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Life's Quotes!!!

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  • 1. Lifes Quotes!!!

2. Dont try to read other peoples minds. Dont make other people try to read yours. Communicate. 3. Surround yourself with people who fill your gaps. Let them do the stuff theyre better at so you can do the stuff youre better at. 4. Be polite, but dont try to be friends with everyone around you. Instead, spend time nurturing your relationships with the people who matter most to you. 5. Say I love you to your loved ones as often as possible. 6. Dont waste your time on jealously. The only person youre competing against is yourself. 7. Dont try to please everyone. Just do what you know is right. 8. Single-task. Do one thing at a time and give it all you got. 9. Stay out of other peoples drama. And dont needlessly create your own. 10. Smile often, even to complete strangers. 11. Be curious. Dont be scared to learn something new. 12. Dont be shy. Network with people. Meet new people. 13. Dont worry too much about what other people think about you. 14. Dont eat when youre bored. Eat when youre hungry. 15. Let go of things you cant change. Concentrate on things you can. 16. Realize that the harder you work, the luckier you will become. 17. Follow your heart. Dont waste your life fulfilling someone elses dreams and desires. 18. Take it slow and add up all your small victories. 19. However good or bad a situation is now, it will change. Accept this simple fact. 20. Excel at what you do. Otherwise youll just frustrate yourself. 21. Realize that youre never quite as right as you think you are. 22. Build something or do something that makes you proud. 23. Make mistakes, learn from them, laugh about them, and move along. 24. Thank You Very Much Sompong Yusoontorn