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Customer Waiting Area Lounge presentation for MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS, in South Euclid and Bedford Heights Ohio. This PowerPoint presentation is timed to music and can be saved as a video file, then burned to DVD to display in lounge area. Want one like this for your body shop? Contact cheryl@5canadiangeese.com

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  • 1. Welcome toMAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSFull service body shop thatspecializes in collision repairsFamily owned and operatedsince 1989www.mayfieldcollisioncenter.com

2. Two Convenient Locations SouthEuclidIn South Euclid conveniently located on theCleveland Heights border, 5 minutes fromLegacy Village and Beachwood Place. 3. Just stay the same. Very courteous and friendly.-AnonymousYour team made my experiencewonderful. Your customer service isgreat! Thanks for your kindness andhelp.-LaQuanna T.It was a pleasure workingwith you. You did a greatjob and the service waswonderful.- Freddie G. I was very pleased with theservice.-Anonymous 4. Two Convenient Locations.BedfordHeightsIn Bedford Heights on the Solon border,just 1 minute off of I-271 and theRockside Road exit in Bedford Heights 5. One of the 99 Best Places to Work inNortheast Ohio! 6. Absolutely satisfied. You guys are the best - so professional andhigh quality.-Gino R.Absolutely will refer. Great customerservice. Thanks to the entire staff atMayfield Collision.-Mary D.Always satisfied. Willrefer, no questions aboutit. Hate to have to keepseeing you all the timebut you made it aspainless as possible.-William L.All was good.Paula P. 7. Check yourvehiclestatusonline 8. 2nd Largest Financial ExpenseNext to your home,your vehicle is likelyyour 2nd largest financialexpense. When yourein an accident, itsimportant that youchoose a repair facilitythat will protect yourinvestment as well asensure the safety of youand your family.According to Forbes Magazine, A reliable form of transportation isessential in order for most people to produce an income. 9. The MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSAdvantageMAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS is the Preferred Body shop of: Motorcars Acura Volvo Rick Case HyundaiMitsubishi Kia of Bedford DavisBMW/Jaguar/LandRover Alternative SolutionsHonda & ToyotaSpecialty Shop 10. Dont I need 3 Estimates?Its a commonmisconception that Ohio lawrequires you to get at least 3estimates for auto bodyrepairs after an accident, butthats completely false. Youhave the right to get as manyor as few estimates that youfeel is necessary to choose arepair center to serve you.An estimate is just a preliminary guess of what it will cost to repair a vehicleafter an accident. Until a vehicle is disassembled, the true cost for repairs isnot known. 11. Its Your ChoiceRemember, its alwaysyour choice who fixesyour car. An insurancecompany, car dealer,leasing company, orresponsible party maymake suggestions foraccident repairs, but itsimportant to rememberthat the choice is alwaysup to you. According to the Ohio Department of Insurance, you have the right tochoose where to have your car repaired. 12. Did a great job!-Gino R.Everyone was extremely helpful!Thank you!-Caroline R..Certainly will refer. Staff was alwayshelpful & courteousEveryone made this repair -Rhonda & Bob B..very easy for me. Thankyou.-Marilyn J.Awesome job& service.Matt M. 13. Excellent Service. Car looks great!-AnonymousExcellent Service. Professional staff;easy to do business withExcellent Work & -Dr. K.Customer Service- R.Good job.Great job. -David N.-Maurice B. 14. 6 Things To Consider1. Is the facility clean andorganized?2. Is their staff friendly,courteous & helpful toyou?3. Is the shop qualified?4. Do they have all the rightequipment to properly fixyour car?5. Do they really care aboutyour business?6. Are they good membersof the community?When choosing an auto body repair facility, consumers shouldconsider these 6 important factors 15. Is the Facility Clean & Organized?Contaminants suchas dirt and grimenegatively impactthe quality of paintwork. Itsimportant that theauto body shopyou choose createsa clean and safeenvironment foryou and for yourvehicle. MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS Bedford Heights production area is carefully organized bydepartment to maximize repair efficiency. It is also very clean, reducing the possibility of dirtand other contaminants in the final paint work 16. Is staff friendly, courteous, andhelpful to you?Managing repairs to your vehicle canbe stressful. At MAYFIELD COLLISIONCENTERS, our staff is specially trainedto make your experience as easy andhassle free as possible. We stillanswer every phone call with aperson, not a machine. 17. Is the Shop qualified?Look to see if the shop you are considering is ASE Certified, I-CAR Trained, or if theyhave any other factory certifications. Car technology is evolving at a very fast rate,and proper repair training of technicians and staff is critical in restoring your carafter an accident. 18. Do they have all the right equipmentto properly fix your car?Car technology is changing at a rapid ratefrom hybrid vehicles, to cars that park themselves andautomatically avoid accidents auto repairs are more complexthan ever. 19. MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSState-of-the-art Equipment & FacilitiesMAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS believes in investing in the right equipmentand training to ensure a factory-perfect auto restoration for our customers.Car-o-liner Computerized FrameMeasuringGarmat 3000 Downdraft Spray BoothsNot only do we have state-of-the-artequipment and tools, our I-CARtrained and certified technicianstake pride in providing world classservice to our customers. Thatswhy MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSis the repair partner of choice formany insurance companies andarea dealerships. 20. 5. Do they really car aboutyour business?Excellent customer service has almostbecome a thing of the past. When speakingwith other repair facilities about your vehicleask yourself:1. Are they asking the right questions to fully understand your uniquesituation?2. Are they fitting solutions with problems? A good body shop hascomprehensive understanding of solutions that are available, and hasthe ability to match up those solutions to resolve any problems youare encountering with your auto repair.3. Do they treat you like an individual? To be able to provide excellentcustomer service, service associates need to realize that each newcustomer presents a unique set of circumstances and challenges.Theres no cookie-cutter solution that works for everyone.4. Are they patient with you? Are they really listening to your needs orjust rushing you through the estimate process? 21. Our commitment to you..Extraordinary customer service starts with a world class teamdedicated to Driving Home Excellence for our clients. 22. Congratulations to our president Tom Griffin!Body Shop Business 2014Multi-ShopExecutive of the Year 23. 6. Are they good members of thecommunity?Being a goodmember of thecommunity is morethan selling a service,it involvesdemonstrating clearleadership and valuesby integratingresponsible corporatepractices across allbusiness operations.Invest inCommunityWork with othermembers of thecommunity forthe greater goodPositivelyinfluence thelives ofcustomersDevelopemployees &the future workforceProtect theenvironment 24. The MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSAdvantageIn addition to providing exceptional customer service and state of the artrepairs, MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS is a leader in the community. 25. Thank you does not express the gratitude for yourprofessionalism and kindness during this process.-Shaela J.You have made this easy andseamless.-AnonymousExcellent service.-Robert H.I truly appreciate howyou have handled therepairs to my vehicle.Casandra B.Excellent service. Top shelf. HappyCamper. Staff was fantastic.-William G. 26. The MAYFIELD COLLISIONCETERSAdvantageMAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS has been family owned and operated since1989. Our customer service team receives extensive training on how todelight our customers. In addition, we offer these enhanced services: On line repair status updates, this is one of a number ofways we keep you informed during the repair process. We finish every repair job with a hand wash & cleaning soyou can begin enjoying your car from the moment you pickit up. 24 hour key drop service 24 hour towing service Rental cars on premises Local pick up & delivery services 27. Great Job! Very Happy. Scott was wonderful!-AnonymousGreat Service! Will refer others toyou. Keep up the good work that youdo.-Jason K.Have already referredyour business to my agentand a friend. Mike wasvery nice, considerate,and patient.-Jackie H.I appreciatethe clean carin return.- Molli A.Great job.-Ken B. 28. I don't want to get my car hit anymore, but if I do I would definitelybring it back. Your staff was very nice to me and made my firstexperience with a collision not so scary. I will refer my friends andfamily if they're looking for a great collision center.-Michelle M.You guys really made me feel like Iwas at home. I felt comfortableleaving my car because you made mecomfortable when I walked in.- Katherine T.My car had damage twotimes in four weeks. I wasvery upset both times.Your staff made me feelok and I would have notimagined how great thatwould be- Peggy A. 29. The MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSAdvantageMAYFIELD COLLISIONCENTERS is proud to bethe only body shopchosen to participate inGuitarMania - a GreaterCleveland Communitypublic art project thathas raised $2 million fortwo benefiting charities United Way of GreaterCleveland, and the Rockand Roll Hall of Fameand Museums educationprograms. Our employees donate their time to apply Sherwin-Williams environmentallyfriendly clear coat protection over the original artists designs 30. The MAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERSAdvantageMAYFIELD COLLISION CENTERS is a proud member of COSE -TheCouncil of Smaller Enterprises. COSE connects small businesseswith the resources and expert advice they need to grow.EXPAND KNOWLEDGE BUILD CONNECTIONSCOSE creates a suite ofpeer-to-peer educationalworkshops that help smallbusiness owners expandtheir knowledge ineverything from strategicplanning to using socialmedia.COSE creates andpromotes a suite ofnetworking opportunitiesthat connects our smallbusin