Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plan Cat’s Cradle.

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Transcript of Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plan Cat’s Cradle.

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Local Control Funding Formula and Local Control Accountability Plan Cats Cradle Slide 2 Brief Funding Review RCOE Funding Local Control Accountability Plan Support and Intervention Slide 3 A Gift of More Local Control Slide 4 FUNDING Slide 5 Formula Components of the LCFF Per ADA in CALPADS K-3$6,845 4-6$6,947 7-8$7,154 9-12$8,289 Basic Rate for All Kids Slide 6 Formula Components of the LCFF Adjusted Base Rates (ABR) Class Size Reduction K-3 Lets keep class sizes low -- 24-1 or negotiated level. Add 10.4% of the K-3 base rate. Career Technical Education 9-12 It costs more to provide quality CTE. Add 2.6% of the 9-12 base rate. Slide 7 Formula Components of the LCFF Supplemental Funding To meet the needs of: Low Income (LI) Foster Youth English Learners (EL) Add 20% of the eligible students base rate. Slide 8 Dilemma of Reclassification Student reclassified as FEP who is NOT also LI no longer generates extra $$$. Slide 9 Supplemental Follow up Challenge: Districts need to find out what their unduplicated 13-14 counts are. Can we produce a list of districts with 12-13 unduplicated LI/EL percentage counts? Slide 10 Formula Components of the LCFF Concentration Funding Some districts face even greater challenges. For LEAs with more than 55% Unduplicated Pupil. Add 50% of the base rate of each eligible student over 55%. Slide 11 Will You Get Concentration Funding? How Good Are Your Data? Slide 12 Slide 13 Slide 14 LEA Ensures Proportionality Increase or improve services for EL/LI in proportion to the increase in funds apportioned on the basis of the number and concentration of unduplicated pupils. SBE must adopt regulations covering the use of supplemental and concentration funds by January 31, 2014. Slide 15 Formula Components of the LCFF Targeted Instructional Improvement Block Grant If received in 12-13, will receive again. Can be used for any educational purpose. List of county districts. First of Three Add-Ons Slide 16 If LEA received in 12-13 it will continue to receive through 2020-21. Formula Components of the LCFF Home/School Transportation Second of Three Add-Ons Slide 17 Formula Components of the LCFF Some LEAs could lose funding due to concentrations of categorical funds. ERT is like a hold harmless for these LEAs. Equal increase each year for 8 years. Economic Recovery Target (ERT) Third of Three Add-Ons Slide 18 Slide 19 Formula Components of the LCFF Gap Funding Aimed at closing each LEAs difference between the 2012-13 funding and the 2020-21 target funding by 1/8 th annually. 8 Years to Close Funding Gap Slide 20 Slide 21 Setting 2020-21 Targets Will be impacted by COLA, fluctuating ADA, growth in property tax revenue. P1 in December paints the first fuzzy picture of the LEA target. P2 in April should generate a clearer target for LEA. Slide 22 2013-14 Categorical Survivors Slide 23 Major Shifts Made by the LCFF Before LCFF After LCFF Revenue limits. State categoricals with temporary tiered flex. K-3 CSR: Limited funding with unlimited class sizes. Accountability and performance separate from funding. LCFF base funding differen- tiated by grade spans. Unduplicated pupil weights, concentration funding. K-3 CSR targeting 24-1. Local Control Accountability Plans required by July 1, 2014. Slide 24 What Stays the Same? Financial Audits Compliance With Williams School Accountability Report Cards Federal Funding, Planning, and Accountability LEA as Subgrantee of the State Slide 25 County Office Funding Slide 26 2012-2013 Revenues Some Restricted 2013-2014 Revenues All Unrestricted Does not include Special Ed and Community school transfers. Slide 27 Before, After, and Ever After Other Purpose Base Revenue Limit Alternative Education ROP State Aid (Includes Excess Taxes) Foster Youth Community Day Schools Cal-SAFE Teacher Credentialing Block Grant Alternative Certification Program California School Paraprofessional Teacher Tr. Opportunity Schools, Specialized Schools, Community Day School, Adults in Correctional Facilities and County School Tuition Fiscal Oversight EIA Math & Reading Pro. Dev. Program ELL Deferred Maintenance IMF Block Grant Staff Development - BTTA Program Staff Development - TPR CAHSEE Intensive Instruction and Services Professional Development Block Grant School and Library Improvement Block Grant Arts and Music Block Grant Williams Valenzuela Child Oral Health Assessments School Safety and Violence Prevention County Operations Grant Alternative Education Hold Harmless County Operations Grant Alternative Education Slide 28 Red section of bar graph. Slide 29 Green section of bar graph. Slide 30 Actual Costs to run organization Slide 31 Slide 32 Pause and Reflect What questions do you have about district funding or the implications of county office funding? What other information have you heard that should be shared? Slide 33 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Adopted on or before July 1, 2014. SBE-adopted template required. Three-year plan, annually updated. LCAP Kjascbnosnoadasnlancascn:olxnSCaspadae aDVMADPMDMADasclnasasneoiinqaonqaocnoascnopnonzxwDMaSQACOWDNPQWEMWpqwWDPM QKSDUHBNBCDAIICCNEIOWNALKANCQPOQWEYTJHBPCKLOACNPEIHWOIQNQEOPINQQZCINL WQWCINQLINEQLWQIONOLIQNOCQINONXOEINCOWINECOIWEN;NEW;wowowowowowowowowowo wowowowowowowowoeccnewioneweocineqohqubcibaksjcbnlenql;cm;eqocvnoqnwocnqioeucnqineqoicn eqlihcqiouecbqoueioucbqeiouvboqevboqubvoqeubvoqeuboquebncobnoqewpen Cbiqebcebqeqqecubqocuneqochnenqoencoqeicninqocuoubecocucb Wiyakcbubaekcuaebcukebkuebkaubckauecbkebkebakubakubqsdnvsimsmvimslifvslidvnslifndlvinilisindfvil snvio;aa;;osd;osdi;nosdivnonos;ioaiosnoiasdnosdinoisdnoaisnoisnaosdinosadinaoinoasindoasnoasdinvoi vanosdnioasdfn) All of the following are state priorities: (1) The degree to which the teachers of the school district are appropriately assigned in accordance with Section 44258.9, and fully credentialed in the subject areas, and, for the pupils they are teaching, every pupil in the school district has sufficient access to the standards-aligned instructional materials as determined pursuant to Section 60119, and school facilities are maintained in good repair as specified in subdivision (d) of Section 17002. (2) Implementation of the academic content and performance standards adopted by the state board, including how the programs and services will enable English learners to access the common core academic content standards adopted pursuant to Section 60605.8 and the English language development standards adopted pursuant to Section 60811.3 for purposes of gaining academic content knowledge and English language proficiency. (3) Parental involvement, including efforts the school district makes to seek parent input in making decisions for the school district and each individual schoolsite, and including how the school district will promote parental participation in programs for unduplicated pupils and individuals with exceptional needs. (4) Pupil achievement, as measured by all of the following, as applicable: (A) Statewide assessments (B) The Academic Performance Index (C) The percentage of pupils who have successfully completed courses that satisfy the requirements for entrance to the University of California and the California State University, or career technical education sequences (D) The percentage of English learner pupils who make progress toward English proficiency (E) The English learner reclassification rate. (F) The percentage of pupils who have passed an advanced placement examination with a score of 3 or higher. (G) The percentage of pupils who participate in, and demonstrate college preparedness pursuant to, the Early Assessment Programor any subsequent assessment of college preparedness. (5) Pupil engagement, as measured by all of the following, as applicable: (A) School attendance rates. (B) Chronic absenteeism rates. (C) Middle school dropout rates (D) High school dropout rates. (E) High school graduation rates. (6) School climate, as measured by all of the following, as applicable: (A) Pupil suspension rates. (B) Pupil expulsion rates. (C) Ot7-12, respectively)including the programs and services developed and provided to unduplicated pupils and individuals with exceptional needs, and the program and services that are provided to benefit these pupils as a result of the funding received pursuant to Section 42238.02 (LCFF) (8) Pupil outcomes, if available, in the subject areas described in Section 51210 and subdivisions (a) to (i), inclusive, of Section 5 Slide 34 Describes both of the following: Annual goals, for all pupils to be achieved for each of the state priorities and for any additional local priorities. Specific actions the school district will take during each year to achieve the goals. Slide 35 Numerically Significant At least 30 valid scores. For foster youth, 15 valid scores. Slide 36 Slide 37 1. Basic Services (Williams) Teachers appropriately assigned and fully credentialed. Student access to standards-aligned instructional materials. School facilities maintained in good repair. Slide 38 2. Implementation of State Standards Slide 39 2. CCSS Implementation Survey Developed by CISC Each district in each county Due mid-Oct. Used at the SBE meeting Nov. 6-7 meeting for input RCOE directors to call district Asst Supts. Slide 40 3. Parental Involvement Parent advisory committee. English learner parent advisory committee. Notify members of the public and hold at least one public hearing. Slide 41 4. Student Achievement Statewide Assessments A-G Completion Rate or CTE Course Sequence * Reclassification Rate$ Progress toward English Proficiency Pass Rate A.P. Exams E.A.P. Participation and College Preparedness Rate Academic Performance Index Slide 42 5. Student Engagement School attendance rates. Chronic absenteeism rates. Middle school dropout rates. High school dropout rates. High school graduation rates. Slide 43 6. School Climate Pupil suspension rates. Pupil expuls