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What would change if your annual income became your monthly income?

Looking for Leaders WorkshopFor Serious Leadership Representatives

New York Training Department September / 2006

Stephen Covey Begin with the end in mindTake a minute and list your current Downline team in one of the three columns below. As we go through our discussion on Looking for Leaders today add the page number next to the name to remind yourself of the new message you will share in one of the formats below.In the first column list your Fast Start contenders and any other Downline members you feel you can inspire with a new tactic or message based on what you will learn today.Under group setting list your Downlines that are stuck or those that are inconsistent at growing their business with Fast Starts and though title advancements.A two-on-one business review and discussion, could be with the your Upline, SBDM Manager or Division Manager and you and a current or potential EUL/SEUL. This column is reserved for those highly motivated members who are willing to consistently work on growing their business. (Share your complete list with your Upline or Managers.)

Avons Sell, Share & Show is our New Representative Duplicatible System for success. New recruits most be trained to successfully execute in their first two months.Most Successful Avon RepresentativesSell to maintain a high level of personal sales, both to qualify for their position of achievement and to be a role model for their Downline. 1. Complete training contacts 1 & 2/Starting Your Avon Business 2. Develop a customer list of 80-100 Customers in first two months using Grand Openings, Virtual Grand Openings and Beauty Bashes. 3. Promote the power of the Brochure, # products over $20/Free Offers4. Sell $25 to 20 customers, call me when you get the 1st 10 orders!5. Review the Leadership Kits Sell, Share, Show DVD to find the details of Sell

Share the Avon opportunity with others and begin to build a Downline for consistent career earnings. Create :30 second commercials with new recruits Demonstrate a :30 second prospecting call, at appointmentLink to Fast Start bonus 12 recruits to UL in two months/$300Develop a plan/strategy to prospect for 12 recruits in 1st month and to meet the performance requirement in the second month to earn the Fast Start Bonus.

Review the Leadership Kits Sell, Share, Show DVD to find the details of Show

Master the Sell and Share firstthen the Show will be easier to teach and demonstrate

Show others how to sell Avon products, how to interest others in the Avon opportunity, and how to train, mentor and motivatein other words duplicate your own success!

A Leader isSomeone who can get a lot of people to do a few things consistently!To become an effective Unit Leader you must develop skills in the four basic field fundamentals below. Practice and consistent use of the P.A.T.D. skills will increase your ability to lead by example and enhance your ability to transfer your knowledge to others. Prospecting is looking for people to share the Avon earnings and career opportunity. Based on the minimum requirements identified for Prospecting, effective Avon prospector engage the prospects into conversation with the expectation of collecting names and numbers for future follow-up.Appointing/Recruiting is converting and preparing a prospect to become a Representative or a Unit Leader. This process includes completion of the contract, training contact 1 and specific training on the Sell, Share and Show system which increases the success rate of our new Representatives.Sales Training is demonstrating, modeling, telling or showing Representatives (in groups or one-on-one) how to complete an assigned task so they can fulfill their roles and responsibilities to the customers.Leadership Development is providing varied learning experiences to Representatives enrolled into Sales Leadership (in groups or one-on-one) to help them progress in their career in Avon. Although development as a generic term includes training, we are assigning the term Training to Representatives and Development to Unit Leaders. Note: P.A.T.D. are activities that are performed by DVMs, DSMs and Unit Leaders.

A Leader isSomeone who can get a lot of people to do a few things consistently!Lets take a look at some of the activities that when practiced regularly will develop your skills in the P.A.T.D system. Partnering with your new recruits and committing to teach them the basic of the business within their first four campaigns is the key to your success.

Prospecting for immediate results:Show new Representatives how to create a :30 second introduction. Craft the introduction around the four most common questions that a prospect will have. Pre-determining the answers to these questions will provide the prospects with enough information for them to make a logical business decision on setting up an interview with you.Who you are and the company your represent?.What kind of business you are offering?What kind of money can they make?What do they have to do to earn the money?

Teach Downline members how to link their :30 second commercial to the power of 3. Review the tools, practice the approach and share the three things that could happen. In other words, prepare them for success. Appointing/Recruiting is following Avons Sell, Share & Show system that assumes all new Representatives come to Avon to achieve a goal and to be successful. Spend quality time at the appointments to develop customers and to teach them how to offered Avons earnings opportunity to their first five prospects. The is the time to help them master the Sell and the Share segments of the Fast Start opportunity.A key Training action is to show everyone how easy it is to sell $25 to 20 customers every two-weeks. Stressing the importance of finding 80 100 customers in their first four campaigns. Demonstrating the importance of follow-up with all contacts within 24 48 hours is also key.Leadership Development is developing highly productive Unit Leaders that are independent, consistent and able to effectively use & teach others to use Avons business tools. Note: P.A.T.D. are activities that are performed by DVMs, DSMs and Unit Leaders.

LEADERSHIP OVERVIEWLevels of AchievementsEarnings RequirementsAdvanced Unit LeaderUnit LeaderExecutive Unit LeaderSenior Executive Unit Leader*

Avons Sales LeadershipWhich Level of Earnings Do You Want?You must understand the pay levels first to be able to establish realist goals for yourself.Important Questions for you: 1. Do you explain the Sell, Share & Show process clearly to all of your new appointments? 2. Do you teach your new recruits how to develop a customer list of 50 to 100 prospects? 3. Do you teach your recruits how to sell $25 to 20 customers?

The Value Of A Unit LeaderCan you enroll more New Recruits into the Sell & Share Fast Start Bonus program at the time of the appointment to increase your ability to develop Unit Leader in four campaigns?

# Unit LeadersAverage Unit Leader Sales Per CampTotal Awards Sales Per Year1 $ 1,200 $ 31,200 2 $ 2,400 $ 62,400 3 $ 3,600 $ 93,600 4 $ 4,800 $ 124,800 5 $ 6,000 $ 156,000 6 $ 7,200 $ 187,200 7 $ 8,400 $ 218,400 8 $ 9,600 $ 249,600 9 $ 10,800 $ 280,800 10 $ 12,000 $ 312,000

# Adv Unit LeadersAverage Unit Leader Sales Per CampTotal Awards Sales Per Year1 $ 4,000 $ 104,000 2 $ 8,000 $ 208,000 3 $ 12,000 $ 312,000 4 $ 16,000 $ 416,000 5 $ 20,000 $ 520,000

# Executive Unit LeadersAverage Unit Leader Sales Per CampTotal Awards Sales Per Year1 $ 17,500 $ 455,000 2 $ 35,000 $ 910,000 # Senior Executive Unit LeadersAverage Unit Leader Sales Per CampTotal Awards Sales Per Year1 $ 40,000 $1,040,000

Average Annual Earnings By Leadership TitleAdvanced Unit Leaders $7,642*Unit Leaders $1,230*Senior Executive Unit Leaders $119,599*Executive Unit Leaders $25,553* What do you want to earn a year from now?What are you willing to do to achieve it?* These 2005 earnings have been calculated based on the average number of Representatives in each level and the total amount of bonuses paid out per level. Disclosure of these averages is not meant to predict income possibilities. Your personal experience may vary.

What does Success Look Like for Leaders?The following pages illustrate what it looks like when you meet all three of the requirements to receive Leadership Bonuses at each of the four levels. The performance and earnings statements also illustrate the benefits of advancing titles for higher earnings and retention.

The statements also illustrate consistent actions that contributes to a steady business.

As you review the performance statements, set your goals to take massive actions in the next 90-days.What will you do to add 3 - 5 New Representatives every campaign, consistently?How will you train your recruits to sell $400 in each of their first four campaigns?What will you do to help your new recruits convert 12 prospects in four campaigns to earn the Fast Start Bonus?