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I play the first day and a half of a sim's life in The Sims 4, exploring some of the basic new gameplay available.

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  • 1. Lets Play The Sims 4!Except in powerpoint form rather thana video on Youtube. Yeah. Moving on.

2. Hey everybody! This is Keika! So, I know that a lot of us are still waiting for their chance at TheSims 4, and I figured that while you were waiting, or deciding to get the game, you might want asample of how gameplay goes and how it looks and all. So, here we are. Stop me if youve already seenthis, okay? And if you dont want spoilers, this probably isnt the slideshow for you.Jumping right in, this is what the loading screen looks like. You get random animations of simswalking onto your screen and doing random thingsIve seen the Grim Reaper float by trailing smoke.That was cool. Right now, looks like weve got an astronaut. 3. Now weve got a woman at a tiki bar. Interesting.Anyway, you get started the first time by hitting the rather conspicuous play button down in thelower-right side of the screen. Lets go! 4. When you hit the play button for the first time, itll launch you straight into CAS and start guidingyou with a heck of a lot of tutorials. Now, I figure that if youre taking the time to read through this,youve probably seen the CAS demo that EA released long before TS4 came out, so Im going toassume you know how this works and just move along. 5. So without any further ado, here she is. My new sim here is named Anna Terry. Ive given her theFabulously Wealthy aspiration, and the traits self-assured, cheerful, and ambitious. So, lets seehow this goes! 6. The next screen youll be treated to is of the neighborhood view. See the buttons up in the topleft? Those show you all the neighborhoodsexcuse me, worldsloaded in the game. The one Ive gotup now is called Willow Creek 7. and this is Oasis Springs. 8. Now, I like to play on big, empty lots and build up my own house from scratch, so Im going tostart on the lot called Arid Ridge in this neighborhood here. Its 40x30, and looks to be the largest lotavailable to start with right now. 9. A brief loading screen later, and here we are!The first thing youll notice here is that the interface is very different from how it looked in thelast two games. The build mode toggle and camera options are up at the top. On the bottom, theres theaction queue (that empty white box there next to Annas picture) and her mood, which is currentlyfine. Her wishes appear in thought bubbles above her head. She can use her phone now fromunderneath her portrait, which is nice, since we dont have to go through pie menus to reach it anymore.Date, time, and speed are in the center, and all the simology tabs (including career, skills, etc.) are all inthe bottom corner on the right. 10. Apparently, Annas first wish to earn $1,000, and she got this wish because of her aspiration.Good to know. Well see what we can do about that, but first, I have $14,500 to burn in building ahouse. *cracks knuckles* 11. One of the first things youll notice in build mode is that theres a lot more emphasis on separaterooms. You can move them around, save them into your library, pretty much anything. One of theupshots of this is that when you hold CTRL when placing wallpaper, it now only covers the room,rather than all walls it can reach. Its only a minor annoyance, really, and you only notice it when yourepainting the outside of the house. 12. Windows can now be placed anywhere on the wall you want, depending on where you hold yourmouse. Also very interesting.Sorry, sorry. Ill get on with the important stuff. 13. Roofs are now placed by picking the style you want and placing it in this little 3x3 square 14. and then dragging it out to the length, width, and height that you want, which is nice. Roofs canbe resized after theyre already placed, so you dont have to delete a piece of your roof to place the rightsize anymore! 15. Also on the subject of roofs, you dont have to pick one style for your entire lot anymore, either.Mix and match however you like! 16. Wall height can now be adjusted to short (default), medium, and tall sizes, now. Sweet. You dothat by selecting a room, and then choosing one of those varied bars in the center of the screen. Itssitting at medium height right now. 17. Foundations are now placed by putting down your walls first, and then adjusting the foundationheight underneath it. I would talk more about it, but Im not entirely sure Ive completely figured it outyet. Porches in particular.Like in TS3, furniture can be sorted by either room or function. Personally, I like to sort it byfunction, just because thats what Im used to from TS2. 18. Except, instead of pictures in a menu, we now have a dropbox of all the various types of furniture.What makes me far more excited is that search bar, which Ive conveniently mostly hidden behindthe menu. It is going to be so much easier to find that one specific piece of furniture now; no moreclicking through all the different menus you think it might be hiding in! I wonder if itll be compatiblewith custom content? 19. Other than what Ive highlighted, not a whole lot has changed about build and buy mode, at leastnot to my first glance. Now, lets go into live mode.From here on out, I havent done a whole lot of prior playtesting, so I guess were going to bediscovering the game together! Hooray! 20. Since Annas first wish is to earn $1,000, lets start with that. Most obvious route? Lets get her ajob!Newspapers seem to be becoming more and more extraneous as the games go on. Just clicking onthe career tab now brings up this most interesting button. Lets press it. 21. Anna pulls out her phoneHey, look at that, cameraman mode (still accessible through TAB) edits out the pause screen andthe speech and thought bubbles now 22. and this sweet box pops up, showing us all the listings for todays jobs. Awesome!Is that a secret agent listing that I see? 23. Cool! Anna is now an Agency Clerk, working for $17 an hour. Admittedly, that is one of the worstpaid jobs in the listings for the day, but come on. Shes a secret agent.What were looking at here is a performance bar, which is probably even more idiot-proof than itwas before, and her job tasks. To get promoted, she needs to browse the intelligence database on acomputer. 24. Luckily we bought a computer (in a manner of speaking) when we were furnishing the house, sotheres no point in waiting to fulfill that requirement! 25. Well, weve gotten that little hurdle out of the way, but I see that Anna has now become bored.Figures. Whats boring about browsing an intelligence database? 26. Aha, I see that theres simply too much intelligence for poor little Anna.Moodlets now appear under a sims portrait, and instead of giving either positive or negativeboosts to a sims mood, they now put certain modifiers towards a specific mood. Like bored, forinstance. This too much intelligence moodlet is putting a +1 modifier on her bored mood, and itsgoing to last for eight hours.Oh, boy. 27. Annas picked up a couple of new wishesone for getting a promotion (from her ambitioustrait), and one because she is bored. Looks like she wants to buy a chess table. Well, sweetheart, seeingas how you only have $34 to your name, I think were going to pass.We dont have a lot of room for entertainment around the house right now, so lets go out on thetown and see what we can do to perk up Annas mood, huh? Sounds good to me! 28. Its worth noting, by the way, that we can see the smaller neighborhood in which Anna lives invivid detail from her house. She has to go through a loading screen to visit any of those houses, butthere they are.okay, so her house doesnt match the neighborhood. It will probably never match. Tough. 29. Oh hey, look. Tooltips say that the blonde in the red shorts is Dina Caliente. Hi there, Dina!*waves*This is still on Annas home lot, by the way. 30. After a short loading screen hey, this looks familiar! Looks like we can still access both OasisSpring and Willow Creek. Good to know.I figure this park in the center of town, Desert Bloom, seems like as good a place as any to gomeet some people and possibly play some chess or something. Lets try it out. 31. Here we are! Whenever we enter a lot, the name of the lot shows on the screen like this. I findthese little touches really nice.Now, about that mood of hers 32. Desert Bloom seems to be quite the pretty place, but there doesnt seem to be a whole lot in theway of entertainment. Weve got some nice fishing spots, though, so lets try this out!Whenever a sim tries an activity associated with a skill for the first time, a little notification popsup, telling us that theyve learned a new skill. They have no actual skill in it yet, but its now listed intheir skills menu.I think that was four uses of the word skill in that paragraph. 33. Anna: Oh yeah, I so got this. Fishing queen, right here. 34. Hey, look! We caught a fish! Which we can name!Buddy here is a tetra. Hes apparently a common fish, which is only to be expected. He weighs0.10 kg, was caught by Anna Terry, and has a freshness of excellent, according to our little fishymenu that pops up when hes hovered over. Good to know. 35. Fishing was fun, but after a while, the fish apparently got a little too crafty for Anna, accordingto a notification, and we were told to go get more skilled or find more valuable bait. Poor Anna is stillbored (apparently, fishing isnt her thing) but on our way out of the lot, we happened to meet ahandsome man in a very stylish hat.The brown hat, I mean, not the creepy guy in the pink baseball cap, who seems to be leering atAnna. Definitely not him. 36. And so Annas first social interaction begins.This here is Mitchell Kalani. When we first had Anna go introduce herself, that casualdiscussion box popped up at the top of the screen. 37. When we mouse over that box, we get to see Mitchells mood. Hovering over the relationship barshows us what their relationship isacquaintances.Having introduced herself, Anna automatically start