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Transcript of Levi's branding strategy

Branding Strategy Of Levis

Branding Strategy Of LevisSubmitted To: Dr.Tejas Shah Submitted By: Deep Anandpara Vivek Tanna

Background Of Levis


HistoryInventor : Levi StraussThe first address : Sacramento Street, America in 1950Idea of Blue Jean : Jacob Davis, A tailor from NevadaBirth Of Blue Jeans : 20ty May, 1873 33

Core BusinessPioneering American apparel marketMainly known for JeansProducts for both Men & Women

OperationsMore than 656 company-operated stores Located in 31 countries2100 franchised & brand-dedicated stores


Geographic ReachAvailable in more than 110 countriesManufacturing, distribution & finishing in America, Europe & Asia/PacificUS, France, Germany, Mexico & UK are top markets

Product LineT-shirts, shirts, jeans, innerwear, jackets for men Jeans & Jacket for women55

Marketing Of Levis


Marketing StrategyActive advertisement to increase visibilityCool & Trendy promotional strategy Marketing in IndiaCompetitive advertising method 77

4 ps of MarketingProductAuthentic & original jeansGood quality with more durabilityAvailable in different sizes & stylesCasual Designer jeansWide range of merchandises PlaceA global entity Well-controlled & systematized distribution channelIncrease in sales channelAvailable at everywhereCaptured online market well88

4 ps of MarketingPriceFixed PriceNo price flexibilityNo compromise in price or quality to maintain Loyal customers Promotion Cool & trendy promotional strategy New products at regular intervalsCampaigns that target youthFollows the current trends99

Brand IdentityA company's brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. The components of the brand (name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface) are created by the business to reflect the value the company is trying to bring to the market and to appeal to its customers.1010

Brand Identity Prism


Aakers 4 perspective of Brand IdentityBrand-as-productProduct attributesValues of LevisCasual apparel brand for both group

Brand-as-organizationA long brand heritageCulture of AmericaOutlet designs 1212

Aakers 4 perspective of Brand IdentityBrand-as-personRealAdventurousMotivated Confident

Brand-as-symbolThe red iconic symbolPair of blue jeansMaintained positioning among competitors 1313

Core & Extended IdentityCore Identity: From inventing the worlds first pair of blue jeans, to implementing cutting-edge design techniques & developing new ways of working. They are dedicated to the progress.

Extended Identity: Stylish & durable apparel for people with active lifestyles.


Brand ImageBrand image is the current view of the customers about a brand. It can be defined as a unique bundle of associations within the minds of target customers.1515

Brand Image throughout the yearsInitial Brand Image : Cowboys, Lumberjacks & railroad workersChange in brand image: 1950s & 1960sNever compromised on its classic brand personalityMemorable advertising initiatives on television Lovable brand image helped to achieve strong market shareProducts that reflects its iconic yet modern brand imageGrowing strong with a lovable brand image1616


Positioning of Levis


Target MarketUpper middle class: Some potential customers are belong to this class who tend to buy products from brands like Levis.Upper class: Price factor never affect this people. They pay attention to prestige of the brand and style of the product. Levis is a perfect fit for those. Levis focuses on both the genders for them.Competitors: Lee, Wrangler, Pepe Jeans, G Star, Diesel, Flying Machine, Spyker, Killer


Points of ParityAccessibility: A global brand and easily available in India.Convenience: In terms of availability, size, price level and also patternsVariety: Slim fit, skinny, straight fit chinos in various colours. Some other types like washed jeans, tore jeans, etc are available.Quality: That is what Levis is known for. 1919

Points of DifferencesAuthentic: Maintained set of values, qualities and standards. Original: The red iconic logo and few quality measures that makes it original & trusted brandInnovation: Apart from jeans they make Shirts, Jackets, shorts & many other accessories.Premium price: That makes it a premium brand.2020

Value Proposition of Brandsustainability remains core to the brandConcept of eco jeansProducts that are made of progress Different shades of blue and trendy alwaysRange of merchandiseKnown for best denim material


Essence of Levis


Brand Pyramid of Levis


Aspects of brand pyramidBrand Idea: Youthful optimism & energy are at the core of their DNA Brand persona: From the youth cultural rebellion of the 50s and 60s, to the information technology revolution of the new millenniumEmotional benefits: A prestigious brand. The feeling of being strong, free & rugged.Functional benefits: comfort & easiness that only Levis can give Features & attributes: consistency in providing good quality jeans, range of apparels & price


Brand PersonalityBrand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. A brand personality is something to which the consumer can relate; an effective brand increases its brand equity by having a consistent set of traits that a specific consumer segment enjoys.2525

Brand personality of LevisAakers Brand Personality framework: ExcitementExcitement: Daring, Spirited, Imaginative & Independent Shaped its brand personality amidst its target marketA great experience for their target market Levis Dockers A lovable brand personalitySignature by LevisDenizen bold & cool jeans brand for youngsters Ideal approach with strong brand images implemented for each brand2626

Brand Equity


CBBE model for Levis


SalienceWhat comes in your mind when someone says Levis?Creator & dominating player in jeans marketIts all about coolness and young apparel brand


PerformanceOne of the successful global brandJeans speciality in terms of fitting and stylesIn line with current trends & fashionBright & tidy store layout


ImageryPortrays the US cultureA casual image which appeals to youthA long brand heritage


JudgementBest quality of denim materialStill trustable among competitors A dominating player not only in denim nowGood amount of credibility among youngsters


FeelingsFeel of being young, free and look coolLong durability that makes you more secure about the productIt has all the attributes as an apparel brand that attracts the exact target audience


ResonanceGood number of loyal customers comparing to other brandsChanges their way of production as per changing times A huge range in every pattern, every size and every priceLevis target class always waits for their new collection


Brand EquityKnown as Two Horse Brand earlierEmerged as the First jeans brandAdvantage of the longest brand heritageSuccess in various range of products (Dockers, Denizen, 501, 511, etc)Different yet same collection for both, Boys & girlsBranding success in terms of launching new products


Conclusion!Thank you