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2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published by Professional Services Champions League (LoyaltyGames) with the author’s permission. Finalist: ANDRÉ CARREIRO Country: PORTUGAL This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals

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This Social Innovation Game Plan was produced by André Carreiro as part of the 4-hour World Vision Case Study completed by the 12 World Finalists of LoyaltyGames 2014, the Loyalty and Gamification World Championships (http://www.theloyaltygames.com). All rights reserved.

Transcript of LoyaltyGames 2014 - Finals Game Plan - André Carreiro

  • 2014 WORLD FINALS Note: All copyright and intellectual property rights remain with the Finalist who authored this submission. Published by Professional Services Champions League (LoyaltyGames) with the authors permission. Finalist: ANDR CARREIRO Country: PORTUGAL This Game Plan was created in 4 hours as part of the LoyaltyGames 2014 World Finals
  • LoyaltyGames 2014 ANDR V. CARREIRO
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event The purest thing in the World is a Childs smile Simple, powerful and positive message Accompanied by the slogan Give a Smile Fast and diverse dissemination through mobile Use of the graphic symbol, or in other products Use of hand gesture imitating the smile, to be shared in photos, for example Hashtag #GiveASmile Encourage people to find objects or situations that resemble a smile and register the moment and share it WorldVision and partners could deliberately create these objects/situations all around the world and create a gamified experience based on it and using augmented reality, by giving clues on location online. Use the symbol on other products Partner with graphic companies, a major clothing line, children toys manufacturer, mouth hygiene company, etc.
  • Visual Awareness Create a Memorable 2015 Event The purest thing in the World is a Childs smile Promotion on internal activities of WorldVision and partners Promote the symbol on many different children related external events/venues, although they require considerable partners which may present several difficulties, but may result in great impact Disney or other childrens parks Unicef Smaller local events such as celebrations of Chids Day
  • Loyalty Rewards Program Main goal is to recognize the efforts of WorldVision supporters: both collaborators and donors, as two parts of a single incentives program. Collaborators / Employees Main goal is to recognize their efforts, through Acknowledging each collaborators skills, in a fun way, using representative badges, such as Master Fundraiser, or Transport Angel, etc. Building an individual gallery (and collaborative connections) where the collaborator can include tokens gathered throughout their actions (photos with aided children and communities, special messages and postcards) All this information (and link to gallery) could be included in a collaborator profile, which can be personalized, searched and shared
  • Loyalty Rewards Program Donors, focused on Rich Countries Recognize their contribution, rewarding actions as follows Action WV Loyalty Points Sharing Social Per social share (post or news) 1 Repeat Giving Per donated dollar 4 Per hour spent helping 5 Per helpful action (meeting, e-mail to government representatives) 2 Local Champion Per local promotion (local events) 3
  • Loyalty Rewards Program Donors Tiers Each tier has some benefits associated, besides the inherent tier status, which is displayed as a badge in the user profile. World Visioner Dr Hero Bringer of Joy Guardian Angel Total Loyalty Points >= 1 >= 100 >= 1000 >= 10000 Postcards from Aided Children Yes Yes Yes Yes Thank-You Letter X Yes Yes Yes Thank-You Video X X Yes Yes Thank-You Gift (Personalized by the Children) X X X Yes % of Donation Stretch (by partners) 15 20 25 35
  • Loyalty Rewards Program Mobile Engagement Mobile devices are usually an excellent choice to deliver a loyalty program, and this case is not an exception. In fact, I suggest that there is no need for physical cards. Instead, we can build fun and interesting virtual tier cards, a sign of the donor impact and always connected with WorldVision servers, which he can share on a click. This Loyalty Program presents some significant overlap with Gamification techniques: Use of customizable profiles with badges representing skills for collaborators, or tiers for donors Collections on the collaborators gallery Social relatedness, and possibility of sharing impact with the virtual card Points and rewards (already typical in Loyalty Programs)
  • Loyalty Rewards Program Resources To successfully implement the program, technical/graphical resources are needed to implement the collaborators and donors profiles and badges, as well as the collaborators impact gallery or donors virtual tier cards. For donors rewards, including the postcards, videos and donation stretch, WorldVision should partner with specific companies and angels to comply with needs while keeping the costs low. Analytics Many automated analytics tools are available for web and mobile, allowing to measure the impact of the program, managing the user base and leads. The best practice to analyze the impact of the program is the comparison between engagement across the two groups: members of the loyalty program and non-members (or pre- and post-Global Week of Action), and calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) over a given time period. It is also suggested to keep track of measures such as customer retention rate and net promoter score to analyze general engagement and satisfaction, respectively.
  • Make Change Happen The Players Anybody with access to the multi-channel platform could participate and enjoy the experience. However, the main expected segment consists of both men and women over teenage years (> 16) from developed and developing countries not necessarily with significant possessions, as money donations are only a step of the experience mainly with an altruistic nature, who enjoys collaborating with common causes
  • Make Change Happen The Mission Raise awareness for the Global Week of Action and World Vision efforts in improving mothers and childrens quality of life Increase engagement Inform players about child health, a harsh reality which can be changed with their help Share the word Create an engaging community of supporters who can communicate with each other Contact government representatives with meaningful messages Raise funds to help World Vision and partners with their endeavours Increase the amount of donations
  • Make Change Happen Game Components Onboarding with Narrative Engage players with an opening short video showing the harsh reality of child health worldwide, and how they can change it with simple actions Resort to real testimonies from children and collaborators alike, as well as from significant celebrities associated to the project Quick tutorial on how to enjoy the experience and what can be accomplished by it Personal Profile Customizable profile, where the player can describe himself, personalize with photo/avatar, interests, skills, availability to cooperate. Here is also where individual game progress is shown: impact points, badges, link to influence graph, etc. Influence Graph Let players invite their friends using known social platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Based on interactions (shared post, retweet) add a new edge on the Influence Graph, representing how each player is related to the other.
  • Make Change Happen Game Components Talk about the Change Leverage the social interactions by allowing players to give feedback, suggestions, raise questions, or engage in general conversation with other players, in an inviting forum-like platform. Where geo-targeting is available, make suggestions of other players in the vicinity and ask if the player wishes to add him as a friend. Progression Bar Can be introduced to return feedback on how many of the possible actions (some can be repeated for more points) were already completed.
  • Make Change Happen Game Components Impact Points Very useful to provide immediate feedback upon an action completion by the player, these can also be used to leverage the notion on how the player is impacting the ultimate goal of the game and the Global Week of Action. To stimulate different behaviors and account for different degrees of difficulty we map points to actions as Add a Message and Photo to Photo Wall Donate to Vital Child Health Work Take the survey Share with Friends Reach Government Decision Makers Quests & Challenges Points 10 10 per dollar 20 15 40 Variable
  • Make Change Happen Game Components Badges Can be used to acknowledge the fulfillment of desired actions Evangelist You just reached 1000+ people through your shared content Nice to meet You! You just posted a message and photo to the wall True Aid You just made your first donation My Opinion Matters You just submitted the survey Nice Word For Us - You just reached to government decision makers Many others, maybe using sub-levels Leaderboards Individual leaderboards should be avoided in this situation, to motivate collaborative behavior. Here, we rely mostly on the result of collaborations, comparing the performance of related groups (geography-based, age-based, etc.) Also, influence graphs can be assessed for their overall performance, stimulating an overall increase in engagement by the connected players
  • Make Change Happen Game Components Quests and Challenges This could be a very important component to motivate longer-term motivation. These challenges could be or not related to the desired actions on the website: Participate in a local promotion event (if the player helps as a volunteer for staff gains even more impact points) Fun Elements The whole environment has to promote a fun and engaging experience, by using good user experience design, resorting to fun but adequate language and symbols, as well as an inspiring palette of colors.
  • Make Change Happen How is it played? After the onboarding phase, the user is faced with an initial choice on what action to perform No mandatory sequence, and rather a circle, and as the first action is completed, remaining actions are focused to highlight the next step, especially the one which could earn the player the most points, updating the progress bar. At the end of each action, show a very short video of a testimonial, reinforcing the notion of the players positive impact. The influence graph should be prominent to motivate the player to invite friends and continuously build his/her network
  • Make Change Happen How is it played? Furthermore, algorithms can be used to compute different group leaderboards (close friends, regional, national, etc.), and clearly show where the player belongs in those local communities Start with a prepared set of quests and challenges the player can pursue, and continuously launch new ones, adding a component of unpredictability to keep players waiting for new surprises. By playing Make Change Happen, all players will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges many children still face today, and feel that their actions have real impact on child health, either by donating funds or raising awareness, feeling part of a collaborative community, on both local and global levels.
  • Make Change Happen Mobile Marketing 4.55 billion people worldwide are expected to use a mobile phone in this year, with a rapidly increasing number in developing countries. Mobile devices allow powerful functionalities which can be explored to further engage players, such as geo-targeting or real-time response. Stimulating the use of these platforms can result in more immersive experiences, as challenging the player to take immediate action and share the results. Mobile Marketing rises as a very pervasive technique, allowing to better connect with users in real-time. Easy to implement marketing analytics to get data from players and improve upon that knowledge Increase revenue with indirect donations by including advertisements in the mobile platform Make use of the SMS service to include regions with less web coverage, and still connect to players in a meaningful way.
  • Make Change Happen - Multichannel The main delivery channels are the website and a mobile application. In fact, these are the current more efficient ways to engage user interaction Other possible choices can be mainly used for raising awareness, but present serious challenges in allowing for interaction Retail stores have reduced scope, good for promoting in local communities Television dont allow immediate interaction, but can definitely promote and motivate people to engage in the website or mobile app and play the game. In summary Make Change Happen is a very exciting platform allowing players to have a significant impact on Child Health. While we use several game elements to make the game fun and stimulating, like a personalized profile, feedback on progression through impact points and badges, the main innovation in this gamified experience is the building of an influence graph, where players can connect with each other and visually observe those relationships and have perception on the overall impact, notwithstanding the individual contribution.