Life Changing Quotes!

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If words can’t change you, nothing can!

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'If Words can't change you, nothing can". Words have a power and magnitude to change one's life. Here we offer you some hand picked quotes that will add a new perspective in your life.

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If words cant change you, nothing can!FamousQuotesHandpicked for You!

Make Mistakes. The Most Valuable Thing You Can Make Is A Mistake. You Cant Learn Anything From Being Perfect- Adam Osborne

Standing Still Is The Fastest Way Of Moving Backwards In A Rapidly Changing World.- Lauren Bacall

Learning Is A Treasure That Will Follow Its Owner Everywhere.- Chinese proverb

True Friendship Comes When Silence Between Two People Is Comfortable.- David Tyson Gentry

Fashion Is What You Adopt When You Don't Know Who You Are.- Quentin Crisp

It Took Me A Long Time Not To Judge Myself Through Someone Else's Eyes.- Sally Field

If You Don't Disrupt Yourself, You Will Be Disrupted By Someone Else.- Mindy Grossman

A Man Who Wants To Lead The Orchestra Must Turn His Back On The Crowd.- Max Lucado

If You Cant Change Your Fate, Change Your Attitude.- Amy Tan

It Is What We Know Already That Often Prevents Us From Learning- Claude Bernard