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  • 1. LocationsBy Nathalie Osada

2. Introduction in to our Location planningTo make our trailer look realistic we knowthat the locations have to look believableand realistic. They also have to fit in with thegenre of our trailer. To make sure that ourtrailer looks realistic we did a lot of researchto find the locations we have chosen.Heres what we chose and why: 3. Research into our location for Lord Ashdowns mansionWe wanted to chose a location which reflected the era of our trailer. We researched localGeorgian buildings and shortlisted the following: 4. Research into Location for Lord AshdownsmansionClivedon: We thought this would be a good location for LordAshdowns mansion, as itis very grand and fits in very well with the genre.However as Cliveden is owned by the National Trust it is quite a busy place with lots of peoplevisiting the grounds, whichwould interfere with ouraudio as there would be alot of background noise Basildon Park:We thought this wouldmake a good location as Lord Ashdowns manoras again it is very grand.It has also been used in Pride Prejudice and fitswith the era. BasildonPark is also owned by The National Trust and therefore also has a lot of people visiting the surrounding grounds and house which againposes the same problem 5. Our Chosen Location for Lord Ashdowns mansionAfter our research we finally chose South Hill Park as our location for LordAshdowns mansion. We chose this location as it is a grand mansion which is set inbeautiful surrounding grounds, this is perfect as Lord Ashdowns house as it showshe is wealthy and upper class. As South Hill Park is not owned by The NationalTrust it is a lot quieter and therefore reduces the chance of background noise beingheard on the audio. After researching into this location we found out that as well asbeing able to film the front of the house and in the grounds there is also a courtyardand a maze which we can film some scenes in. This gives us more of a variety ofshots and makes the visual more interesting for the audience to watch. 6. The Courtyard/MazeThe second location we are going to use is theCourtyard/Maze. We are going to use this for the montage inthe trailer. Where we show a series of shots of Marianneand Lord Ashdown when they fall in love, we thought thislocation would be perfect to film the montage as we felt itgave a secluded and romantic atmosphere. 7. The fieldThe third location we chose is thefield at the back of Indias house.We chose this location as it is veryrural and is convenient to get to.We are going to use this locationfor the first scene where Marianneis introduced. It will also show theaudience that Mariannessurroundings are not as grand asLord Ashdowns and they are not inthe same class. 8. The cottageWe decided to use a cottage for Mariannes house asshe has moved away from her home to the country tostay with her friend Charlotte. The cottage looksGeorgian, gives a rural atmosphere and gives theimpression that she is in the country. This shows amajor contrast between where Marianne lives andwhere Lord Ashdown lives andclearly shows a difference betweentheir lifestyles and classes. 9. ConclusionWe have chosen our locations based on ourresearch into Period Dramas and the typeof buildings and surrounding that are used infilms. We feel that the locations we havechosen to film at fit in really well with ourgenre.