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Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 1

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because that goal will serve

to organize and measure the

best of our energies and

skills, because that challenge

is one that we are willing to

accept, one we are unwilling

to postpone, and one which

we intend to win, and the

others, too. President John F. Kennedy

September 12, 1962.

"Address at Rice University on the

Nation's Space Effort"

“We choose to go to

the moon”

We choose to go to the moon

in this decade and do the

other things, not because

they are easy, but because

they are hard…

What is your

big speech?

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 2

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This is fact, not myth. .

All you have to do, to realise

that this is fact, is to look at

things like mythology, movies,

literature, art, explorers,

visionaries, all those ideas

that changed, shaped and

revolutionised the world.


Think of telephones

Think of televisions

Think of aeroplanes

Think of the internet

Think of computers

Think of the wheel

to name a few.

It is human to dream.

We all dream from time to

time. Some dreams are

small, some big, some wild

and other dreams are meek

and mild.

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Then, there are those who

are wild at heart. They dream

of exploring beyond the

horizons of our earth.

Those are the men and

women who dream of going

to the moon.

Some men and


dream of creating light, others

of electric cars, owning the

world, to inspire people to

think outside of the box.

What is your

big dream?

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 4

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The first men to go into

space where called the

Mercury astronauts.

This in fact where we

get our name from.

They paved the way for

mankind to go to the moon

and inspired others to dream

even further.

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 5

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It is in our blood, it makes us

who we are, it defines us

and it gives us significance.

Dreaming is in our


But, a dream is just a dream

if it remains trapped in your


In order for a dream to have

power, impact and

significance, it needs to

appear on paper and then, it

needs to be brought to life.

What does your dream

look like on paper?

What is your

BIG idea?

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 6

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Dream wild, dream bold,

dream outside of the box,

dream beyond the horizon,

dream of paradise and even

of the moon…

So whatever you do

but whatever you do…

do not dream small.

How do you get your

idea to thrive?

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 7

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Brands are like rockets, they

are vehicles for meaning

and value that are

purposefully designed to

bring your dreams to life.

You need rockets to

go to the moon.

But, building rockets are hard

work – sometimes it be

complex and filled with


Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 8

Page 9: M1 dream big be ingenious

We help people turn their big

scary dreams into ingenious

ideas that inspire and thrive.

These are the ideas that

end up changing the world.

This is what we do,

this is why we exist.

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 9

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We are a strategic

partnership firm.

As a strategic partnership

firm we exist to help all kinds

of strategic thinkers.

We are Mercury 1

From CEO’s, to MD’s, to

CMO’s, to brand and

marketing managers, to

strategic planners, to

strategists, to entrepreneurs

and even explorers and

change agents - basically

anyone who does any kind of

strategic dreaming, thinking

and planning.

We exist to add value to their



Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 10

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We dream of things like

systemic thinking, design

thinking, neuroscience,

psychology, sociology, how

ideas spread through

society, relationship

psychology and things like

memory structures.

How do we do this?

This is how we make a

difference and how we live

our purpose.

We have developed a whole

range models, processes,

methodologies and

paradigms that help us to

more effectively help people

translate their big dreams in

to big ideas and turn big

ideas in to thriving inspiring

and infectious movements.

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 11

Page 12: M1 dream big be ingenious

We help people dream

bigger dreams that are more

human inspired, i.e. helping

them realise and visualise

how their dream can make a

difference in the world or in

someone’s life.

We help people ideate their

dreams with greater certainty,

focus and clarity.

We help people’s dreams and

ideas thrive, inspire and

become infectious. We help

to give their dreams the

ability to perform and have

impact in the world.

Dream Ideate Thrive

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 12

How we help strategic thinkers

Page 13: M1 dream big be ingenious


Ideate Thrive


Centred &




Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 13

Our strategic process

Page 14: M1 dream big be ingenious

We looked at a whole range

of interesting theoretical

models, literature and

processes that we felt will

add a great deal of value in

building brands, getting

people to dream more

human centred dreams,

helping them to better ideate

what they envision and how

we can spread these ideas

through society.

As mentioned

Without getting other people

to resonate with, support,

believe in and adopt your

dream, your idea will wither

and fade away.

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 14

Page 15: M1 dream big be ingenious

Our box of tricks, our codex,

and our cypher machine…

This is what makes us

distinct and of value?

You see this is part of our

dream, to find a better, more

effective, robust and scientific

way to help spread meaning

and ideas.

All of which in turn will help to

add more value to the lives of


It has now been scientifically

proven that 95% of human

decision making takes place on a

subconscious level


Do not worry, our systems and

methodologies were built for this

very reason.

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 15

Page 16: M1 dream big be ingenious







Design Thinking

Methodology to

help us construct

human centred




Artefacts and



Systemic Thinking

Methodology to turn

brand thinking into a

functioning and

healthy system

Systemic Thinking

Methodology that

helps us to define and

solve complex system


Out multi tiered

strategic methodology

that focuses on

building memory

structure, attachment

and long term

behaviour change

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 16

The products we use to make our process more effective and scientific

Page 17: M1 dream big be ingenious

We can do all kinds of

strategies and strategic

development work.

How we work

As you have seen we have a

wide range of tools and IP

that help us to create game

changing strategy.

But, we prefer to partner with

strategic minds to help

support, facilitate, inspire and

co – create human inspired

ideas that are going to

change lives, societies and

the world.

If you want more detail about us

and our methodologies – please

give us a call for a coffee and a


Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 17

Page 18: M1 dream big be ingenious

Dream wild, dream bold,

dream outside of the box,

dream beyond the horizon,

dream of paradise, of rain,

of the moon…

And remember

but whatever you do… do not

dream small, do not leave it

there, do not let it rest.

Never stop drawing or

doodling it on paper. It is the

only way that it is going thrive

and inspire and move people

and the world.

Your idea might just change

someone’s world and even

the world.

If you are struggling – give us a

call, we might just be able to help.

Dream Big. Be Ingenious. 18

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Andre le Roux is a Strategist, Mentor and brand Theorist who has been working in the brand strategy industry

for more than 10 years. He is passionate about the science of strategy. He has a B.A. in Industrial Psychology

and an Higher Diploma in IMC. Andre likes to think of himself as a systemic brand thinker that is constantly

searching for new and more scientific ways to create more powerful and impactful brands that truly will add

value to the lives of all stakeholders.

Andre Le Roux

072 387 2079 [email protected]

Thys de Beer

082 565 5508 [email protected]

Thys de Beer is an admitted advocate (non-practising) the head of brand Strategy at Vega School of Brand

Leadership, as well as the head of the Honours in Brand Leadership at Vega Cape Town. He has been in the

industry for over 10 years and he has recently completed his Master’s Degree researching the role of design

thinking in brand strategy.

Thys is an intellectual that is looking to change people’s perceptions about the power of the brand.

“I am an Alchemist; I love the power of collaboration and discovering insights that help to build authentic brands”

“I am a thinker and explorer and I love to find new ways of building better brands through using systemic thinking.”

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Big Be


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