public Works loan without any need to increase the Town Council precept.

    The renovation of the original vaulted ballroom on the upper floor will provide a great affordable venue for local events, especially with the new lift providing access for all. The ground floor requires more extensive work, but will retain original detail, such as the Maws tiled floor and wooden stairs.

    It will bring the library back to its original home with a First Point (help-desk) reception on the ground floor, fully adaptable multi use space and toilets /cloak room linked to a café. It will create a great interactive environmentally friendly zone where staff and volunteers can engage with the local community and visitors.

    Once the work is completed, the running of the building will be taken over by the Anstice Community Trust (ACT), a registered charity run by local people.

    Work set to start onAnstice refurbishmentin Madeley...

    February 2019

    See inside for further details and lots more local news too...

    Cllr Carrie MacKenzie, Madeley Town Council’s Vice Chair said:“These are exciting times and the work on Anstice will build upon the previous improvements carried out

    over the past few years in Madeley centre”.We would like to thank all the organisations that are offering funding support,

    including Telford & Wrekin Council, Veolia and Power to Change.FREEPLEASE TAKEONE

  • Porch refurbishment at the Anstice

    Since Christmas, work has progressed on the restoration of the porch with stone-masons carrying out stone and brick repairs.

    All the stone repairs have now been completed. A number of damaged bricks have also been replaced. The Conservation Officer has decided that the brickwork is in reasonable condition and does not need to be rendered. The final repointing work will be left over until spring when the weather will be warmer (March 2019).

    Consideration is being given as to whether the front Anstice emblem and parapet should be repainted using mineral paints.

    If it is decided to paint the emblem, then colours will be agreed with the Conservation officer. The parapet coping stone which is stained black may also be painted a stone colour.

    The inside of the porch roof has now been boarded and properly sealed. An outfall hopper and back corner downpipe has beenreplaced. The extra repairs and repointing will cost more money but there will be a saving by not rendering or repainting the stonework.

    2 l Madeley Matters

    Anstice Refurbishment News, cont’d...Shropshire based contractor Pave Aways has been chosen asthe main contractor for the refurbishment of The Anstice.

    The firm has worked on many projects in the Telford area including Meeting Point House, refurbishments of local centresincluding Brookside and Hadley, school extensions and the construction of new build factories for manufacturers like Polytec.

    It employs local people and uses contractors in its established supply chain that are based within 25 miles of the site.

    Managing Director Steven Owen said: “We are thrilled to have been awarded the contract for The Anstice.

    “We look forward to working on a sympathetic refurbishment whilst maintaining the historic integrity of the building to ensure it becomes a flexible space that can serve the community for years to come.”

    Pave Aways Construction Director Jamie Evans will oversee the project. He said: “The site will operate from Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 5.30pm. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum and will liaise closely with the Anstice Community Trust, the council, our sub contractors and other agencies to ensure the smooth running of the site.” Pave Aways can be contacted on 01691 682111 or [email protected]

    Funding the Project: The total project cost will be £1,204,789, this is being funded by the following means:Funding Source Amount £ Comments

    Madeley Town Council Reserves 126,741 The council has been saving for the project since 2015

    Madeley Partnership 66,357

    Telford & Wrekin contribution 124,000 Contribution from T&W Council for the relocation of Madeley Library into theto Library Anstice building

    Anstice Community Trust 13,750 Specifically, to fund refurbishment of the ballroom and bar. Also includes match funding for the Power to Change Grant.

    Grants [email protected] grants were awarded to project in Park Lane Centre, Hub on the Hill [email protected] and towards the refurbishment of the Anstice Memorial Hall.

    Power to Change 287,261 Part of Big Lottery Funded awarded to Anstice Community Trust. As well as funding for the capital works, additional funding was awarded for staffing.

    Veolia Awarded to Madeley Town Council for capital work.

    Public Works Loan 586,680 Madeley Town Council will take out a Public Works loan to complete the funding package for the project. The loan will be repayable over 27 year with an annual cost of approximately £30,178. The Town council will not need to increase the precept to accommodate the loan repayments as it has sufficient room within the budget and reserves to meet this commitment for the loan term.

    Total 1,204,789

    Photography by John Corrock


  • Community Payback Lend Helping HandMonday 12th November saw a huge effort by Community Payback in helping the Anstice Community Trust to clear the inside of the Anstice of all former furnishings/fittings before the planned refurbishment starts in early spring 2019. Madeley Town Council organised the delivery of the huge skip which was needed due to the amount of waste to be disposed of.

    Many thanks to Community Payback for all their hard work and for providing the much-needed manpower and muscle on the day to clear such a huge building.

    Special thanks to Phil (supervising officer) for co-ordinating the work on the day.

    IRONBRIDGE RE-OPENING – the one showChildren at Woodlands Primary School were delighted to be asked to take part in the BBC ‘The One Show’ live broadcast on Monday 7th January, to mark the completion of the English Heritage’s project to renovate the Iron Bridge.

    The children celebrated the re-opening of the Iron Bridge by walking across the bridge alongside the local community and were joined by a man-made elephant also crossing the bridge to replicate a previous publicity stunt to promote a circus. It was a memorable moment in history, of which we were proud to be part.

    February 2019 l 3

    Meadow Pitmound Pathway ImprovementsRecently a Pride in your Community grant from Telford & WrekinCouncil and some funding from Madeley Town Council was jointly combined to fund pathway improvements within MeadowPitmound Local nature reserve. The reason for the scheme had been raised previously by our councillors and members of the public withreference to the condition of the path surface which does become extremely difficult to navigate through or somewhat impassable in parts due to the excessive mud during the winter months and beyond i f remaining wet.

    The path network is heavily used by school children going to and from school each day which is what the successful bid was based upon as it fits with the safe route to school’s policy. In addition, this will also help to promote the usability and encourage all to visit and explore the nature reserve as intended.

    The improvements took place last November in time before the winter weather took a firm hold, and all works were implemented and managed by the Senior Rights of Way Officer at Telford & Wrekin Council along with their chosen approved contractor.

    Figure 1 Before Figure 2 During Figure 3 After

    The Shropshire Star Reported:

    Crowds of children and their proud families gathered in Ironbridge to mark the end of the work on Monday evening, with the occasion broadcast live on the BBC’s One Show.

    Cutting the ribbon and officially reopening the bridge was Michael Darby, great great great grandson of Abraham Darby III, who built the cast iron bridge in 1779.

    Councillor Raj Mehta, Mayor of Telford & Wrekin Council, said: “It’s a World Heritage Site on our doorstep and now it’s looking better than ever. It’s amazing to have so many people, especially all the children, here to celebrate the opening of this magnificent bridge.

    Councillor Nicola Lowery, Borough Councillor for the Ironbridge Gorge said: “The atmosphere at the Ironbridge was electric and it’s incredible to see the amount of families that have attended to mark the completion of this historic project.

    Thank you to all those parents that took the time to attend the opening, enabling their children to take part in such a memorable event.

  • E-mail: [email protected] Or contact: 01952 432769 (Head Office, Green Wood Centre Coalbrookdale, Telford)

    About: ’Telford Woods’ is currently in the ’pilot’ phase of a partnership project that we hope to develop into a ‘Social Enterprise’ enabling our local communi�es to be�er benefit from their local woodland areas. We want to work with those whose health, well-being, educa�on or career may benefit in par�cular, to create better places together...for people & wildlife!

    @Court Street Community/Hub on the Hill Weekly (afternoon) Sessions delivered by the Small Woods Association in

    partnership with Telford MIND.

    ANYONE over the age of 18 is welcome to a�end the sessions (subject to com-ple�on of registra�on). Please ensure you wear sturdy footwear and are dressed appropriately to work outdoors (indoor alternative session will be held in adverse weather). Please get in touch for details of upcoming sessions!


    4 l Madeley Matters

    TELFORD WOODS PROJECTOne of the projects to receive Legacy funding through ‘Telford @50’ last year was the ‘Telford Woods’ Social Enterprise; a partnership between Telford & Wrekin Council and the Small Woods Association, which is based at the Green Wood Centre in nearby Coalbrookdale. The Social Enterprise is looking at how woodland areas in the Borough can be brought into better management (to benefit local communities and wildlife) through encouraging the local community to get involved in ‘Social Forestry’ activities with a view to not only improving the health and wellbeing of those directly participating, but also a general understanding and awareness of the Borough’s many local woodland areas amongst residents. Madeley Town Council, having already been a very proactive parish in managing the local environment, was chosen as one of the areas to ‘pilot’ some activities within. Madeley Court Pit Mound, part of the recently designated Local Nature Reserve, in particular has been identified as ideal for involving members of the local community in activities which assist in managing the woodland there and improving local awareness of it as a place that can benefit both wildlife and people. (Particularly given its proximity to the Madeley Court Medical Practice which hosts the Court Street Community and Telford MIND Services; acting as a source of ‘referrals’ of participants to the project). Working with Telford MIND, the first ‘taster’ session (a seasonal woodland craft session) was held by SmallWoods at Madeley Court Medical Practice on the afternoon of 18th December, with more to follow.Future sessions will be more practical and will involve some of the activities listed below:

    nLitter pick of site (in collaboration with Telford & Wrekin Council’s volunteer Street Champions)

    n General ivy/brash clearance/managed habitat creation

    n Footpath maintenance - lop/bowsaw overhanging branches/check way-marker posts

    n Access improvements, handrail installation and installation of edging boards/fencing

    n Hotel road - possible ditch clearance and ‘leaf mulching’ project.

    Within the Local Nature Reserve management plan for the five pit mounds located in Madeley there is woodland surveying and subsequent thinning operations required, so there may be scope for volunteer involvement in this at some level too (especially around getting involved in the survey work).

    Moving forward we will be looking at rolling out such sessions across the parish to the other four pit mound woodland sites, along with activities at Rough Park Nature Reserve, also located within the parish.

  • February 2019 l 5

    Telford Food Bank needs your donations...Why do people use foodbanks?

    n Often people find foodbanks at a difficult time in their lives or as is defined as a ‘crisis point’. n The most typical users are single men, lone mothers with children and single women – between them accounting for about two-thirds of all food bank users. n Social isolation, the lack of a friend in need, plays a part, as well as threadbare finances. n Ill health is a very common feature. Almost two-thirds of users had a health condition, half of households using food banks included someone with a disability and a third had mental health problems. n Debts and a long trail of repayments are often dragging them down. They can be months behind with bills and having to pay back bank loans, credit cards, loan sharks and payday lenders.

    Be one neighbour supporting another and donate to the Telford Food Bank such items as:UHT Milk, Jar Sauces, Tea/Coffee, Baby food, Nappies, Pet food, Cordial, Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, Toothpaste &Brushes, Pasta, Rice, Tuna/Fish, Tinned Meals, Tinned/Instant Veg, Sugar, Puddings, Crackers, Soup/Stews, Beans, Cereals, Beans/Spaghetti, Razors, Toilet Roll.

    If you’re able to get to our Sutton Hill hub between 9:30 and 5:30 Monday to Friday to bring things across to us, that’s great! If you can’t get there, no problem, our Donation Points are the next best thing, such as Park Lane Centre – Woodside, First Point – Southwater, ASDA town centre, Sainsburys and a few convenience stores such as the CO-OP stores in Stirchley, Priorslee and Ironbridge, and the One stop in Shifnal.

    If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer, people who want to get involved with fundraising/events, providing donations through payroll giving, corporate donations & sponsorship or just supporting us through the Telford & Wrekin community lottery – please contact us. More information and details visit our website

    You can contact Telford Crisis Support via: T: 01952 586646 E: [email protected] Social Media: @telfordsupport

    “I was depressed and don’t know what I’d have done if it were not for them.” A single mum, educated with a degree, who left home to escape an abusive relationship. Needing to care for her family and look after her baby daughter. When benefits switched from income support to the new Universal Credit she found herself in rent arrears and with a 6 week wait for her next payment leaving her with no funds to buy food. “The kids don’t know that I would go to bed with pain in my stomach. I was hungry but then the Food Bank helped”

    “Partner lost their job meaning the household income was halved. Struggling to keep up with gas, electric and other utilities and will need to totally re-budget – completely unexpected.”

    “Had to take time off work with serious illness. Statutory sick pay isn’t enough to cover household bills as well as car and travel costs. Has led to depression, doesn’t know where to turn or what to do.”

    “Lost his job and applied for Universal Credit. Trying to make wages stretch to support children until the money comes through – 5 weeks. Having to provide extra meals due to free school meals not being available during half term.”

    Rights of WayRecently a number of Rights of Ways located within our parish have been subject to some unwanted action which has led to some of the joining sections that link our pathway network being blocked off. The area of concern is primarily Tweedale South Industrial site which has links onto the Silkin way that are currently being disrupted.

    Telford and Wrekin Council are aware of the situation and are pursuing this with a view to resolving the issue and will look to getthem re-opened as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, any users who have been affected by these routes being blocked off are being urged to contact T&WCouncil and log their enquiry/complaint for the attention of the Senior Rights of Way Officer who will issue a form to becompleted and returned. This form briefly asks what your usual usage relates to either pleasure or possible routes to andfrom work and how long you have been using these affected links. It is essential that such information comes forward byusers in order to assist the local authority in resolving the matter. If more convenient, the forms are also availableat Jubilee House located in Madeley High Street. Completed forms can then be forwarded to the relevantofficer at Telford and Wrekin Council.

  • 6 l Madeley Matters

    Once again men in the Telford area are being invited to attend a special event on 25th March 2019 from 6pm to 8.30pm at Haberdashers Abraham Darby, Madeley, Telford TF7 5HX where they will be able to get checked for prostate cancer FREE OF CHARGE.

    Tests will be provided by Mr Baxter-Smith, an authority on prostate cancer who has worked closely with Lions Clubs across the country to make screening more widely available, and professional Phlebotomists will be on hand to take blood samples. Mr Baxter-Smith urges all men in the “at risk” categories to get their PSA check done every year. So even if you have attended before please come along and be checked again

    Prostate cancer affects around 45,000 men in the UK every year. Of those,almost one third will die from the disease. In Shropshire alone, around 250 men arediagnosed annually with prostate cancer. Despite these frightening statistics there is no national screening programme for prostate cancer, which is why Ironbridge Lions, together with Ironbridge Rotary Club, are urging all local men in categories ‘at risk’ from the disease to attend the event and get checked by having a simple blood test.

    “It has been proven that early diagnosis of prostate cancer results in better outcomes,” says Lion President Jim Philbin, “and that is why every man in an ‘at risk’ category should come along and get checked.

    The “at risk” categories for prostate cancer are: n All men over 50 n All men over 40 with history of the disease in their family n Any man over 45 from an African/West Indian Ethnic group

    “Having talked to others about similar events staged around the country in recent years,” says Mr Philbin “it’s a fact that many men who had no prior symptoms were tested and found to have prostate cancer and as a result were able to receive treatment before it was too late”

    And ladies don’t let the man in your life slip through the net…. Make sure he comes to get checked

    Remember it is free and you do not need an appointment.

    For further information visit or call 0845 8339516

    Town Council Events This year Madeley Town Council is organising the following events:

    n Madeley Charity Market - Saturday 29 June n Madeley Green Day - Sunday 15 September n Madeley Christmas Lights - Saturday 30 November

    Look out for more details in coming issues.

    Do you have an event to promote – why not use Madeley Matters?Our community newsletter has a print run of 6,000; delivered through local primary schools andpicked up from drop-bins in various locations around the parish, including local supermarkets, leisure/community centres and more.

    Contact Julie for more information; [email protected]

  • February 2019 l 7

    Severn Gorge Countryside TrustWe are now in partnership with Madeley Nursery School. The children and teachersexplore Sunniside woodland together with Cadi Price in all weathers! In January, we focussedon trees, holes, fungi and squirrels. We also found plenty of snow and mud!

    Tesco is helping us with their funding with blue tokens and you can vote for us until the end of February please. We are designing 4 family activity woodland walks in the Ironbridge Gorge.

    Our new Outdoor Learning Programme for 2019-20 can be found on Also on Facebook: ‘Severn GorgeCountryside Trust’. With guided walks, family walks and practical workshops, there is something for everyone and all at very reasonable charges. Booking and payment in advance is essential.

    Wednesday 3rd April: 10-1pm - Guided walk: Forest Bathing Tutor: Jan Cafearo. Forest Bathing is catching on. No swimming is involved! The ‘bathing’ part simply means using all of our senses to soak up the special atmosphere of the woodland. Research shows it to be very good for our health and lots of fun! Cost: £10. Meet: Coalbrookdale Community Centre, Wellington Road, Coalbrookdale, TF8 7DX

    Tuesday 7th May: 10-1pm - Workshop: Mini Meadow MedicineTutor: Hannah Charman. Be introduced to the fascinating tradition of western herbal medicine. After learning some basic theory, we’ll be getting ‘hands-on’ with harvesting some plants and trying simple remedies. You’ll be invited to ask about how herbs can help with specific conditions.Cost: £20. Meet: SGCT, Darby Road, Coalbrookdale, TF8 7EPOther workshops include: Knitting and weaving using local yarns; Plein Air landscape drawing; Ink Painting; Creative writing with nature; Hedge-row basket making.

    SGCT Volunteering ProjectWe meet every Thursday from 10-3pm. The free outdoor project provides an ideal way to get involved in your local Ironbridge countryside, improve your fitness, learn new skills, meet people and have fun. No experience is necessary as all training, tools and equipment is provided.

    Contact [email protected] for more information. Tel: 01952 433880 [email protected] for outdoor learning programme.

    Telford Orchestra is a community orchestra made up of players from across Shropshire. We are pleased to be returning to St Michael’s Church Madeley to perform our Spring concert on 30 March.

    In this concert we will be playing a delightful selection of classical music to welcome in the Spring.

    The programme will be:n Mozart: Magic Flute Overturen Mozart: Rondo Alla Turcan Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 4 in D Major (soloist Laura Brownsell)n Beethoven: Symphony No. 4

    The concert will take place on Saturday 30 March 2019 at 7.30pm at St Michael’s Church Madeley, TF7 5BNTickets are £10 on the door and students are free.

    For more information about the orchestra, please see our website: Alternatively, get in touch by email: [email protected]

    St Mary’s...St. Mary’s had a very successful Carol Service on Sunday 9th December in aid of The Severn Hospice. Much appreciation must go to all in the local community who supported the event - £600 was raised for this worthwhile cause. We look forward to supporting them again next year.

    Thanks again to all. Fr. Michael

  • 8 l Madeley Matters

    Developmentof the MadeleyCentre

    Aerial photo of Madeley Centre c1968 showing building ofParkway. Court Street at bottom of picture

    “I think we stand a chance of a better life here.It will be better for the children”

    Whilst work started on planning for the enlarged Telford New Town, some of the early projects commissioned by Dawley Development Corporation were coming to fruition.

    In January 1969, the Mayfield housing scheme, which comprises of 53 dwellings, was completed. Built by Lewis Brothers (Wednesfield) it housed a number of local residents whose houses were compulsorily purchased to build the new Madeley Centre and by-pass.

    The first phase of Woodside was also well underway with new residents moving into Waverley. One of the earliest was Peter Jacobs and his family who had moved from London to be the Woodside Community Development Officer. Other families moving intoWaverley included the Crook family from Wombourne who moved to get a house. Mr Crook was cycling back to Wombourne for work each day, but said “I think we stand a chance of a better life here. It will be better for the children”. Another young family, Linda and Clifford Bowen had moved from Birmingham. They said “We moved because we wanted a house. We never had a garden before and it is smashing. It will be much better for the children. They can play and there is no danger from traffic and the people are nice”.

    In the revamped local centre, the first shop was due to be opened. The new Co-operative Society store was 7,500 square feet, making it one of the largest of its kind in Shropshire. It was officially opened on the 26th April by actress Pat Phoenix (Elsie Tanner). She was presented a bouquet from 10 years old Susan Harper of Madeley.

    Further shops were being built around a new paved square with existing trees left in position. Above the Co-op was a new County library and offices.

    Pat Phoenix

    Park Avenue

    Three Horseshoes Pub - demolishedLibrary/Co-op Construction

  • February 2019 l 9

    HISTORY ON YOUR DOORSTEPDate for your diary: Saturday 18th May 2pm-4pm at Jubilee House

    Madeley Living History Project will be running an event exploring the history of the following streets:Station Road, Queen Street, Prince Street and Hills Lane

    WE NEED YOUR HELP! Do you have story you can share about the history of these streets, the houses on them and the lives of people who have lived there? Do you live in one of these streets and have a question about the history of your street? Finding out what is behind the character, or personality, of an old house can be fascinating and rewarding and Madeley Living History Project are looking for people who are willing to share information about these streets, the buildings on them and their past residents.

    If you have photographs, stories or questions please get in touch by emailing [email protected] by the end of March. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the event on 18th May.

    Bottom High Street Station Road

  • 10 l Madeley Matters

    ANSTICELATEST NEWS!Want to find out more about the Anstice and the exciting building work which is about to start? Want to find out how you can get involved and help get the Anstice back at the heart of the community? Interested in giving an hour or two to help as avolunteer?

    Even though the Anstice is currently closed, there is still the need for help, particularly with fundraising. If you’ve got an idea as to how to raise funds, or would like to find out what events are being planned to raise much needed monies towards the refurbishment costs, come along to the Anstice Office, which has temporarily moved into the Library whilst the Anstice is closed. The Anstice Office in the Library is open every Wednesday from 10am to 12noon – pop in and see us, the kettle will be on! Or alternatively, give Brenda a call on 01952 567286.

    The Anstice Community Trust is proud to announce its first Black Tie Ball to be held at the Telford Hotel and Golf Resort on the 30th March, sponsored by Elliott Bridgman Solicitors. Fantastic Grand Auction and Raffle prizes to be won! Three course set menu and disco entertainment included in ticket price of £35. Maybe get friends, family and work colleagues together and have a table for 10. Come along and join in the fun of bidding for one of our great prizes, helping to raise funds towards the refurbishment of the wonderful Anstice building.

    Do you knit or crochet? Anstice Community Trust plan to arrange a cascade of poppies falling from the top of the Anstice porch down to the garden for this year’s Remembrance Day and would be very grateful for any donations of red wool, knitting needles, crochet hooks and, of course, any completed poppies! We will need about 25,000 individual poppies so any help in achieving this would be much appreciated!

    Julie Ram (Allsorts Wool & Craft Shop, Russell Square, Madeley) is happy to collect them on ACT’s behalf. You can also drop them off at Jubilee House.

    Bingo afternoons are still happening, but are now at Jubilee House (74 High Street, Madeley). The next one is Thursday 14 March, doors open at 1pm, and then eyes down at 1.30pm.

    Following the great success of the Anstice’s Peaky Blinders event, another is organised for Saturday 12 October. The “early bird” tickets have quite literally flown! But the trustees have released a further supply priced at £17.50 a ticket, available now at Jubilee House or you can buy them online by going to so, get your tickets now, before it sells out!

    TAKE A SEAT...A new bench funded by Madeley Town Council and installed by Telford & Wrekin Council environmental services has just been installed at Lees Farm Drive to replace the old and rotten one which as you can see had seen much better days. This wonderful new bench was made at the Skills and Enterprise Hub located at The Bridges Business Park, Horsehay in Telford, which is run by Telford & Wrekin Coun-cil, so pop along and see them and have a look at what they can do for you as hopefully you will agree that this bench looks impressive and it will be there for many years to come for all passers-by to sit and rest and take five minutes.

    I am the estate manager for a retired supported housing scheme at Hanover Court in Madeley. (We have recently merged with Anchor Housing).

    The resident’s ages range from 55 upwards and vary in mobility and independence. We meet quarterly and for these meetings I like to invite agencies and representatives from local groups etc. to share information with them. I am looking for anyone interested in attending the following dates this year:

    29th May & 28th Aug from 10am and 1st Nov from 11.30amand would welcome any suggestions.

    Lisa Wright - Estate Manager,Tel: 01952 583802 Mob: 07714 973 043 E: [email protected]

  • February 2019 l 11

    Sir Alexander Fleming Schooltakes the challenge! Staff and pupils at Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School in Sutton Hill, took part in a 24-hour Dance-a-thon. Beckie Harrison, who took part, said: “There were 10 members of staff who started the Dance-a-thon at 6pm on Thursday. The staff danced through the night and the children joined in the day after in a shift system. We have been dancing to all the party songs. We had dancers during lunchtime and year 6 even took a conga line out onto the playground so our lunch time supervisors could set up for lunch!”

    Money was collected throughout the event in buckets. A group of our amazing staff were also sponsored to set off from the school at the first morning bell, walk from Sutton Hill to the Wrekin, scale the Wrekin and return before the end of the school day. They ‘beat the bell!’ and got back to school for 3pm they even had a dance! The distance walked was 18.2 miles… that’s 42,000 steps!

    As a school we raised £1,000 for Pudsey! Well done everyone!

    We Will Remember ThemChildren from Sir Alexander Fleming Primary school on Sutton Hill tookpart in the Armistice Day service in Madeley along with representativesfrom the Royal British Legion and Rev. Linda. Every year group alsocontributed to a whole school assembly rememberingthe sacrifices made by soldiers in the First World War.

    By selling poppies, donating silver coins, buyingwrist bands and wearing red to school we areproud to have raised £515.31 for the Royal BritishLegion.

    Jack Jenkins-Stokes, 8, in the Dance-a-thon

    Dion Graham, Gayle Hallewell, Lorraine Pilgrim,Karen Hall, Sam Allcott & Damien Stevens.Our amazing Wrekin Challenge Walkers!

    Sir Alexander Fleming Primary School choir from Sutton Hill won a competition on Free Radio and were selected from 15 other local primary schools to perform on the Free Radio stage for the Telford Town Centre Christmas lights switch on.

    The choir, that has members from our reception classes up to year 6, were invited to sing 6 songs for the crowd of over 300 people.

    Music Co-ordinator Beckie Harrison told us “The children were a huge success and we had members of the public thanking us for making them feel festive and for a fantastic sing-along in our community. We are incredibly proud of all of our children who took part, giving up their own time to represent the school in such a wonderful, joyful way!”

  • 12 l Madeley Matters

    What happens if illness, injury or just the fact that we all get older eventually affects our ability to look after our four legged companions? A large number of elderly or ill pet owners become very worried about their ability to care for their pets, feeling that their only option is to rehome them, this is where our national network of dedicated volunteers step in to offer support enabling them to stay together.

    All volunteers help in the ways that are most appropriate to them. Teams take it in turn to visit housebound owners to take the dog for a walk, volunteers foster pets as one of their family when owners face a spell in hospital, they take pets to the vet, even clean out the budgie’s cage or cats litter trays. If you would like to register or even have a quick chat about registeringjust call Sally or Tressa direct on 01736 758707 or email [email protected] or [email protected]

    Registered Charity No: 1134680 The Cinnamon Trust is a limited company registered in England and Wales.Registered Office: 10 Market Square, Hayle, Cornwall, TR27 4HE. Company Number 07004861

    The team behind the hugely popular annual Ironbridge Gorge Walking Festival have launched their long-walks programme for the 2019 festival. The event, running from 4 - 12 May, is offering more than 50 FREE walks over nine days, making it probably the biggest in the West Midlands and one of the best in the country.The festival offers a number of ‘themed’ walks ranging from two to 21 miles covering a whole host of topics from the wonderful landscape and geology of the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site to the wildlife that inhabits The Gorge’s ancient woodlands. The walks are graded in terms of suitability for walks for everyone through to walks for experienced countryside walkers.

    Long Walks ProgrammeThe festival is offering a number of long walks for 2019 with five walks of more than 20 miles and six walks of more than 15 miles.

    The long walks include The Wrekin and a Rifle Range, taking on some of the less well-known paths on this famous hill, and The Gorge by Rail, a linear walk starting and ending at a railway station and passing through the World Heritage Site. These routes are aimed at more experienced walkers with the aim of providing a challenging but enjoyable day out. They range in length from 12 to 21 miles and mainly involve walking away from roads; some include steep ascents. Walkers will also need to carry enough food and water for the whole day. There is also an opportunity to complete the 50 or 100-mile challenge in the nine days by completing the series of daily long walks. Some of these comprise two walks of approximately six miles each, with a break to allow time for lunch in Ironbridge. The full Walking Festival programme, which will include shorter walks for families, themed wildlife walks, wellness walks and walks to music, will be published later in the year and a leaflet available early 2019.

    All walks are free; however, pre-booking is essential as numbers are limited to a maximum of 20 people. Well behaved dogs on a lead are welcome on some walks, but please check before booking. To reserve a place or request a copy of the programme contact the Ironbridge Visitor Information Centre by email at [email protected] or call 01952 433 424. For more details about the walks visit or email [email protected]

    The Cinnamon Trust Needs Volunteers in MadeleyThe Cinnamon Trust is the national charity whose wonderful volunteers help people over retirement age and those in the latter stages of a terminal illness by offering all kinds of pet care. We urgently need dog walking volunteers to help a resident of Madeley and their adorable dog Penny a 9 year old Shih Tzu who would love to go for a good walk, so we wondered whether anyone might like to volunteer to help.

    The 14th Ironbridge Gorge Walking Festival

    Free guided walks in and around the IronbridgeGorge World Heritage Site - 4 to 12 May 2019

  • February 2019 l 13

    Learn Telford is the first step on your adult learning journey

    Local courses based in your community Entry-level up to Level 2 Short courses ranging from 5-12 weeks Part time (typically just 2hours per week)

    For more information log on to:

    Or contact: Adult Community Learning on 01952 382888

    Community Courses

    Join us for free drop-in event showcasing learning and opportunities to launch your career working with children and

    young people

    The Hub on the Hill Community Centre Thursday 28th March 09:30am – 12:30pm

    At the Event:

    Meet local organisations who recruit in your community Enroll on courses starting locally to boost your CV Find out how to get experience with volunteering from as little as 1

    hour a month Get help to write your CV to make it more attractive to potential

    employers and placements

    Get more information on 01952 382888, alternatively, please text 07973812639

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    THINKING OF ORGANISING A BIRTHDAY PARTY - THEN CONTACT THE LIVING ROOM - THE IDEAL VENUE.Mondays - 1pm-3pm Drop-in for all ages - just come along and enjoy the fellowship.

    Fourth Tuesday of Men’s Club – just drop in for a game of pool, darts, table tennis etc. and refreshments.the month 7pm - 9pm

    Wednesday - 1pm - 4pm Successful Knit and Natter group runs every week - just drop in and see Carole.

    Wednesday - 7pm - 9pm The Youth Club is currently suspended due to disruptive behaviour. Trustees are working to find a way forward – watch out for developments during 2019.

    Thursday - 9am - 11am Drop-in for mums, toddlers & carers - again just come along and enjoy the fellowship and the toast!

    Third Thursday The popular Messy Church continues to meet on the third Thursday of the month and of the month 3.30pm Messy Crafternoons are held in the school holidays – just look out for the publicity leaflets.

    Fridays – 5pm to 6pm The popular ROC Café.

    Beckie, our new Intergenerational Missioner/Community Pastor has an office in The Living Room. Please drop in for a chat. We are also grateful to ‘A Better Tomorrow’ for their ongoing use of the facilities, especially the good kitchen, as well as support through Telford & Wrekin Council.

    However, we need to increase hire time and usage to make ourselves financially sustainable, so if you have any ideas please contact Paul/Linda – details below. The flexible facilities are great for holding birthday parties and other activities etc. at a reasonable rate. Contact Paul Booth 07905 239097 or Linda Cronin 07817 678775. See for information on all our groups and up to date news.

    Did you know that MadeleyTown Council gives grants?Madeley Town Council has an annual budget of £10,000 which is used to give grants to local voluntary groupsand charitable organisations that carry out activities that benefit the parish and its residents. Grants of up to £1,500 are awarded.

    Grants were given to twenty six groups andorganisations in 2018 to support the following:n Community events and festivals

    n Transport for group trips

    n Support groups for people with long term health conditions

    n Mental health support groups

    n Badge work and outings for Rainbows, Scouts and Guides

    n Sport and dance groups

    n Educational workshops

    n Art groups

    n Purchase of equipment

    The Living Room at Woodside, attached to the Park Lane Centre, is alive and well, but still needs more support and has plenty of scope for more use and activities. PLEASE COME AND USE IT!

    How to applyAn application form can be downloaded from the Madeley Town Council website (see Services – Grants to Local Organisations), or collected from Reception at Jubilee House.

    There are some rules about applying for a grant – a copy of the Grants Policy is provided with the application form.Applications are considered five times a year at the Leisure & Community Committee meetings.If you would like further information or help with applying for a grant please contact Madeley Town Council by phone (01952 567280) or e-mail [email protected]k

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    No-one can escape stress, we all experience it to some degree or another. The list of causes is endless and stress is as individual as the person experiencing it. If we do not address our stress early on it will inevitably result in more serious emotional and mental health problems and can also manifest itself physically e.g. panic attacks, heart and blood pressure problems, sleep deprivation, etc.

    How people cope with stress varies. However, a lot of the ‘coping strategies’ which people adopt can themselves be problematic in the long run e.g. gambling, alcohol or drugs, self-injury, controlled eating or just ignoring it. These methods of distracting oneself from unpleasant feelings or thoughts can lead to anxiety, depression and even suicide.

    However, if we recognise the signals and work through them with the help of qualified counsellors and therapists, more serious problems can be avoided. Counselling enables people to cope with the feelings, emotions and difficulties that they are experiencing and helps to improve lives and relationships. So what can people do? Most importantly, seek help before things get worse.

    IMPACT is a registered member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling andPsychotherapy) and provides high quality, professional services delivered by trained andexperienced counsellors to individuals, couples, families, carers, children and young people.

    For anyone wanting more information or wishing to make an appointment please telephone 01952 223165, email [email protected] or visit the website

    Counselling & Psychotherapy Services

  • Council InformationCommittee Meeting Dates:4 March Full Council 7pm18 March Leisure & Community 6.30pm8 April Environment 6.30pm29 April Finance 6.30pm13 May Annual Parish Mtg & AGM 7pm

    Madeley Town Councillors & Contact Numbers:Madeley Ward:Gill Green (Ind) 07982 914 783 Steve Harrington (Lab) 583082Sue Taylor (Lab) 684932Peter Taylor (Lab) 684932Paul Watling (Lab) 380256

    Hill Top Ward:Robin Coates (Lab) 433358

    Cuckoo Oak Ward:Sarah Chadwick (Lab) 07875 155 781Aaron England (Lab) 585532 ChairJanice Jones (Lab) 380713Alan MacKenzie (Lab) 07471 501 702

    Woodside Ward:Sarah Biles (Lab) 796345David Edwards (Lab) 432160Arnold England (Lab) 07896 124 008Rae Evans (Lab) 380273 Carrie MacKenzie (Lab) 07972 742 051 Vice ChairDerek White (Lab) 282237

    Your Telford & Wrekin Councillors are: Rae Evans (Lab) Woodside 380273 Kevin Guy (Lib Dem) Woodside 07837 113 606Janice Jones (Lab) Madeley & Sutton Hill 380713Paul Watling (Lab) Madeley & Sutton Hill 380256Dave Wright (Con) Madeley & Sutton Hill 380714

    MP for Telford: Lucy Allan (Con) T: 01952 E: [email protected] Postal Address: Lucy Allan MP, Suite 1, Preston House,Hawksworth Road, Central Park, Telford, TF2 9TU


    Articles required by 2 May 2019



    If you would like to submit an article for consideration please contact JulieJones, at Jubilee House or email: [email protected]

    Read Madeley Matters online:

    Town Clerk: Phil GriffithsTown Council Office:Jubilee House, 74 High Street, Madeley, Telford, TF7 5AHTel: 01952 567280 Email: [email protected]: @madeleytc Web:

    Anstice Community Trust – Trustees:Lyndy Boden - Chair, June Campbell - SecretaryKaren Price - Treasurer, Gillian Green, Ian Duffy, Julie Morgan,Dot Holden, Paul Watling, Rita Mannering, Chun Bagry, Melanie McCarthy-Stokes, Stephenie Shinton

    Statement of Intent – “Madeley Matters is an independent voice for all those living in Madeley, Woodside and Cuckoo Oak. It is managed by an editorialboard which is elected at the Council AGM. We welcome criticisms or contributions and offer a right of reply to all residents. The inclusion of an article in this publication does not necessarily imply a recommendation of its aims, policies or methods, as all articles in Madeley Matters reflect solely the opinions of the authors writing in a personal capacity, unless otherwise state”.

    Printed by Badger Print & Design - 01952 730511 •

    Ironbridge Gorge Museums March/April 2019 event listings:

    Until Friday 22 March - Schooling Good Taste - Coalbrookdale School of Art exhibition - Coalbrookdale Gallery, TF8 7DQ.

    Friday 1 March - Late Lecture Series – The Eagle Slayer returns to Coalbrookdale - Enginuity, Coalbrookdale, TF8 7DQ.

    Friday 1 March - Slip Casting Course for Adults - Jackfield Tile Museum, TF8 7LJ.

    Wednesday 20 March - Friends’ Talk – Perceptions of Sustainability in a Heritage context - Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, TF8 7DQ.

    Friday 12, Monday 15-Friday 19 and Monday 22-Friday 26 April (Easter school holidays) - Easter Floral Tile Decorating Work-shops - Jackfield Tile Museum, TF8 7LJ.

    Saturday 13 - Sunday 28 April (Easter school holidays) -Easter Floral Themed Ceramic Activities - Coalport China Museum, TF8 7HT

    Wednesday 17 April - The Coalbrookdale Archives Lecture - Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, TF8 7DQ

    For details call 01952 433 424 or visit

    Arts Council England, The European Regional Development Fund and Heritage Lottery Fundsupport the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust

    Christmas GrantsEach year Madeley Town Council invites groups and organisations that provide activities for pensioners throughout the year to apply for grants towards the cost of planned Christmas activities.

    For Christmas 2018 £3,950 was given to 20 groups, witha total of 641 pensioners benefitting. Most groups putthe money towards a Christmas meal. However, otherplanned activities included a trip to the Pantomime,musical entertainment, dancing and visits by Santa.

    In addition, the Town Council also gave grants of£1,000 each to the Hub on the Hill and the ParkLane Centre to support their Christmas activities.

    The Hub on the Hill organised a Seniors Buffet Meal, freehot chocolate and mince pies were provided during carol singing inthe square at Sutton Hill and the community centre was open forcompany and refreshments on Christmas Day. The Park Lane Centre held a very successful Frost Fayre with entertainments including Punch & Judy shows, a magician, balloon modelling and free activities for children.

    The IRONBRIDGEGORGE MUSEUMSIronbridge TelfordShropshire TF8 7DQ