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Transcript of Libsyn basics

  • Libsyn Basics
  • Go to
  • Validate your feed. Your feed is similar to a webpage, organized code that programs such as iTunes or Google Reader uses to make the RSS feed into something usable and you need to be sure that code is correct.
  • You can get your feed URL by logging into your Libsyn Dashboard and clicking on the feed icon
  • In the upper left hand corner. Once you have your feed URL, go to Feed Validator and enter your feed URL -
  • Hitting the validate button will show you if you have any errors.
  • Now that your feed is valid, it needs to be tested in iTunes.
  • This is done by opening the iTunes application (this will work on a Mac or a PC) and click on File > Subscribe to Podcast then enter your feed URL and hit OK.
  • iTunes should subscribe to the feed and start downloading episodes automatically.
  • Your feed is valid, it has at least one (we recommend three) episode posted, and your test in iTunes is working.
  • Now its time to submit to the iTunes store.
  • 1. Launch iTunes
  • 2. Click onto iTunes Store.
  • 3. Once the store loads, click on Podcasts along the top navigation bar.
  • 4. On the top right hand side column, click on Submit a Podcast.
  • Steps from the Submit a Podcast page
  • Enter your feed. Click Continue
  • Depending on how much information you had previously filled out in whatever you have used to set up your feed ie. libsyn, feedburner, etc. some of this information may have already been filled out for you
  • If not, this is what you will now need to add:
  • Name Author Short Description Long Description
  • Category Sub-category Language Rating (clean/explicit) Artwork
  • 3. Click Submit
  • 4. You should get a Thank You for submitting this podcast to the iTunes Store page.
  • This will appear
  • You will receive an email from Apple letting you know that you have been approved somewhere between 24 to 48 hours.
  • On average once approved it will take about 3-5 days give or take for people to be able to search and find your podcast.
  • Reference Link: bmitting-your-show-to-itunes/
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