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  • By: Supriya AjmeraNational Institute of Design

  • Brief:

    We had the freedom to create a concept, a product or an experience which may be a modification of an existing phenomenon or a hypothetical situation. This can be used for problem solving, or can be to create a experience.

    I decided to develop an environment for people to experience the joy of creating painting and music in a group activity.


    This is a multisensory concept which involves a random group of people to collectively create a painting (real time) but not with their hands. It is all about creating pattern and forms along with music, projected on a vertical screen (fog, wind, holographic, plasma displays) by walking over a pressure sensitive platform. This will encourage people to play, interact, be alert and attentive and also develop and explore new styles and patterns

  • The Experience Can be any age group, gender, physical condition.Good for people who want to enjoy painting and relive their childhood.For people who are afraid or not comfortable, of painting with proper paints/ pigments because they dont want to be laughed at.Good for people to interact and have fun and get to know more people.For an aesthetic experienceA way of exercising.


    Visual- see what patterns your feet (and others) create on the screen Audio- the patterns created will generate music accordingly and the sounds of people around the participants.Tactile- the entire experience is generated by the pressure and movement of feet on a sensitized plate.Other Senses

    BondingMusicRhythm and synchronicityTemperatureKinesthesisVestibularSpatial relations


    There is a pressure sensitive platform with sensors that will detect the movement, steps of participants and create music generate the patterns on screen accordingly. In order to avoid the chaos because of multiple participants the music will be governed by an expert.

    The colour schemes will be based on certain defined palettes and brushes and changed after fixed intervals.

    The sensors detect movement only till one foot above the base. This however can be changed to create desired effects on the discretion of the organizer/ owner.

    The grids are flexible and can be joined together according to the space available.

    This floor can be created in level with the ground with a little demarcation so that it gels well with the surrounding. But at places where this is not possible it can be a little raised.

    The screen should be viewable from all sides or at least two ways. We can have a curved screen.

  • LOCATION: Interior or exterior but big open spaces

    1) Shopping Malls

    2) Public Parks

    3) Exhibitions 4) Museums and art galleries occasionally Location Public parksLocation: interior of malls

  • Types of screen depending on the space availability and ambience:Fog screenWind screenHolographic screen

  • Complementing the architecture of the place

  • Man walks in unaware but hears music Scenario 1: Public getting familiar with the product

  • Realizes the change in ambience created by his movement

  • Both participation and audience builds up. Rhythmic music fills the air.

  • Business model

    This is going to involve a participation fee which will allow the participant to be on

    the platform for an hour.

    This will create an image for an hour after which the image will stay up for display for

    about 15 minutes so that the people can get their prints and the audio files. After this the

    next round of people can start coming in.

  • The colour schemes will be changed at regular intervals to create an element of surprise. Changeable colour palettes

  • Nowadays camera phones are becoming common phenomenon. With the camera phone the participant can project his image on the screen and make it a part of the painting. He can create interesting collages with exciting patterns

    Projection of images from camera phonesTHE OTHER ADDITIONS:

  • The people can take back this experience with them in the form of a print out or capture the image on their mobiles or cameras. This includes both the participants and the audience.

    Even the Audio Files can be taken along in CDs.


  • Two way projection for interior and exterior.The screen can be placed strategically with a two way viewing/ projection so that even if the activity is taking place


  • 1. The space can be hired for big corporate parties, promotions etc in which the colour schemes can be that of the logo colours. Eg. coke can have red family colour palette.2. This space can also promote the festive season like Christmas with red green palette. 3. Gymnasium4. Children to learn music schoolALTERNATE APPLICATIONS Christmas colour schemeLogo Colours

  • FURTHER EXPLORATION:If we have some kind of a staircase were people climb up or down and there pattern of movement will reflect in the painting. Can be placed in gyms and people doing aerobics can create painting simultaneously. This can be very refreshing for them.This same thing can be with hand movements in the air. Technology will play very important role in creating this experience.BrainstormingThe PROCESS

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