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INDEX Introduction History of miniature painting Origin of Mughal painting Mughal miniature painting

INTRODUCTIONWhat is miniature painting?

Miniature paintings are handmade paintings.They are colorful & small in size. The highlight of these paintings is their fine brush work. The colors of these paintings are natural i.e. obtained from minerals, vegetables, flowers, stones, pure gold & silver. The common theme of these paintings is comprised of Ragas i.e. the indian classical musical codes.

HISTORY OF MINIATURE PAINTING The indian miniature paintings started in the western Himalayas, in 17th century.

Wall paintings were used as a medium of expression, during 11th & 12th centurythe concept which came into beginning was of palm leaf manuscripts. What is Manuscripts? Manuscripts are very small in size thus the paintings done on it are also smaller in size.

Miniature paintings were done on paper, ivory panels, wooden tables, marbles, clothes & walls.

Themes include scenes from Mahabharata, BhagvatPurana, Ramayana, Ragas. Jodhpur school of miniature paintings depicts love scenes

of lovers called Dholu & Maru. Mughal School of miniature paintings depict love scenes, Royal courts & battle fields in gold & stone colours.

The difference between the Rajput and the Mughal miniature paintings is : The use of colours. The Mughal school features muted colours, giving it a shadow and depth The Rajasthan School uses bold primary colours which give the painting an abstract look.

ORIGIN OF MUGHAL PAINTING The Mughal Painting started in the period in 16th & 18th century.

The Mughal paintings were introduced by the mughal emperor Humayunwhen he returned to India. He invited two persian artist Mir Sayyed Ali & Abu-us-Samad to return with him. The mughal paintings reached high during the region of Akbar, Jahangir as

well as Shah Jahan.

THEMES The most popular themes with the Mughal artists were portraits, court scenes, hunting events and depictions of battle.

Most of the painting was in the form of miniatures , and book illustrations.

DEVELOPMENT During Akbar's rule , painters created beautiful paintings that depicted scenes from Hindu epics, and animal fables as well as portraits. A few famous paintings of this time are the Kalilah-wa-Dimnah and Anware-Suhayli . During Jahangir's time, the brushwork became finer and the colors were no longer as dark as those of Akbar's rule. The paintings of the time depicted events from Jahangir's life and scenes of nature, as well as individual portraits.

During Shah Jahan's reign , the themes included scenes of lovers meeting, musical parties.

Shah Jahan's successor, Aurangzeb was not an art patron.

By the time of Shah Alam II (1759-1806), Mughal painting ceased to retain its former glory.

It was soon to be overtaken by the Rajput school of painting.

The first art comes on miniature painting in india due to Mughals.

Mughal painting developed and flourished during the reigns of Jahangir, Akbar and Shah Jahan. This painting was Painted by Ustad MansurDuring jahangir era, the brushwork became finer & they were inspire on european paintings.

The art of mughal miniature painting was introduced in india by mughal emperor Humayun. His son, Emperor Akbar, encouraged various Indian styles, creating a distinct Indo-Islamic style of painting.

In the time of Akbar, the paintings are developed on cotton. The themes were related to war & hunting scenes, bright colours were mainly used like red, blue, green & yellow.

They also include images from animals & plants kindom & the colors were obtained from natural materials like vegetables etc. They develop the initial sketches on burnt wood. During the region Shah Jahan, Architectural design began to flourish along

with mughal paintings. They create the themes of music & parties like lovers on terrace, garden & gathered around the fire.

This is the image of rhino hunt from Baburnama. Baburnama is the first biography of islamic literature.

BIBLIOGRAPHYFrom the bottom of our heart we would like to thanks our Project teacher Jaspreet

maam, as you were one of our inspiration.

Our other information source were: Internet

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