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  • 1. Life in Peru

2. Life in Peru Although their world may look very different from our own, the cares and concerns of people in Peru are just like those of people all over the world 3. Where they live 4. The Scenery Coastline Jungle Andes Mountains Desert 5. City Living Shopping in outdoor markets Houses are really close together Each city has a Square 6. Country Living Country roads arent paved Houses have one room, are made of mud & straw , and are spread out because of farmland all around Families in the country growa lot of their own food to eat 7. People in Peru get married for better Triple wedding San Jose, Peru or for worse Woman walking behind husband on a horse Cajamarca, Peru 8. Family Life Peruvian Pastor and Family Single Mother and Child Brother, sister & cousin 9. Chores Street Vending Farming with the family Cooking Lunch Wash Day 10. People in Peru are active in their churches singing in the choir ... cooking for church dinners attending worship services& fellowshipping together 11. Church Activities Sunday School Sunday Worship Services Church Fellowship Dinner 12. Peruvians make sure their families are well-fed They grow food shop for food and lovingly cook the food over an open fire 13. Food Rice Fields & Mango Trees Fruit in the Market Grilling Meat, Fish & Bananas 14. School Getting in university is VERY difficult Elementary attends mornings 7-12 OR afternoons 1-6 Our Church teaches Public SchoolReligion Classes 15. Playtime Playing Soccer Playing Marbles, Jacks & Spinning Tops Hanging out in the Town Square 16. Medical Needs Seeing a USA Dentist Local Hospital Seeing a USA Doctor 17. Peruvians keep their families warm They shear the sheep spin the wool knit the clothes and weave the blankets 18. Clothing Typical Mountain Clothing School Uniforms Dressy Church Clothes Hats & Bonnets Typical Jungle Clothing 19. Careers in medicine in sales in construction 20. Transportation Most people dont own cars they walk or take taxis The most common way to takelong trips Is by bus Because folks often dont have much money,they grab any ride they can. Traditional boat 21. Animals Horse in its stable Sheep (a Peruvian traffic jam) Vicuna (like a llama) Macao 22. They speak Spanish Buenos Dias Jesucristo la biblia Que Dios te bendiga! uno, dos, tres ... El Senor es mi pastor hermano la iglesia Hasta luego Hola Como estas? 23. AND the gospel message is life-changing forallpeopleallover the world.

  • Psalm 117
  • Praise the Lord,allyou nations;
  • extol Him,allyou peoples.
  • For great is His love towardus ,
  • and the faithfulness of the Lord
  • enduresforever .
  • Praise the Lord.

24. Peru Mission Ministry Areas