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    What’s Inside

    Pastor’s 2 Budget Team Report… pg. 3 New Building Updates… 4-5 Birthdays & Anniversaries...5 Intergenerational Ministry….pg. 6 Caring for Others… 7 Inspiration and Fellowship …pg. 8 Adult Faith 9 10 Communication 11 September Financial Report 12 Calendar…..insert Worship Leader Schedule…insert

    Sunday Worship

    Now at Q&D Construction 1050 S. 21st St. in Sparks

    7:30am | 9am| 11:00am

    For First Time Guests

    If this is your first time here, bless you for finding us! Please fill out the tear-off Communication Card on the inside back page and leave it in the offering plate.

    Keeping Informed

    What’s Happening Weekly Announcement Flyer

    Information Table/Sign up sheets

    Construction Updates on our website: building-project-updates

    On Facebook “LIKE” Good Shepherd Lutheran, Reno! �

    November 2011

    This Week at Good Shepherd Sun. October 23 | 19th Sunday after Pentecost

    • Shared Harvest

    Presider . . . Pr. Rebecca Schlatter 7:30 & 11am Pr. Carl Wilfrid 9:00am Preacher . . . Pr. Carl Wilfrid

    7:30am Worship 8:40am Earlybird class 9:00am Contemporary Worship 9:30am Choir rehearsal 9:55am Kids Community/Youth Groups 10:00am Adult Faith Formation Class 11:00am Traditional Worship

    Mon. Oct. 24 5:00pm Advent Play rehearsal 6:30pm Orientation to Good Shepherd Tues Oct. 25 12:00pm Bible Class 5:00pm Bible Class Wed. Oct. 26 6:00pm Confirmation Thur. Oct. 27 2:00pm Worship set-up at Q & D 4:30pm Bible Class Fri. Oct. 28 Q & D Offices Closed LCGS Office Closed for Nevada Day 6:30am Men’s Breakfast at Denny’s - Sparks

    Sun. October 30 | Reformation Sunday

    • WEAR RED to worship!

    7:30am Meditative Worship 8:40am Early Birds Class 9:30am Choir Rehearsal 9:00am Contemporary Worship 9:55am Kids Community/ Youth Groups 10:00am Adult Faith Formation Class 11:00am Traditional Worship

    Childcare Provided

    on Sundays between 8:45am and 12:45am. �

    Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Reno

  • NOVEMBER 2011 Shepherd’s Voice Page 2

    Message from Pastor Carl Wilfrid

    Dear Friends of the Good Shepherd:

    In the coming weeks there will be some, perhaps much, talk about money. The Budget Team is aiming to give us a report by October 30. Our annual Commitment Sunday will be November 13. It makes some glad, some mad, and some sad, but in the life of our church it’s “that time of year” again, time to talk about money.

    As I approach retirement I wish I had more money. Some might scold me, “Pastor Carl, life is about more than money! Open your eyes! Your wife, Dianne, is healthy 18 years after cancer surgery; your daughters are bright people serving others in their careers and families, and happily married. You have lived long enough to enjoy a grandson. You should be grateful. You should thank God.”

    I am grateful. I do thank God frequently as I count my blessings. Yes, I understand that life is about much more than money. is also about money. Dianne’s surgery and post-surgical treatment weren’t free; they cost money. “Feducating” my daughters (“feducating” is short for “feeding, clothing, sheltering, and educating”) took lots of money. St. Olaf College isn’t cheap, and neither is U.C. Davis. Those weddings, feeding beloved friends, family, and strangers, cost money, even as I thank God for sons-in-law who bless our daughters and us. And that grandson, Sam, already has an edu- cation savings account, and his first words were, “Grandpa, Grandma, will you please put some money toward my education!”

    In the same way, being part of Christ’s Body, the church, is about way more than money. It’s about faith, hope, and love. It’s about “thank you, God” and “let me help you, neighbor.” It’s about repentance and forgiveness, patience, and truthful- ness. It’s about an anchor in a rapidly changing world, and about embracing change in church as a gift from God. Church is about way more than money. is also about money.

    And those who haven't made friends with that fact

    haven’t made friends with Incarnation, with God-

    become-flesh, with God entering into this world and

    getting so tangled up in the stuff of this world that a

    neat, tidy separation is impossible! �

    Pledge Sunday � November 13

    On November13 at all services we will have the opportu-

    nity to make our financial commitments to support God’s work through Good Shepherd Church in 2012. In the midst of economic struggle and anxiety we will express

    our faith and hope in God in this bold act. �

  • NOVEMBER 2011 Shepherd’s Voice Page 3

    Budget Team Report

    If you were at the congregational meeting on September 25, you heard about the Budget Team that would be working early this year, before the giving pledges are received rather than after. This is a time of transition for Good Shepherd in our building and our staffing; moving forward in both will mean new opportunities, costs, and investments of time and money.

    In early November, people will be invited to make a pledge of giving for 2012. As you consider how your gifts of money, time, and talents might be a part of God’s work in and through Good Shepherd, we want you to be informed and inspired by some sketches of what our ministry could look like with different levels of income.

    The team is preparing to present those “sketches” to the con- gregation on Sunday, October 30. As an update on our work this past month, here are some answers to questions you might have.

    What will happen on the 30th?

    Everyone will receive a two-page summary of three different budgeting scenarios:

    • A Brown-Bag Budget, slightly lower than the 2011 level

    • A Buffet Budget, 9% above 2011 (but still 5% less than 2010)

    • A Steakhouse budget (14% higher than the 2010 budget)

    If you prefer a different metaphor than food, one of our team members compared it to choosing options on a new car; similar to showing what “options” you can get at different prices, these three different scenarios are sketches of our ministry and organization at different income levels. Also on the 30th, people will be invited to hear a brief, 15-minute presentation after each worship service, with optional Q & A time to follow.

    What does the team hope you’ll do with this information?

    We hope you’ll pray with this, get excited about the pos- sibilities, and ask questions of the budget team and church staff. Growth in ministry usually means growth in staff and costs, and a “growing” budget can be scary, especially in tough economic times. It can be tempting to “save as much money as we can” and declare the lowest budget “good enough.” However, we are called to God’s work; that is our reason for being as a church. And, our new building marks a commitment to growing in the amount and kinds of God’s work we can do together. Our Buffet and Steakhouse budgets help us imagine what that growth could look like—if not yet fully in 2012, then moving toward it gradually.

    Thank you for entrusting us with this work. We look for- ward to talking with you about it on the 30th and be- yond.


    The 2012 Budget Team:

    Paul Brosy (,

    Sandra Cone

    Dee Frahman (,

    Barbara Gruenewald

    Craig Hill ( or 747-5121), and

    Pr. Rebecca Schlatter ( or 329-0696 x105)

    News and Hopes from the Budget Team: Stay Tuned for Oct. 30!

  • NOVEMBER 2011 Shepherd’s Voice Page 4

    October 2011 Update

    By Larry Beerman

    Q & D Construction adjusted their schedule slightly with

    the rain early in October. By mid month the exterior wall

    board was in place. Brick work originally scheduled for early

    in the month was rescheduled for the latter part of the

    month. This will be followed by the stucco application

    above the red brick. The metal roof is in place and ready

    for the roofing material. The wood roof over the old Shep-

    herds’ Room was removed and new roofing materials

    applied. The underground electrical service has been run

    under the alley and the enclosures for the electrical trans-

    former and the trash container have been constructed.

    Water and Sewer connections to main lines under California

    Avenue are scheduled for late October. Concrete has been

    poured for the main entry on Clay Street and the ADA

    ramp along the north wall of the new building. The steel

    tower for the new cross is in place. Q & D’s goal is to get

    the building enclosed before winter weather sets in.

    Inside, most of the rough plumbing is complete, rough elec-

    trical work is underway and th