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• This is a trial class because children in my school aren’t used to speak English while they are learning different subjects

• Despite of the fact that I know that Maths is the most difficult subject to do in English, I decided to do a Maths lesson because of the ICT resource I had chosen before.

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• The first activtity has been very easy for them because we are working percentages in class by now.

• We have worked together at the beginning with the language support on the whiteboard

• After that they have started working in pairs and the could only use English.

• When they needed a colour pencil they asked for it to her mates using:

Can I borrow your... please?

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Language scaffolding

How many squares do you paint?I paint .......... ............ squares.

50% --- We read 50 percent.2.5% --- We read two point five percent

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SECOND ACTIVITYThese are all the pieces we used.

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• With the language support on the whiteboard they played domino in 4 teams of 3.

• As they were putting a piece on the table they had to say one of the two sentences on the board.

• This activity was more difficult because they had to think and find the equivalence. This is the reason why I decided that they should work in teams.

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• It’s my turn• Pass• It’s your turn

• 50 percent is the same that 2 out of four.• 50 percent means that there are 50 green


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The activity was a computer game

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• The ICT activity has been the last we have done and they have enjoyed a lot because they could understand the whole idea to complete the activity and computer games always encourage children

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• The experience was good. Children have understood that they could use English as a communication tool and despite of the fact the content was a bit difficult they have used English to ask for help and to express the results of the different activities.

• The best activity for them has been the “domino”. They started talking English to justify why their domino was the right option.

• We were working for 50 minutes and children were satisfied and they would like to stay more time. I think this is and important fact to consider that is adequate for them