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Gain from our Experience $250 Million in Career Sales

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Buyers and Sellers Guide

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Gain from our Experience $250 Million in Career Sales

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Mission Statement The MacGill Team strives to provide the highest standard of real estate practice with integrity

and to understand the specific needs of our clients. Our goal is to sell your home for the most

amount of money in the least amount of time, and to guide you through the process seamlessly.

In the event of difficulties, we have the resources of every conceivable expert to assist in the

closing of your home.

We have a fiduciary responsibility with our clients, an ethical relationship of confidence and

trust between two parties and take this responsibility very seriously. When you work with the MacGill Team to sell your home, you will gain from our experience as well as that of the F. C. Tucker Company, the largest real estate company in Indiana. We have the experience and know how to make your home stand out.

Making your home standout

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Career Achievements

$250 Million in Career Sales

Top Ten Agents out of 700 F. C. Tucker Agents, 2002, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010 (11th), 2011, 2012, 2014

30 + Combined Years of Professional Real Estate Experience

Top 50 REALTOR® List, Indianapolis Business Journal, 2004-2015

Top 3 REALTOR® in Washington Township, 2005-2015

7 Reasons to work with us The seven elements listed below are among the most important benefits our team offers to our clients. They are the key resources we have available in our everyday activities and distinguish us from others. They serve to promote and and ensure that you get the most amount of money for your home. We take this very serious for your benefit.

1. We are masters of details throughout the transaction.

2. We hope to leverage our extensive connections whether it be expert contractors or other professionals to keep the purchase of your home moving forward should the unexpected happen.

3. We have proven experience in negotiating the sale of homes and are well liked in the REALTOR® Community.

4. We aspire to meet all your needs in the sale of your home.

5. We will give you breathing room and you will never be pressured to make a decision.

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6. We aim to keep you informed of everything throughout the transaction with the use of both technology and personal communication.

7. We aspire to gain your complete trust through open communication and the highest

standards of business practice and integrity.

How Buyers are finding Homes The home search starts on the Internet. For Sellers, this means that your home needs to have a strong online presence. We will make sure that your home will have a strong digital footprint with virtual tours, great photos, and multiple website availability. We also will make sure that your home is distributed to many online real estate search hubs. (,,,,,,,,,, etc.) Information dissemination is the best way to guarantee that your home is available to all potential buyers.

3 2 4 1 5 6 7

“Home Search Process

starts on the internet”

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The Internet & Home Shopping

According to the 2009 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: Where buyers first found the home they purchased Indiana vs. United States in 2009.

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Yearly Web stats for 2014

Sessions are the numbers of times a consumer visits the site


“My Tucker” allows people to sign up for home alerts in specific areas. E

mails sent out in 2014:


Requests for More Information


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When you list with the MacGill Team your home

will be on 425 Websites

In addition, we subscribe to with virtual tours and unlimited pictures so that your

home will be available not just to local buyers, but buyers nationwide. Relocation buyers can be

a significant percentage of home sales and your home will be seen by these buyers as well.

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This is our personal real estate website, which has been freshly redesigned in January 2012.. It is

important for real estate agents to have their own personal presence on the web outside of their

company. We use this site for several things which include:

• Searching for homes currently listed for sale in metro Indianapolis. • Searching the weekly open house list. • Signing up for My Tucker. • Request a Comparative Market Analysis. • Detailed information on area schools. • Links to many different websites for information on the Indianapolis area. • Virtual tours of our listings. • About 5,500 requests, per month.

• Mortgage Calculators

Twitter Follow us



@MacGillTeam We tweet

about interesting ideas, trends

and other news with regards

to the Indianapolis real estate

market. Yet another way we

aim to inform our clients about

our real estate market.


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Become a fan

on Facebook! You

can suggest the

page to your

friends as well,

which will help

generate even

more interest in

your home. We

are promoting all

of our listings on

our Facebook fan

page. Facebook is

another wonderful

resource we are using to gain exposure on the digital front. Facebook is a small part of our

larger online marketing presense, check us out @ Your home will

appear weekly on our Facebook page.

Read our blog and gain insight about the Indianapolis real estate market. We post important

information about our open houses, new listings, market analysis, tips for selling your home,

videos, and material from MIBOR (Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors) & much more.

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Viewing Statistics

We automatically send our clients weekly updates about statistics on showings and Internet

activity on your home. This gives you a great idea about how competitive the market is, and a

means for us assess whether your home is experiencing an anticipated level of showings. This

information is exclusively from the

F.C. Tucker Company. You will

also receive similar information

from the Internet real estate site,

Trulia. We post all of our listings

on this site as well. Believe it or

not, this showing activity is a good

indication of whether your home is

priced competitively! We will be

discussing this with you during the

time your home is on the market.


Trulia is a great website that

also allows users to search for

homes in the area. It has a

mobile app that makes finding

your home or open house

simple and easy. It is just

another vehical we use to

drive traffic to your home,

physically and digitally. We use

it because it is popular with I

Phone users.

Virtual Tours

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A sign of the times we are in. Virtual tours are a more efficient way of presenting data. Homes look better in a virtual tour than just static pictures. We include virtual tours with every single listing. We feel that it is absolutly necessary to put your best foot forward on the internet. The Virtual Tour can be email, embedded, or shared via Twitter, Facebook, etc. We will use all of our resources to

make sure your virtual tour is

distrubuted to as many potential buyers as possible.

You Tube is just another example of using social media to promote your home. Your virtual

tours can be uploaded to Youtube and viewed all over the world.

Other tools we use to sell your home

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Open communication is the key to a successful home marketing process. Outlined below are just some of the steps we take to keep you informed.

Seller Involvement No one knows your home better than you. That is why it is important for you to stay involved at all levels of the transaction. We will keep in constant contact with you and will send you copies of all ads, data sheets, and promotional pieces produced for your home. This not only ensures accuracy, but it also helps improve the quality of any item promoting the sale of the home. We encourage input and suggestions to help market your home more effectively. Perhaps the most important part of our marketing plan is the follow-up we conduct with each agent who shows your home. The next day after the showing, we will email each agent who shows your home up to 4 times asking for feedback about the showing. If the agent still does not leave feedback, we will call and continue to contact them until we get feedback. We go to such lengths because the information is vital in selling your home. It is also critical that we look at all feedback with a constructive perspective, and react accordingly. Emails will be automatically sent to you as soon as the feedback is sent to us. We do not filter or sugar coat the feedback. In our years of experience, we have found honesty and transparency foster a good basis for that relationship. At the end of each week you will receive a summary of the results of all of the showings. By gathering this information, we can determine why a home has not sold and make recommendations to help sell the house faster. Finally we will make listing announcements, probably one of the best features of We will email all the agents who have showed your home informing them of a price reduction, or any other pertinent information. This puts the information right into the hands of the interested parties.

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Presentation Pictures are what consumers are most interested in when searching the web for a home. We use a very high-end digital camera to help present your listing in the best possible way on the Internet. We also “Photoshop” our pictures to maximize the impact on prospective Buyers. Compare the photos below to see the difference. Many independent studies show that better listings with more pictures attract more visitors. They keep buyers looking at your home longer, and they generate more quality buyer leads. We understand the power of quality photographs, and will include as many photos as possible to help attract attention to your listing.

In modern markets, having a technological edge can make a dramatic impact. We have that

edge, and we are looking forward to using it to your advantage.

Mailings Chances are, your neighbors know of someone that wants to move into your neighborhood. When we list your home we will mail out a Just Listed postcard. This is a very effective way of getting the word out within your neighborhood that there is a great new home available!

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Color Flyers We will create a professionally designed color flyer to give to potential buyers of your home.

The flyer will specifically illustrate the special features of your home that make it unique and

appealing. This flyer will stay with the potential buyers and serve as a strong reminder long

after they leave your home.

Listing Presentation Books These useful books will be placed in your home, highlighting critical information for potential buyers and other agents. Inserts include color flyers, data sheets, utility summaries, school information, seller’s disclosure, and lead-based paint disclosures.

Brochure Box

Text to-

OPT-in Along with the traditional Talk to Tucker sign, we

have text to-OPT-in signs. These signs allow

potential buyers to text a number to receive

information about your home. The major

advantage to using this system is that we are able

to track the results, and contact these people with

information in the future.

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Text Messages

Text messages are fully

customizable. This allows us to

inform buyers with the most

useful information. We feel that

this service is going to become

the gold standard in coming

years. It also appeals to the

tech savvy buyers. However

some people just prefer a paper

flyer, which is why we provide

both. Ease of access is so

important to getting buyers into

your home. We continue to

look at new technologies to

continually provide you with

outstanding service.

Open Houses Last year we personally did 105 open houses. Not all homes are good candidates for

this, however the majority of them do benefit. Typical times for open houses are

Sunday 12-2 and 3-5. Yet another one of the ways

we strive to maximize the exposure of your

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home to Buyers.

Look for the Red pin

Your open house event, shown as a red pin on our property search, is promoted 24/7 on

Indiana’s most popular real estate website, It’s seen by over 10,000

potential buyers every day. In print advertising, we tell hundreds of thousands of home seekers

to “look for the Red Pin at”

Email Information to Prospects One of the best features of the BLC is our

prospect email program. Every prospective

buyer who has signed up for the email

notification program will receive the listing

information on your home by email almost

immediately after signing the listing. By

doing this we can typically generate an

immediate response to your home in the

marketplace and can many times find a

buyer in a very short period of time.

Let’s Go On Tour We will arrange for a tour of your home by

up to 80 agents from the Meridian North

Office. This is excellent exposure for your

home to the leading real estate office in Indiana.

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QRCODES We place QR codes on all of our signs and marketing material. Prospective buyers can scan this code and instantly be direction to our website to view you home and obtain more information.

Advertising We go the extra mile. While Tucker provides us with in house advertising, we take it a step farther and advertise in the Indianapolis Star, The Indianapolis Business journal, Homes & Land Magazine, and any other publication we feel would aid us in selling your home.

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Tucker Talks Homes Tucker Talks Homes Magazine is published every month with a total distribution of about 25,000 copies. These magazines are available at area grocery and drug stores.

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Broker Listing Cooperative F. C. Tucker Company, Inc. is a member of the Indianapolis area Broker Listing Cooperative. This service provides a means for agents from competing firms to show and sell our listings. The BLC allows the agent to upload up to 24 photos of your home for other agents to view. Your home will be on the market with all the pictures and remarks from the very first day.

Added Benefits We offer many other services to aid in the sale of your home. Some of the tools utilized to

ensure the most professional services include: comprehensive agent training, professional

signage, electronic entry boxes, commercial real estate services, auctions, property

management, leasing, relocation services and much more!!

F. C. Tucker Company, Inc. is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ™, a network of some of the very best real estate companies with qualified clientele relocating into our area. This real estate network has been involved in over 1.4 million transactions. • Our Relocation Director, Debbie Morris, brings over 20 years of experience, managing relocation activity and developing corporate business relationships for F. C. Tucker Company. • Locally, our Relocation Department has a long-standing relationship with the finest corporations in the Indianapolis area, helping put more buyers in front of your home! • For those moving to Indianapolis, We have an abundance of information to help familiarize

them with the area. In addition, we can generate cost of living comparisons and school

comparisons between different areas of the country to help buyers make informed decisions.

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Relocation Department

o F. C. Tucker Company, Inc. is a member of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ™, a network of some of the very best real estate companies with qualified clientele relocating into our area. This real estate network has been involved in over 1.4 million transactions.

o Our Relocation Director, Debbie Morris, brings over 20 years of experience, managing relocation activity and developing corporate business relationships for F. C. Tucker Company.

o Locally, our Relocation Department has a long-standing relationship with the finest corporations in the Indianapolis area, helping put more buyers in front of your home!

o For those moving to Indianapolis, We have an abundance of information to help familiarize

them with the area. In addition, we can generate cost of living comparisons and school

comparisons between different areas of the country to help buyers make informed


Jeanne Farrell Debbie Morris

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Price Location


Price, Location, and Condition

The three largest factors that determine when a home will get sold are price, condition, and

location. They are illustrated above proportionally to their importance. You have undoubtedly

heard the old saying about location, location, location. Location is important in determining the

initial desirability of an area, but because you are physically unable to move a home. There is

nothing that can be done to change location. Price is the largest/most important because it is

the easiest to adjust. The more realistic the price the more attractive the home is. Condition is

the next most important factor. Buyers will compare the condition of your home compared to

other homes at the same price point. It is our job to advise you on how best to prepare for

selling your home. Selling your home is a combination of both a price war and a beauty contest.

Comparative Market Analysis Before we officially list your home, we conduct an in-depth evaluation of homes with similar

design and size that have sold recently and are currently listed in the area. We use this data to

give you a realistic depiction of what the market is doing and how your home will fare at a given


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Strategic Pricing Strategic pricing is setting a value for your home to get the maximum amount while taking into

consideration all of the time, financial, and personal constraints that are specific to you in selling

your home. We analyze this information in order to help you competitively price your home.

Absorption Rate We can also recommend list prices for a 60 day marketing period, 90 day marketing period, or a

120 day marketing period. Pricing your home at the right price from the start is the best way to

bring the highest return on your investment. Through this process you will be made aware of

the number of competing properties, the ABSORPTION RATE and an analysis of the time you

may need to sell your home.

Your Absorption Rate If there are 14 similar properties and they are currently selling at an average rate of 2.5 per

month then it would take 5 months and 18 days to sell your home or 5.6 months. This is the

average cycle that the market can support. There are many factors that affect this average rate,

so the absorption rate is good for a general idea of the current real estate market.

The Next Price If your home hasn’t sold in either 30 days or 8 showings, we may have to make adjustments in

the price, or perhaps the condition of the property, or both.

Competing Properties

Sales Rate Last 6 Months = Absorption Rate

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Price Reductions As a rule of thumb, a price reduction should be greater than 3.5% of the sales price. A potential

buyer would commonly write an offer up to 96.5% of the list price.

For example, Mr. Seller has had his home listed for 2 months at $200,000 and not received and

offers. Mr. Seller agrees to a $2,500 price reduction, 1 month later Mr. Seller still has not

received an offer. When the home was listed at $200,000 Mrs. Buyer scheduled a showing. She

decided that she liked the house but thought it was overpriced. When Mr. Seller reduced the

price to $197,500, Mrs. Buyer was still uninterested because she still thought it was overpriced.

Finally Mr. Seller agrees to drop the price to $193,000. Mrs. Buyer writes and offer for $187,500

or (97.15% of list.) the purpose of this example is to illustrate that if you are not getting an offer

you must drop your price by more than 3.5% to spark the interest of Buyers.

Shift When selling your home the only certainty

you will encounter is uncertainty. Almost all

transactions have at least one or two curve

balls throughout the process. We are ready to

shift, adapt, adjust, and evolve seamlessly

throughout the entire process to ensure your

transaction will close on time.