Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade Openstack Cloud - It's Not Always About...

download Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade Openstack Cloud - It's Not Always About KVM! Openstack Summit Atlanta, 2014

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In this session, we will take a deep look into what a VMware vSphere backend can bring to an Openstack deployment. We will cover in detail: Relationships between the Openstack components and how they relate to a VMware vSphere environment (Nova, Glance, Neutron, etc.). The power of vSphere for backend operations such as performance, management, networking, high availability, etc. Implementing VMware's advanced L2-L7 network features to provide services such as firewalling, load balancing, NAT, VPN, etc. in Openstack. Using Openstack on top of an existing or purpose-built VMware infrastructure Example architectures to create a fault tolerant and fully software defined Openstack cloud with VMware vSphere.

Transcript of Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade Openstack Cloud - It's Not Always About...

  • Leveraging VMware Technology to Build an Enterprise Grade OpenStack Cloud Its Not Always About KVM! Justin Giardina & Julien Anguenot OpenStack Summit Atlanta May 15th, 2014
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Agenda Use cases VMware benefits OpenStack + VMware A developers take
  • Who are we? 3
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Justin Giardina ( @jgiardina ) CTO @ iland Open Source, Cisco, and VMware admin for many years Network geek at heart Cisco Champion, vExpert, Technical Advisory Boards Currently in charge of global cloud footprint and technical operations at iland 4
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Julien Anguenot ( @anguenot ) Director of Software Engineering @ iland Python and Java veteran developer Open source and open standards advocate Currently building a cloud management platform, API and frontend for the iland cloud aiming at connecting VMware and OpenStack services 5
  • iland: cloud experts with years of experience 18 7 7 Years delivering IT Services Years cloud & disaster recovery expertise ISO 27001 & SSAE16 global data centers The Forrester Wave: Disaster- Recovery-As-A-Service Providers (January 2014) Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery Report (March 2012) IaaS Best of Breed Award VMworld 2013
  • VMware & OpenStack Use cases, technology, terminology 7
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Religious Debate No Thanks! 8
  • 2014 iland internet solutions OpenStack on VMware Use Cases Why it is interesting for us Cloud Provider, SLAs, Global footprint Internal operations, Staffing, Efficiency Leveraging investment in existing infrastructure Dont eliminate what you have Use existing architectures and knowledge Let developers be developers Provide services that they are used to SDK/API/ETC 9
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Benefits of Using vSphere for an Enterprise History, SLA, Support VMware recognition in data center space Support of verticals and compliance, i.e. Health Care and PCI Operations Scale, diagnostics, performance, troubleshooting DRS, HA, SDRS, SIOC, OPS, Log Insight Enterprise grade features for uptime, performance, and management Fully software-defined network stack NSX, vCNS, vSwitch 10
  • 2014 iland internet solutions vSphere Basic Topology vCenter is the centralized management point for underlying resources and metrics 11
  • 2014 iland internet solutions iland Pod Design Repeatable, multi-purpose, pod design Core components (vCenter, ESXi, Cisco UCS, Etc.) 12
  • 2014 iland internet solutions iland ECS Pod Topology Centralized point for add-on services Services considered clients of centralized architecture 13 Iland Pod DRaaS vCloud Portal Openstack
  • 2014 iland internet solutions OpenStack Integration with vSphere Ceilometer Integration VMware and community support and VOVA Icehouse updates, Multiple Linux distro support 14
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Mapping to OpenStack Relationships (Some loosely, this does not mean these are all integrated) VMware SSO / VMware Inventory Service Keystone vCenter Server / ESXi Nova vCNS / NSX Neutron vCloud Director Horizon vCenter / vCops / vChargeback Ceilometer vCloud Catalogs and Templates Glance vCenter / VM Virtual Disks (VMDK) Cinder vCAC / vCO / vFabric Heat Not Native (yet) - DBaaS Trove Not Native (yet) - Object Storage Swift 15
  • VMware & OpenStack A developers take 16
  • VMware stack offering same benefits to developers?
  • Programming the VMware stack 18
  • 2014 iland internet solutions First Impression VMware programming was new to me until beginning of 2013 Acronyms are confusing (vX, vStuff, vBlah, etc.) Therefore documentation is hard to find Java w/ VMware fist-class citizen Religious debate again Non homogenous API (acquisition of products, different API types, SDKs, etc.) XML and old style object model based API (vSphere for instance) Programming API is not an industry standard Very few developers out there interested in programming the VMware stack AWS preferred although extremely complicated and proprietary Enterprise-limited developer community Developer sandbox & staging for infrastructure are complicated and time consuming to setup and maintain but are critical for developers: Justins profile required 19
  • 2014 iland internet solutions First Impression is Not Always the Right One VMware technology is mature, stable, robust and full-featured API / SDK are well documented, covering the whole stack and easy to leverage from Java based applications API compatibility is fantastic Release cycle for major products is long enough to anticipate change on legacy applications. Beta program of VMware interesting for partners to give feedback as well as anticipate changes Applications built against VMware stack works extremely well. If well implemented, of course 20
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Leverage the VMware APIs: Iland cloud ECS portal Cloud management and monitoring portal leveraging vCloud Director, vSphere, vShield Manager. Billing, alerts, VMware specifics (tools, VDC) 21
  • VMware + OpenStack 22
  • 2014 iland internet solutions What We Like About OpenStack Open and (to become) one of the standard API for the cloud ReST API are modern, consistent across components Abstracting low level stack to developers Interoperability w/ 3rd party applications Pluggable! Not vendor-specific Programming language and tooling agnostic (exit the religious debate) Documentation: Python is the documentation? Culture & Community! 23
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Anticipated Challenges Resource pool vs instance-based models VMware vApp & OpenStack Neutron plugin for VCNS (In progress) Ceilometer: vSphere / vShield Manager Gradually migrating our own proprietary API to OpenStack + extensions 24
  • 2014 iland internet solutions 25 OpenStack vCloud API Iland API Iland ECS portal Developers vShield API vSphere API Iland platform Frontend
  • 2014 iland internet solutions OpenStack @ iland Cloud (1/2) No Horizon frontend for end-users (iland admins only). ECS portal integration Support of OpenStack in addition to vCloud Director abstracted out by our cloud management portal and API Provide tooling for developers against the iland cloud Saltstack, Ubuntu JuJu, etc. Contributing code to OpenStack if / when it makes sense 26
  • 2014 iland internet solutions OpenStack @ iland Cloud (2/2) In addition to infrastructure, processes, teams, etc. ECS platform to support vCloud and OpenStack: evolution versus revolution VMware backend and low level integration to remain the same Building an enterprise grade OpenStack offering powered by VMware and developer friendly 27
  • Thank You! Justin Giardina jg@iland.com @jgiardina Julien Anguenot ja@iland.com @anguenot iland @ilandcloud - iland is hiring! Presentation and helpful links online: http://tinyurl.com/ilandatl2014 28
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Helpful links (1/2) vCenter Server http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-server Programming Resources https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/sdk_pubs.html vCloud Director http://www.vmware.com/products/vcloud-director Programming Resources https://developercenter.vmware.com/web/sdk/5.5.0/vcloud-java vCNS (vCloud Networking and Security) http://www.vmware.com/products/vcloud-network-security Programming Resources https://www.vmware.com/pdf/vshield_55_api.pdf
  • 2014 iland internet solutions Helpful links (2/2) VMware NSX http://www.vmware.com/products/nsx Programming Resources http://www.vmware.com/products/nsx/resources vCenter Operations Manager http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-operations-manager Programming Resources https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/vcops-pubs.html vCenter Log Insight http://www.vmware.com/products/vcenter-log-insight Programming Resources https://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/log-insight-pubs.html 30