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Transcript of Lucie Kaas Booklet

  • Lucie Kaas was founded

    in 2012 with a vision of bringing

    stylish yet timeless interior objects

    into the international design scene.

    The starting point of this ambition was

    in the Danish market with a number of

    re-launches of mid-century Scandinavian

    designs. Lucie Kaass approach is cha-

    racterized by both looking to the past

    for inspiration but also focusing on

    developing new interpretations

    of classic designs.

  • The lotus pattern was

    originally designed in the 1960s by

    the Norwegian artist Arne Clausen. In

    collaboration with Arne Clausens family,

    Lucie Kaas has relaunched a collection of

    ceramic bowls where the pattern again

    comes to its right.

  • The Norwegian design talent

    Sara Skotte has revived the lotus

    pattern with a series of cups, milk jugs,

    sugarbowl and pitchers made in porcelain.

    The items combine the timeless pattern

    with modern shapes.

  • From 1955 to 1965

    Gunnar Flrning was the man

    behind many of the biggest Danish

    design successes that were designed

    and produced for the Danish company

    Laurids Lnborg. Lucie Kaas has

    given new life to some of his

    wooden figures.

  • Lucie Kaas has reintroduced the

    work of Danish designer Th. Skjde

    Knudsen. He experienced great inter-

    national success in the 1950s and 60s

    for his wooden pieces characterized

    by a simple design and quality

    in the craftsmanship.

  • BoxMove is the result of

    a collaboration with the talented

    Danish designduo Nordvink. BoxMove

    is a flexible dresser consisting of a big

    main box with legs made of oak, where

    smaller modules can be placed in.

    The modules are moveable, allowing for

    a variety of looks and applications to be

    created. BoxMove combines elegant

    wood with modern colors in a

    contrasting and functional

    piece of furniture.

  • Christian Schollert was

    a pioneering ceramist within the

    1930s and 40s functionalistic approach

    to ceramics. He ran his own pottery in

    Nrum, Denmark, where he produced the

    characteristic ribbed designs in the late

    1930s. Lucie Kaas has relaunched some of

    the items in a modern interpretation

    where form and function maintains

    the expression of Schollerts

    original designs.

  • The NORLYS candle holder is

    named after the Nordic phenomenon

    nordlys or Northern lights. Where in

    nature the Northern lights spread across

    the sky in different colours and beautiful

    patterns, also NORLYS is flexible and

    can be shaped into various forms.

  • Lucie Kaas collaborated with the

    Danish designer Anna Karnov in the

    making of the PickME stool. The name is

    inspired by the opening in the center of the

    seat that makes the stool easy to pick up and

    move around. It can be used as an extra seat, a

    bedside table, and even as a storage space.

  • Adorning breakfast tables

    in the 60s and 70s, Lucie Kaas has

    reintroduced and updated these Danish

    designed egg holders, pencil holders and

    candleholders named Bordfolk. Graphic

    designer Marie Willumsen has extended

    the universe with a series of posters

    and bed linen.



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