Library as Community: reviews, ratings, feeds and the future Dinah Sanders, Product Manager.

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Transcript of Library as Community: reviews, ratings, feeds and the future Dinah Sanders, Product Manager.

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  • Library as Community: reviews, ratings, feeds and the future Dinah Sanders, Product Manager
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  • The Physical Library
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  • Library as collection Shared materials for a community Shared physical space for using the collection, sometimes including a space for lectures, classes, meetings Shared quiet space for contemplation
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  • Library as content provider Knowledge management for a community Known location for lectures & classes SDI (strategic dissemination of information) and other outreach efforts
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  • The Digital Library
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  • The Library Online Collection represented descriptively in the catalog Sometimes enhanced with guides to study or resource use Occasionally hosting special displays of seasonal or otherwise topical art or info
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  • Enhanced content by subscription Book jackets Tables of contents Professional reviews Vendors like Syndetics and Baker & Taylor Content Cafe
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  • Electronic Resources Journal and other indexes Online requesting of Inter-Library Loans Full-text databases End-to-end fulfillment services online
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  • Feeds Incoming Local news Information of interest to sub-communities Outgoing News about the collection News about the library
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  • Web-based subject guides Easy to make with a combination of incoming feeds pre-configured search links to the catalog pre-configured search links to MetaFind links to external resources tips on using these tools Get more help from a librarian contact info or live chat
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  • The Virtual Library
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  • Library as meeting place Communication between members about the shared materials within their community Online environment offers opportunities for inter-patron communication - normally hard to combine with the goal of providing a quiet space Participation creates a sense of ownership
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  • Symposia The Library as home for and expert on an instituition or communitys knowledge. Locally-produced materials archived and shared in an easily-searched interface for ongoing use. Direct access for authorized community members to add materials themselves Accommodates multiple subcommunities with different access permissions
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  • Patron Ratings Free feature, first available in Release 2005. Ability for patrons to express their overall opinion about catalog materials Does not require staff moderation
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  • Community Reviews New product with Release 2006 (requires WebPAC Pro) Public component Viewing reviews on record display Writing reviews My Reviews area in patron record display with (library optional) ability to delete past reviews Staff component Approving or deleting new reviews Searching existing reviews by record, patron or review number
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  • Community Reviews
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  • Community Manager - Reviews
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  • Tagging Added by users (may or may not be moderated) Folksonomy Emergent classification - very low entry cost Augments, not replaces, controlled vocabularies Highly responsive to change Supports unlimited paths of access Supports disagreement over aboutness
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  • Want to try out tagging? - photo sharing and - bookmark sharing - leverages tags in blogs for live web searches of the current online conversation - email with tags instead of folders - catalog your personal library with tags PennTags - an experiment with data extraction from library catalog
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  • What tagging can do for library interfaces Enables new finding tools Bridges between formal and informal vocabularies Invests community directly in the collection
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  • Millennium Encore Innovatives new discovery services platform now in development. Real-time Millennium integration Simultaneous import of Research Pro and WebBridge search results Faceted results display RightResult relevance ranking Community tagging, ratings, reviews Visual shelf browse Apache-based technology
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