Level 10 persaonal tastes

Level 10 Personal tastles

Transcript of Level 10 persaonal tastes

  • 1. Personal tastles

2. I really like chocolate. It tastes really good. It tastes EVEN BETTER when you melt it. It has an EVEN BETTER taste. 3. What is taste? Another meaning oftaste is something we like. Everybody has different personal tastes. For example, if somebody dresses well and always wears nice clothes we can say that they have good taste in clothes. 4. Richard says: I love books. I haveread lots of different books. Ialways choose the best books toread. Everyone says I have a greattaste in books. Do you have a good taste in books? What do you have a good taste in? 5. However, your taste really isntgood or bad, its just yourpersonal opinion on something.We all have very different tastes. Look at the pictures in the book. People can have different tastes about all of these things. 6. What tastes are people talkingabout in the pictures?MusicClothesCarsHairstyles 7. Conversation club each category 8. In pairs Ask your partner abouttheir tastes. A What kind ofdo you like?B I like 9. You are going to a very importantparty. What kind of clothes will you wear? What kind of car will you go in? What kind of hairstyle will you have? What CDs will you listen to in the car? 10. MakeoverI didnt like the way I looked so I had a makeover. 11. Yes, a makeover is a way to changethe way you look. You can change your clothes, hair etc. Have Cindy and Ben changed? Listen and dont look at the text. How have they changed? 12. Now read the text. One group canfind new grammar and vocabularyfor each text. Then do the questions. 13. Lets give this woman a makeover! 14. Comparatives Find all of the comparatives in the texts. Remind them of the comparatives rule. Do Comparatives activity. (maybe made smaller). 15. Asas is another type ofcomparative. We use it when twofactors are the same. 16. This dress is as nice as that dress. 17. Which dress is better? 18. We can also use asas withpronouns. I get dressed as quickly as I can as quickly as I can which refers to ability. Therefore, in this sentence the speedand the ability are equal. Therefore, the woman wants to getdressed with the maximum speed thather ability to dress will allow her. 19. Try to use asas with thesesentences 20. Nouns 21. Now make your own 22. Speaking naturally What do you notice about these sentences? When we put words with the same sound togethertheir sound changes. Lets try it! 23. Lesson BWhat is shopping? 24. Shopping !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 25. Do you like shopping? What do youlike to buy? Ask your partner these things. 26. Lesson B - What are Yoko and Bendoing in the picture? They are shopping. Do you often go shopping? Which do you prefer: to buy things or watch other people buy things? 27. Which one is Ben and which one isYoko? How do they look? Describethem. 28. Do you think that Ben is having agood time? 29. Do task B 30. We can use negative sentences toexpress positive things? Like the examples in the text. 1) To express opinions. 2) To show surprise. 3) To suggest an idea. 31. My cakes are quite good. Arentthey? In this example, Katie wants us to agree with her. 32. This wine is really good Whydont you try some? 33. Doesnt she lookgreat in that dress? 34. Isnt thatodd/strange/weird? 35. Use the pictures andcomment about them usingnegative questions. 36. What do the categories mean? Do bets 37. Choose one of these pieces of clothing. How would you describeit?Then, describe it to the class.We will guess which piece of clothing you are describing. 38. What category of the table do all ofthe words in bold go into? Do bets. 39. What words can we use to softenwhat we say? Do you like this?SometimesPerhapsMaybeIt has good and bad points 40. Now, ask your partner what theythink. 41. Homework Write a 200 wordconversation between two friendsabout how they used to dress andhow they dress now. Use questions and answers Retell dramatic stories about fashion. Use this and these. Describe your personal tastes. (What kind ofclothes do you like? Use asas Use negative expressions like, Thats lovely, isntit? 42. Lesson C He has really broadtastesWhy do we summarise what peoplesay?How would you summarise thefollowing? 43. Richard says: I love books. I haveread lots of different books. Ialways choose the best books toread. Everyone says I have a greattaste in books. Do you have a good taste in books? What do you have a good taste in? 44. B Why do these peoplesummarise? Do the Exercise. Think about your partnerstaste of music. Ask themabout it and write it down. WELL DO THIS TOGETHER!!!! Now summarise it! 45. Now, use the structure of thedialogue to make your owndialogue in pairs about? 46. Art 47. Books 48. Clothes 49. What words can we use tointroduce new topics and points. 50. NowWhat other words can we use? 51. Tracey follows up one aspect ofOmars speech.Which aspect of what Omar saysdoes Tracey ask about? 52. Do the exercise!Do the listening! 53. Write about your personal tasteson a small piece of paper.Now, put it in a hat.Now, pull it out and follow it up. 54. Lesson D A free spirit Describe the word. 55. Personal 56. Style 57. So whats a personal style? Can you think of anyone who has their own personal style? 58. Do these people have personalstyles. What styles are they? 59. Compare these people above.Which is your favourite? Use superlatives.Use asas to compare them. 60. Look at the woman in the picture.What tastes do you think she hasinClothesJewelleryHome decor 61. Do you like Lesleys style? What doyou not like? 62. Free 63. Spirit 64. Lets read the text. Were yourguesses about Lesley correct?(Wel dae the summarisin activityefter)(I guessed that.)Do you have anything in common with Lesley? What? 65. Feng Shui 66. Now summarise what other peoplesaid. 67. Explain your personal style (maybefor homework) Use ideas and styles from this unit. 68. Find eclectic in the text.What does eclectic mean? 69. Its my thing/its not my thing What does this mean? I love War & Peace. Russian literatures really my thing. 70. Whats your thing?Whats not your thing?