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  • 1. Agilent Technologies InterLatini3070 Licensing & Updates

2. Agenda Agilents SW licensing scheme SW Updates and Support Contracts i3070 Series 5 New Hardware changes Firmware Changes Compatibility Challenges 3. Licensing Scheme In the purchase of a new 3070 system, Agilent offer three types of licenses: Basic Licenses (included in the system)Extra Feature Licenses Anual Based LicensesPage 3 4. Licensing Scheme Basic Licenses Automatic Program Generator TestJet/VTEP Full analog and digital (powered test) In-Circuit Test Flash70 Programming Panel Test Throughput Multiplier Polarity Check External DLL calling Test Development SW for 1 PCPage 4 5. Licensing Scheme Extra Licenses (extra cost) Timing Sets (combo test) Boundary Scan Interconnect (advanced Bscan) 1149.6 Advanced Boundary Scan (advanced I/O Bscan) Silicon Nails (Development and Run) DriveThru Test Dynamic Test Access Suite (Flash ISP, PLD ISP) Test Development SW (extra PCs) Cover Extend Technology (extra HW needed) TestSight Conversion SW Agilent Test Coverage ConsultantPage 5 6. Licensing Scheme Anual Based Licenses (extra cost) Advanced Diagnostics License Calibration License These two licenses expire within the year and are renowed for customers with support contract with Agilent.Page 6 7. SW Updates Agilent offers a one-time Software Update to have the latest version of the 3070 Software (current version: 8.30pd). This item includes one-year of SW updates. If a system is adquired with another party that is not Agilent, a License Transfer Fee should be paid to legally use the Software of the 3070 System.Page 7 8. Agilent Support Contracts Agilent offers some different Flexible Schems in Support Contracts: ICT Max ServicesICT Flex ServicesPage 8 9. Agilent Support Contracts Hardware Support: 24x7 On-site Support (basically 5DX) Same day response (4 hours max.) Engineer on-site support Parts exchange (depending availability) 8x5 Cooperative Support (5DX, SJ50, 3070) Next day response Phone support only Parts exchange (depending availability) 10. Agilent Support Contracts Support Process & Escalation Path Report failure to Interlatin Test Services Email: Provide: Serial Number, Problem description (Part Number Needed) and Contact Information If urgent help is needed, dial InterLatin 800 Number Phone: 1 800-716-9586 option 5 If in four hours no response from Test Services Contact Edie Haro ( 33 31565493) If in eight hours no response from Edie Haro Contact Francisco de Alba ( 33 10952950) 11. i3070 Series 5 HW changes New ASRU-N card New Control XTPA card New Hybrid cards New iCap New Utility Card 12. New ASRU-N card Available for version 8.x Faster in analog tests with Speed-up option. New power Monitoring circuit. Added two more freq. to test small capacitors High Voltage Zener Test 13. How to use ASRU Speed-up feature Regenerate test sources using IPG Test Consultant Next, click Action -> develop board test. Click Begin Interactive Development, you can marked the following as skip: Generate Initial Fixture Files Create Custom Tests Generate Test Requirements Files Generate Final Fixture Files and Reports Generate testplan When prompt, click Override button. You have following marked as do: Generate Tests Using IPG Generate Test Object Files Recalculate Depencies Click Actions All Steps To Stop Mark. Once complete, you can start debugging the tests.Page 13 14. How to use ASRU Speed-up feature cards 1 asru n revision must declared in board config No Regenerate, manually insert as optionPage 14 15. ASRU Speed-up feature Best Practice For Pre_short Test: Always use ar1 - this is to avoid detector going into autoranging mode which will increase some test time. For Analog Tests such as capacitor, inductor and resistor: Test unstable, do not use ed. Revert back to MOA test Always set the correct asru range (ar) to avoid auto-ranging mode Use this formula Ar = Vout = (R / Z * Vs) (Note: Vs default is 0.1) refDUT Z can be R or C=1/2(pi)FC and L=2(pi)FL DUT 16. Digitized Measurement Circuit - New Frequency option Ranges are 100k and 200khzPage 16 17. New Control XTPA card Available for version 8.30pdPart Number: E9900-66506 XTP November 19, 2013Part Number: N1807-66801 XTPA 17 18. New Control XTPA card PCBA changes Lead Free PCB & ROHS compliant devices 20 critical parts replaced Ethernet controller chipset EDO RAM Multi-Functional Peripheral (MFP) DDR2 SDRAM (obsolete EDO DIMM) Shielded RJ45 Jack Removal of unused MINT pins Removal of Thin LAN ports 19. New Hybrid Cards 6 & 12MPS Changed Relays PN for more reliability. Changed Driver/Receiver IC due to obsolescence. 20. New ICap card Required verdion 08.10pCompress air relays and power supplies connectionSystem card controller and LAN portAuxiliary ports Auxiliary ports 6 to 9 and relays 1 to 5 and relays Medalist In-Circuit Test 08.10p Page 20 Software Release Agilent Confidential 2010 16th July 21. i3070 System Level Configuration iCap card Configuration for Control XT/XTP/XTPACurrent ConfigurationControllerControllerTwisted PairTwisted PairEthernet Hub/SwitchCoaxialEthernet Hub/SwitchControl XT/XTPControl XT/XTP Twisted PairTwisted PairCoax-Twisted Pair Converter CoaxialSystem CardCoaxialControl XT/XTPControl XT/XTP Control XT/XTPCoax-Twisted Pair Converter Twisted PairControl XT/XTP Control XT/XTP Control XT/XTPIcap CardMedalist In-Circuit Test 08.10p Page 21 Software Release Agilent Confidential 2010 16th July 22. New Utility Card Allows customers to add their own custom circuit on to the testhead through this card. Also includes: 2x high current (multiplex-able) power supply ports (10A capable) 2x 4:1 balanced muxed ports for connection of differential signals from external instruments (can also connect single output signals) 8x GP relays Working with 3rd party vendors for programming cards 23. i3070 Firmware Changes Applicable to Series 5 12MPS hybrid cards and Control XTPA cards with Version 8.x and above. 24. Compatibility Issues 12MPS hybrid cards with old firmware are not detected in a Series 5 system with Version 8.x or later. The firmware of the hybrid card should be updated. Control XT & XTP cards should be firmware updated to run in a Series 5 with version 8.x or later. When changing to a Windows controller an specific Network configuration (firewall) should be followed to avoid lost-heartbeat errors. 25. Compatibility Issues X-Vision start-up issue can be solved updating the X-Vision to latest version. The new Hybrid Cards have a slower transience in pull-up/pull-down circuits. Run diagnose fault, verbose and follow recommendations to fix this error in digital tests. 26. Q&A