Lisa M Landgraf, PhD U of Wisconsin Platteville March 4, 2009.

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Transcript of Lisa M Landgraf, PhD U of Wisconsin Platteville March 4, 2009.

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Lisa M Landgraf, PhD U of Wisconsin Platteville March 4, 2009 Slide 2 Did You Know (2.0) m2U m2U Did You Know (2008) x8&feature=related x8&feature=related 2Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 3 Students need to have strong problem solving and critical thinking skills Students need to adapt to changing times Learning is more than in the classroom. Learning means getting students out of themselves. Learning can happen from successes and failures. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf3 Slide 4 Allow students to practice critical thinking and problem solving skills on real issues. Need a way for students to apply their academic skills in real world situations. Need a culture of experiential learning for students. Take them to the crash site 4Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 5 Engagement: "connecting the rich resources of the university to our most pressing social, civic and ethical problems, to our children, to our schools, to our teachers and to our cities... Boyer, E. L. (1990). Scholarship reconsidered: Priorities of the professorite. San Francisco:Jossey-Bass. 5Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 6 Experience real people, real situations and real consequences. Grow student skills, experience, and ability to critically think and Grow student spirit and confidence to challenge, explore, be innovative and succeed. Make a Difference 6Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 7 Integrative learning Service learning Experiential learning 7Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 8 To serve people with developmental disabilities by providing quality outdoor recreational experiences 8Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 9 What is Wisconsin Badger Camp ? Ten, one week camp sessions that serve individuals with developmental disabilities Location: South of Prairie du Chien, WI Offers different camp programs so camper can get the experience they want 9Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 10 Application and registration processes are a manual system. Applying for camp was a manual system Assigning campers to the various weekly camps Assigning counselors to campers Assisting the nursing staff with medication lists Approximately 80 campers each week. Could have up to 80 counselors as well. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf10 Slide 11 Use the Systems Analysis and Design class to come up with a plan (Fall 2008) Implement some of the system in two additional classes taught by another professor. (Spring 2009) Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf11 Slide 12 Understands the engagement process Trust is key Understands there is a time commitment on their part What they put into it plays a major role in what is accomplished Understands the solution may be partial or none at all. No financial risk Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf12 Slide 13 One of the first theory courses students will take Doesnt involve programming May learn some tools (MS Project, Visible Analyst, Visio, etc) Theory-based Involves thinking big picture rather than how to write a program 13Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 14 Link information systems to business objectives Create a systems request Create a project plan Understand feasibility studies (economic, technical, and feasible) Conduct interviews to gather information Use surveys and questionnaires to gather information Create data flow diagrams Understand the transition from analysis to design Complete input, output, file, and program design Describe application architecture Use MS Visio and Visible Analyst to create DFDs, data dictionaries, network models, structure charts Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf14 Slide 15 (Myers/Briggs-like test) Anecdotal info More introverts than extroverts About the same number of detailed oriented as big picture More thinkers than feelers About even number of procrastinators as organizers More men than women (1 woman out of 25) Sophomores a few Juniors/Seniors 15Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 16 60 % of the course grade is homework and exams 40% of the course grade is the project Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf16 Slide 17 Detailed project description (14 pages) Due dates and rubrics Identifies milestones along the way Two drafts of the project report Must meet regularly with their groups but can choose the method of meeting Some team meetings were done in class and some outside of class Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf17 Slide 18 Some interviews were done during class and some outside of class Community partners are invited to attend final presentation and give feedback. Community partners can talk to me at any time. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf18 Slide 19 Randomly selected 3 or 4 per team is best They pick a leader Primary responsibility is to make sure things are turned in Track their time and tasks on the project weekly Reflection papers midterm and at the end. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf19 Slide 20 Need to have a good plan about the semester The due dates mean materials have to be taught before something is due Just in Time teaching Bothers some students. They want to know it all right away Requires lots of trust. Trust the group to do their best. Lots of work but so rewarding Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf20 Slide 21 The outcomes of the class are most important The last thing you want to do in this class is have scope creep. Be clear about what will be accomplished in the class Simple, small systems are easier to analyze. Make it clear to the community partner that we may succeed or not. Students can learn from disasters too. It is likely that at least one group will not do well. 21Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf Slide 22 This Badger camp project has been one of better experiences I have had in a class. I like the idea that the class gets to do a project that applies to a real business situation. Usually any project I ever do in class is done for just a grade and it does not do a good job to applying to real work situations. This project allows us to get that experience as well as do some community service. It brings a good feeling to me knowing that what I design here is going to help out the staff at Badger camp. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf22 Slide 23 Just knowing that this project might be implemented into a real life system makes this seem so much more worth it. This experience has been very informative of real world situations that a systems analyst would be in. It is not like normal programming classes where we learn manufactured knowledge. Those classes may teach us how to complete some of the tasks given to us, but this class teaches us about the overall scope of our future careers. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf23 Slide 24 I didnt realize that there was other stuff to be done before coding. I just figured the teams of people working on projects sat down, brainstormed, wrote notes and got started working and built off of that. I think that I learned lots of stuff while working on this, such as how important questions are while preparing a large proposal like this, there are so many small things that can easily be looked over and yet they need to be addressed or the system will fail at some point. I think that just after mid semester I began to realize that this project wasnt as bad as I thought it was originally going to be. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf24 Slide 25 I think this has been overall a good experience but I feel that there have been some major downfalls in this project especially with the way it is broken down. The way the program is divided amongst the groups is difficult as there is so much overlap between all the parts that all the groups are developing almost the entire system. As we should be developing a single system instead of multiple programs as a solution to the problem the groups should have been divided more as the database designers, the middleware designers and the frontend designers. Engaging Students Dr. Lisa Landgraf25