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ENTREES  SHRIMP TEMPURA 9 MIXED TEMPURA shrimp and vegetables 8.50 VEGETABLE TEMPURA 8.50 CHICKEN TEMPURA white meat with sweet chili sauce 8.50 TEMPURA  Fresh ingredients are lightly battered and deep-fried for a delicious and savory crunch. Serve d w/miso soup, ginger salad, and rice.  CHICKEN TERIYAKI 8.50 VEGETABLE TERIYAKI 7.50 BEEF TERIYAKI* 9 SALMON TERIYAKI 9 SHRIMP TERIYAKI 9.50 TERIYAKI  OYAKODON (Parent & Child Bowl)  tender chicken (parent) simmere d with on ion and eggs (child) in so y-based sauce 8.50 KATSUDON TENDON  deep-fried shrimp and vegetable DONBURI  UDON  or  SOBA with your choice of chicken, b eef, or tofu 7.50  KITSUNE UDON  or  SOBA with deep-f ried sweetened tofu curd 7.50 TEMPURA UDON  or  SOBA with deep-fried shrimp tempura 8.50  NABEYAKI  UDON with deep-f ried shrimp tempura, vegetable s, egg and chicken in an iron pot  9.50 NOODLE SOUP  Choice of either Udon (thick white flour noodle) or Soba (brown buck wheat noodle). Served in mildly flavored bonito fish broth. Served w/ginger salad. OTHERS   JAPANESE KATSU CURRY Breaded deep-fried pork loin cutlets immersed with think mildly spicy curry 9.50 TONKATSU Served w/miso soup, ginger salad and rice CHIRASHI * sashimi colorfully arranged over a bed of sushi rice 13 SASHIMI  MORI * slices of various fish 12.50 SUSHI MORI * five pieces of nigiri and California roll 9.50  SUSHI & SASHIMI MORI * four pieces of nigiri, sa shimi, and Cali roll 13.50 SALMON OYAKO CHIRASHI * diced fresh salmon sashimi with salmon roe  over sushi rice 11 寿 Chef’s choice. Served w/miso soup & ginger salad *Nigiri - a slice of fish on top of a small brick of rice *Sashimi - a slice of fish SU S SASHIMI  golden brown pork loin cutlets breaded in Panko and deep fried with Japanese Worcestershire sauce 9 Made from scratch, the soy sauce marinade is slightly sweet, incredibly tasty, and Sushi Avenue’s favorite. Served w/miso soup, ginger salad. and rice deep-fried breaded pork loin cutlet sim- mered with onion and eggs in soy based sauce 9 Donburi, rice bowl dish, consists of a large bowl of hot, white rice covered with one of the following de- licious toppings. Served w/miso soup and ginger salad. 寿司アベニュー FRIED RICE with you choice of chicken, shrimp +$1, or combo +$2 8.50

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