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• LINQ stands for Language-Integrated Query

• It is simply a unified programming model for writing

SQL queries in simple language(C#,VB,etc) without

learing SQL.

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LINQ contd..

• It has a single unitive syntax for querying multiple

data sources.

• It uses a declarative syntax that allows developers to

tell the compiler what to do.

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Structure of LINQ

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How Write Linq query ?

Var variablename=

from tempvariable

in dataSource

Where condition

Select columns

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Stages of the Query

1. Obtain the data source for the query

2. Create the query

3. Execute query

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• LINQ syntax is same, when querying multiple data


• it provides syntax highlighting.

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Example 1

create dataContext class

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Datacontext class

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Data from db

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Data From object

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Thank you

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