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Transcript of Luke Macgregor

lukemacgregor.comType of photographs: People Travel WW1 Editorial Feature Business/Corporate Tear SheetsMedia products photographs are used in: Magazines Newspaper Business and corporate clients

I like this photo because the blue sky is matching to the persons pants. This will allow the person who is jumping to stand out as the rest of the body is full of colour full clothing, which is a lot brighter than just the same colour as the sky. Also the fade effect of the sky, going from white to bright blue.

I like this photo because the angle of the shot. The angle allows the phographer to get some one the water rushing from the jet ski on the picture. This allows the viewer to understand that the man is performing a water sport. This will change peoples thoughts on this image due to people have a fear of water.

I like this picture because even though the sky is blue the moon is out and is orange. Also, where the 5 rings are placed makes the moon look like it is a part of the rings. It is positioned in a way so it looks like if there was 6 rings thats where it would be.

I like this photo because of the primary colours. It has only a few colours, and all of them are all dark. This adds the feeling of boredom, dark and dusty. The water splashing onto the rock allows the viewer to be able to see what is going and also they are showing the focus of the image.

I like this photograph because the main colour of the picture is black, this allows the womans bright pale face to stand out. With this the mans face behind her also corresponds to her face being bright so does his. This will stand out to the viewer.