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LINX2Funds The Smart Way to Raise Money. Text L2FTraining to 55469 for a mobile copy of this training!

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Great way to do Church fundraising.

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  • LINX2Funds The Smart Way to Raise Money. Text L2FTraining to 55469 for a mobile copy of this training!
  • LINX2Funds Mission Statement Our Mission is to offer a unique Fund Raising Program that provides organizations the opportunity to generate upfront and residual revenue simply by helping their members save money on every day telecommunications, entertainment and other needed services.
  • Mission & Objective To create partnerships that help non-profits raise funds To develop Win-Win solutions for groups and customers To increase income opportunities for Representatives
  • Who is Eligible Any type of organization that wants to support a cause in their community can apply to become a LINX2Funds participant. We offer this revenue-generating opportunity to a wide range of groups and do not discriminate by size or type of organization. Our selection process focuses on the commitment of an organization to raise new proceeds and provide benefits to its supporters.
  • Eligible Organizations Tax-exempt Non-Profits (501c3 organizations) - Charities, Churches, Chambers of Commerce, Credit Unions - Civic Leagues, Teachers Retirement Funds, Volunteer Ambulances - Youth Sports organizations, Recreational clubs, Animal Rights groups Corporations with a specified community cause - Company community chest funds, United Way drives - Professional sports teams, School systems, Colleges
  • A Better Linx2Funds Simpler Compensation Plan Never a Cost to the Organization Ongoing Support & Training Incentive for Growing Large Accounts
  • LINX2Funds Program Products & Services Your organization earns an upfront commission and/or a residual monthly commission on every service signed up.
  • Product / Service Up-Front Bonus Monthly Residual Residual Duration GLOBALINX Digital Phone Service *24.95 premium plans or higher $10 $2/month Indefinite Wireless Phone Service $5 $1/month 24 Months Satellite Television Service $5 $1/month 36 Months Protect America Home Security NA $2/month Indefinite 5LINX ID Guard Identity Protection NA $1/month Indefinite TextAlertz Mobile Marketing $30-$50 Starts at $5/month Indefinite Business Elite Services NA Starts at $5/month Indefinite 5LINX Credit Card Processing $50- $200 Starts at $2.50/month *min of $1000/mo. billing Indefinite 5LINX DataVault NA $1/month Indefinite 5LINX Commercial Energy NA $10.00 per 1000/mo. billing Indefinite New L2F Comp Plan Linx2Funds Organizations earn 50% of CV!
  • New L2F Bonus Plan 25 GLOBALINX or TextAlertz Customers = $250 Bonus 100 GLOBALINX or TextAlertz Customers = $1,000 Bonus 500 GLOBALINX or TextAlertz Customers = $5,000 Bonus 2,000 GLOBALINX or TextAlertz Customers = $10,000 Bonus 10,000 GLOBALINX or TextAlertz Customers = $50,000 Bonus Plus Now your organizations can earn additional bonuses by acquiring both GLOBALINX and TextAlertz Customers!
  • Example: You sponsor an organization that acquires 500 GLOBALINX Customers Group Earns $5,000 in $10 up-front bonuses Group Earns $1,000 in monthly residuals Group earns $250 Bonus at 25 customers Group earns $1,000 Bonus at 100 customers Group earns $5,000 Bonus at 500 customers TOTAL COMPENSATION: $11,250 + $1,000/mo residual! Plus YOU earn full CV AND have an ED leg!
  • The REALLY Big News Now your L2F Accounts can qualify as earned positions in your organization! Earned Positions based on Customer Points! IMR (25) T(50) ET (100) ED (500) ND (2,000) SVP (10,000)
  • SVP Qualifications Now your LINX2Funds organizations customers count toward your ND and ND1 organization open line customer point requirements for SVP promotions. - Each customer acquired by the LINX2Funds organization will count as 1 (one) customer point, regardless of the point value.
  • L2F Organization Benefits FREE Customized LINX2Funds Web Site Elimination of $99 annual fee Simplified L2F Application Integration of Business Elite, Merchant Services and TextAlertz Mobile Marketing.
  • Getting Started Complete & Submit the LINX2Funds Application and Agreement. You will receive a customized sales web page, as well as access to sample promotional messages you can use to share the services with members of your group/organization. There are never any fees or minimum requirements to be involved in the program.
  • Getting Started L2F agreement DOC 150 Fax/email completed application to 585.359.0233 or [email protected] Be sure to include any IRS determination letters with completed applications
  • New Website Templates
  • New Website Templates Integration of Business Elite Services, Merchant Services and TextAlertz Mobiel Marketing More customization options L2F organizations will now have the option of which products and services they wish to offer to their members/supporters Personalized contact section New LINX2Funds website templates, LINX2Funds brochure and now have one consistent look!
  • LINX2Funds Resources: Web Site: Email Support: [email protected] Phone Support: 585-359-2922 Demo website: LINX2Funds Promotional Materials NEW BROCHURE Be sure to order the redesigned L2F brochure in your Online Supplies Store in your Virtual Office!
  • Text L2FTraining to 55469 for a mobile copy of this training!
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