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Learn the fundamentals of LinkedIn, from setting up your professional profile to interacting with connections, groups and pages. If youve never logged in to LinkedIn before or have not logged in for months, this seminar is for you.


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LinkedIn for Dummiesmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

A closer look into developing a fan page, and making our dummies into smarties!1Director of Social Mediaat McDougall & Duval AdvertisingAmesbury, MACarie Schelfhaudtmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

A simple truth: Campaigning used to be about delivering messagesNow, its about creating personal relationships To todays consumer, conversations are far more important than direct messages aloneIn order to have these conversations, brand owners need to identify who in the target audience are the greatest influencers who generate the most online buzz57% of people talk to other people more online than in real life

Social Media Revolutionmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Currently has 161 mil. members

Comparatively, Twitter has 200 mil. members and Facebook has 900 mil.

LinkedIn is the largest professional database on the Internet

LinkedIn is the home for:

Sharing industry-related content to establish you as a subject matter expert

Asking for advice on industry topics

Networking with others

Searching for new talent in a specific field

Posting jobs

Promoting upcoming events

Why join LinkedIn?mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Think of LinkedIn as your online business card. Its a great online environment to foster business relationships and share or solicit information relevant to your industry.What is LinkedIn?mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

How is LinkedIn different from other social media channels? LinkedIn is a non-flashy, sleeping giant

Members are professional in nature

LinkedIn is a powerful recruiting tool for HR professionals

LinkedIn continues to influence job seekers, brands, recruiters and industries

Why join LinkedIn?mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Get a sense of the power of LinkedIn from these members who use the site with success.Why join LinkedIn?mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

LinkedIn has a variety of packages to fit your needs. When first starting out on LinkedIn, we recommend using the free version until you are comfortable enough to take advantage of a paid subscription.Do I have to pay for LinkedIn?mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Go to to create your online profile.Get Startedmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Above is an example of a LinkedIn Home Page, which automatically defaults to the News Feed. LinkedIn Home Pagemcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Main components of LinkedIn: Profile







Main components of LinkedInmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

LinkedIn Profilemcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Above is a screenshot of my LinkedIn profile, which includes my past and current positions, education, recommendations, connections and Twitter handle.LinkedIn Profilemcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Complete your LinkedIn profile by adding at least the following: Profile picture

Summary of yourself

Industry and postal code

Current position with description

Two or more past positions

Your education

A minimum of 5 skills

At least 50 contacts/connections

LinkedIn Profilemcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Why complete your LinkedIn profile? Reaching 100% profile completeness will increase the likelihood of you appearing in LinkedIn search results

For example: If you listed Residential Mortgages as a skill, a potential client may come across your profile when they perform an advanced search on those keywords

LinkedIn Profilemcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

LinkedIn Contactsmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Start by making connections with people you know: Use the search box located in the upper right-hand corner of your Home Page

Do a few basic searches with people you currently know

When you locate a friend by name, click the yellow Connect button next to their name

Opt to send an invitation only or an invite with a personal message

LinkedIn Contactsmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Import ContactsEnter your email address and password to see who you already know on LinkedIn.

Add ColleaguesIf you entered your company in your profile, LinkedIn will allow you to search for colleagues from each company you have previously worked at or currently work at.

Add AlumniIf you entered your alma mater in your profile, LinkedIn will allow you to search for friends from each school you attended.LinkedIn Contactsmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

People you may know:

LinkedIns algorithm determines people you may know based on their relationship to your connections

Use this People You May Know feature to search for friends of friends

degree connections people you have already connected with on LinkedIn

degree connections people that are DIRECTLY linked to your 1st degree connections

degree connections people that are friends of friends of your connections

connections people who are members of groups that you are a member of

LinkedIn Contactsmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Clicking Contacts from the top menu items will bring you to a list of your current connections.LinkedIn Contacts Pagemcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

LinkedIn Status Updatesmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Use status updates to establish yourself as a subject matter expert (SME): Frequently post status updates that will appear on the Home Page feed of your connections

Posting status updates will increase your engagement and top-of-mind awareness

Status updates should be professional and/or industry-related (unlike Facebook updates)

Share links, events, topics and statistics

LinkedIn Status Updatesmcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Q & Amcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Start now! Open an account at

Dust off your resume and use it to update your profile

Find past coworkers, colleagues and professional acquaintances to connected with

Determine when you have time during your week to post rich content

Start Now!mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive

Thank You!mcdougall & duval advertising | BankFive