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Discover The Genius in Your Child

Welcome to Lumens School, Vapi

Imagine!Imagine a place where no child is told, You cant.

Imagine a place where every child is allowed to grow to be a genius because that is his potential .

We believe our school, Lumens, is that place!

Lumens:Where genius is nurtured!

Imagine a place where Curiosity & Creativity are nurtured.

PlanLumens school (Playgroup to Std 12th with proposed CBSE affiliation),session starting June 2012, is a pioneering effort in Vapi for giving quality and creative education to our children.

A child can join Lumens in the Play Group or Nursery & study up to the 12th Standard.

Plan Initially 2 pre-primary schools have been started. One in Chala and another in the Gunjan area of Vapi. The session will begin in June, 2012.Admissions open in Playgroup & Nursery. Main school building will be ready in year 4 after starting of the pre-primary school when the first batch of kids of Nursery will enter Std 1.The primary reason for keeping pre-primary schools separate from the school building is that very small children do not have to travel the 5-7km distance, where the main school building is proposed.The main school building will be state of the art with all the facilities required for high quality and creative education.There will be a maximum of 25 students per class in any section, so that every child can get individual attention.

Our Teaching TechniqueQuad Seek

Human BrainIt is the best time to learn& So we follow Natural Process Of Learning0 and 6 yearsGrows between the ages

This programfocuses on emotional balance & develops the ability to bring out & handle emotions and thus develop the personality of the child.

This program focuses on is spiritual growth to develop able & aware human beings.

Quad Seek addresses the four aspects of human growth culminating in the flowering of an exceptional human beingThis program focuses on physical development & strengthens the visual, auditory & tactile pathways of the child.This program provides intellectual simulation & develops childs intellectual assets & leading to reading habits, maths skills, Knowledge in science & other GK.

Physical Programme(The mainstay of our learning programme)Closes- Neurological circuits

Stimulates- Growth of the brain Fine tunes- The 5 sense of organsEnsures - Children become the best learners

Physical Programme(The mainstay of our learning programme)Creeping-to ensure growth of the pons and reflex organsCrawling-to ensure growth of the mid brain and motor coordinationBrachiating-to ensure growth of lungs for better supply of oxygenClimbing-to ensure depth perceptionRunning-to ensure clear speech and long sessions of concentrated workBalance beam walking--to ensure balance and convergence of vision

Intellect Stimulation ProgrammeChildren are taught words through large sized pictures.Cards are flashed with planned frequencyAbove words are then brought back in numerous context. Reading ProgramKnowledge Of WordsLeads toWide Vocabulary & InterestConverted Into

By the 2nd year about 300 words each(in English and first language)

Intellect Stimulation ProgrammeMaths, Maps & GKAlong with the language building, we also start Maths programme. By the end of year 3, children learnnumbers from 1 to 100basic arithmetic functions.

Children are also taughtIndia and World mapScience experiments on concepts like air pressure, magnets, sound etc through fun based activitiesother general knowledge based facts

Emotional ProgrammeStoriesArtPlayIt is wholly child centered & takes care of the childs emotional balance through:Children get an exclusive 15 minutes with the teacher in small groups

Spiritual ProgrammeBiographies converted into human interest stories Events are dramatized so that the causes and results are understood.Mainstay of the program are :Children are taught to be sensitive to others, their environment & become respectful, contributing members of society.

A child by the age of six(If the program is begun at 2 years)Can read any two languages with easeWill also be physically fit and healthy Can identify a 1000 picturesWill know the basic mathematical functions

FacilitiesFully Air Conditioned ClassroomsColourful, Spacious EnvironmentInnovative teaching aidsCreeping, Crawling, Brachiation facility for faster brain developmentProfessional training for Music and dance for right brain developmentWell Trained TeachersParenting education

Children Enjoy Lumens

bags of books to carryhomeworktestswriting until age 5No

The Team

Our EducationistsOur Educationist Mr. M R Raghavan and Ms. Aruna Raghavan are well known experts in Child Education and Development. They have popularized a unique educational system in India, which was originally developed by a highly creative and respected educationist based in United States.

The Raghavans have helped-start many schools across India and Malaysia. They have provided their teaching methods to more than 50 schools across the country. They have also conducted more than 200 workshops for parents on How to Teach Your Child.

Rajesh Tiwari An IIM Ahmedabad alumni with a PHD from the University of North TexasHaving 25+ years of experience in the financial sectorEx-head of UTI / Axis Bank (Corporate Credit)in India

Other FoundersGautami DesaiA BE Electronics with a management degree (MBA) from NMIMSHaving over 12 years of experience in the financial sector Was the fund manager of over $750 million in equity at UTI in IndiaRahul Desai A BE Computer Science and Engineering Over 8 years of experience in IT and more than 12 years of experience in human resource, training & education industry

Ashish Panjwani A BE -Electronics with an MBA in FinanceHaving a rich experience of 4 years in IT and over 12 years in human resource, training & education industry

Contact DetailsGunjan School :159, Saurabh Society, Opposite Rofel College, GIDC, VapiChala School :C-15, Manibhadra Row House, Behind Shivalik Heights, Swami Narayan Gurukul Road, Vapi Call : 82 38 22 88 33Email:

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