Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 107 South 17th Avenue ... Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

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Transcript of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd 107 South 17th Avenue ... Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

    107 South 17th Avenue

    Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320

    (610) 384-2035

    October 2018

    Our Mission: “To Know, Live and Share God’s Word”

    The Shepherd's Voice

    Dated Material: Mailed,

    October 2018

  • 10/1 Michael Kauppila

    Betty Skerchock

    Declan Brady

    Glenn Ford

    10/3 Hudson Durborow

    10/4 Ethan Rubincam

    Jim Durborow

    10/6 Julian Crouthamel

    10/7 Carlos Melendez

    Hazel Flynn

    10/9 Ginny Lozinski

    10/10 Jim Montheith

    Lori Urban

    Steve Brown

    Meredith Byerly

    Kevin Stofflet

    10/11 Porter Stofflet

    Heather Clark

    10/13 Gene Timm

    Betty Brennan

    Muriel Rose

    Deborah Panning

    10/14 Arnold Whiteman

    10/15 Ethel Zevtchin

    Daniel Gballah

    10/16 Gail Monteith

    10/17 Betty Lee Genaro

    Judy Osborne

    Ariana March

    10/19 Samantha Wayne

    10/22 Jean Sacco

    Lindsay Bowman

    10/23 Cheri McMenamin

    10/24 Emilia Castro

    10/25 Shannon Martz

    Keslie Castro

    Carmen Brown

    10/26 David Althouse

    10/27 Carol Slody

    Joseph Regenski III

    10/28 Jimmy Wilgis

    10/29 David Blount

    Bob Broderick

    10/30 Sharon Tandarich

    Rose Reid

    10/1 Steve & Barb Brown 41 yrs.

    10/2 Judy & Bill Osborne 14 yrs.

    10/7 Craig & Jennifer Miller 18 yrs.

    10/8 Chrissy & Jesse Smith 13 yrs.

    10/10 Amy & Eric Gauer 3 yrs.

    10/11 Brent & Beth Douty 32 yrs.

    10/11 Coleen & Greg Gill 16 yrs.

    10/11 Dave & Megan Murray 15 yrs.

    10/13 Nancy & Ray Ritchie 28 yrs.

    10/14 Susan & Max Barajas 29 yrs.

    10/14 Barry & Linda Kimes 57 yrs.

    10/19 Noelle & Michael Raytik 34 yrs.

    10/20 Bob & Bobbi Schini 51 yrs.

    10/22 Carolos & Adrienne Melendez 7 yrs.

    10/31 Ted & Anna Marie Alderman 60 yrs.

  • Daily disciplines.

    They are part of our day to day lives. You know what they are. Washing the dishes. Putting things away after you are finished using them. Keeping a grocery list. Preparing and cooking healthy

    meals. Doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom. And, yes, even exercise. All of these and more fall

    into the category of stuff we just need to do, day in and day out, week after week. It takes more than

    habit to keep all of these things happening. It takes discipline.

    These pedantic tasks that are unexciting and often referred to as chores are also a necessary part

    of our lives. Parents spend years teaching these skills to their children and trying to help them build these

    tasks into regular habits. Why? Because if we stop doing these things, life simply gets out of kilter, and

    eventually we pay a price.

    What is the cost? Unwashed dishes will eventually draw pests, and leave you without any clean

    dishes to eat off of. Re-using the dirty dishes will eventually lead to germs and illness. Not picking up on

    a day to day basis will create an unorganized, cluttered, and messy home. Rectifying this has to happen

    before a room can be cleaned. It may require hours of work all at once, which means finding a large

    block of time in our already over scheduled lives.

    Letting go of our daily disciplines can bring chaos, extra work, and even health risks into our lives!

    So we try to stay the course, always knowing that we may fail at some point and need to get back on

    track. Whether we are facing that mountain of dishes, or trying to get a fitness program back on track,

    the process of starting to re-set a discipline can seem daunting at first. But we do it, not just because we

    know we should, but because we know our lives will be smoother and better in the end.

    In our life of faith, there are also daily disciplines. The words disciple and discipline share the

    same root. A disciple practices or lives out disciplines. These faith disciplines take the form of daily tasks

    like prayer and devotional time, and weekly events like worship and Bible study in community, serving

    God by helping those in need, and returning a portion of our money or treasure to God for God’s purpos-


    Just like the other disciplines of our lives, we can get off track or let go of our faith disciplines.

    And getting back on track sometimes takes focus and determination. But what we know is that we pay a

    price for letting go of our faith disciplines. Without them, we may feel adrift, or lacking a higher purpose.

    We may feel distant from God or hesitant to approach God or even a bit lost in life if we have been out of

    communication with God for a while. And we feel this in spite of the fact that God always wants to hear

    from us!

    How do we get back on track? We just start. You know how you finally look at that stack of dish-

    es, take a deep breath, and go to work? It’s the same with faith disciplines. Just start. Pick one disci-

    pline and just start. Write it into your calendar so it is scheduled if that helps you to make time. Or find a

    friend who will do this discipline with you and encourage you as you start again. Say a prayer. Come to

    church. Don’t over think it. Don’t worry about what anyone else might think. And remember, God will

    not turn you away or punish you. To the contrary, God promises to welcome you, gladly.

    Pastor’s Page

    Pastor Susan Lynch

  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study

    10:30 am—11:30 am

    Fellowship begins at 10:00

    Lead by Hanny White

    Everyone welcome!

    The Blessing of the Animals

    Saturday, October 6th, 10:00 am

    Rain or Shine!

    You are invited to bring your pets to our Blessing of the Animals event on Saturday, October 6th at 10:00am in the church’s back parking lot. After a short service, animals will receive an individual prayer of blessing if desired. Light refreshments for people and pets will be provided! Please plan to arrive a few minutes early. All dogs (and any larger animals) must be on leashes, and cats and other small animals should be in travel carri- ers. Please join us for this very special occasion! In the event of rain, meet out front under the portico.

    Spoken Communion

    October 16, 2018

    Do you, or someone you know, work or have

    difficulty getting to church Sundays?

    On the 3rd Tuesday of this month at 11:00 am a

    worship service with communion will be held in

    Fellowship Hall.

    Lunch and fellowship immediately following!

    Join us! Bring a friend!!

    Spoken Communion

    At Freedom Village

    October 18, 2018

    On the 3rd Thursday of this month at

    2:00 pm Pastor Lynch will conduct a worship

    service with communion for residents of Freedom

    Village in the Great Room of The Gardens.

    If you are a resident, or know of someone who

    would enjoy attending, please join us!

    Community Pancake Breakfast

    Saturday, October 20 8-10am

    This event is open to the public.

    Tell your friends and neighbors.

    Join us for pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausage,

    eggs/omelets made to order, hash browns, dry beef gra-

    vy, baked goods, fruit, coffee, tea and juice.

    Work Day

    Saturday, October 20 - 9am

    Come out and participate in the Property

    Committee’s monthly church work day!

    Have breakfast in Fellowship Hall

    then work it off!

    Contact Dave Dean for more info!

    Pastor’s Sunday School Class

    The Pastor’s Class will resume on Sunday,

    Oct. 7th at 9:20 a.m. The class will meet in

    the Fellowship Hall and the Topic is Bible 101.

    All adults are welcome!



    Gift Baskets, Museum Tickets, Jewelry, Gift Cards and


    Saturday, October 13, 2018; 4:00-7:00PM

    Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd




    Adults (12 & up) - $9.00/Seniors (60+) - $8.00

    Children (3-11) - $7.00, Children under 3 – FREE

    Walk-ins are welcome and take-outs are available!.

    For tickets call: Chuck Coxson at 610-384-5560

    Social Ministry Holiday Meal

    We will again be offering complete holiday

    meals to members and community friends

    who are in need. This includes the Turkey,

    vegetables, mashed and sweet potatoes,

    cranberry sauce, fruit cocktail, rolls, butter

    and pie. If your family needs a meal, please

    complete a registration sheet and turn it in

    to the church office or one of our committee

    members. There will be extra copies on the

    Welcome Center in the Narthex in addition to

    the cop