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Some Humor Pics from which we can learn good Life Lessons.

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  • 1. Lessons From Humor* Its an irony that so- called modern progress with its called progress and great Modern Restless Kid technological advances have not brought aboutgreater happiness, joy and peace to the human mind. On the contrary there is a rise in mental problems, aggression, violence and conflicts. * True peace and happiness lies within the mind we need to train, develop and purify the mind.Caption : Whatre you complaining about? At least you dont lead a dogs life! * When will we ever learn to count our blessings? * There are many people out in the harsh world who are in a terrible suffering state war, natural disasters, sicknesses, poverty, mental problems * Be thankful for what we have and learn to care and share.* A blind man might be excused for some actions that hurt others. * Unfortunately today, there are many who have eyes but see not like zombies, they dont read notices, park ridiculously, get into accidents and trouble * Let us be more mindful and Blind man urinating learn to really see

2. Lessons FromHumor Pics 8*Is it wise to do things that put our lives in great danger? Think before you act. Can she change? Caption: Id like to learn how to be less critical. My mouth has been classified as a weapon of mass destruction.* The following constitute Wrong Speech : a) Lying or False Speech b) Harsh Speech c) Slander d) Gossip or Frivolous Speech. * Wrong Speech can cause much harm and suffering to other people. * Others faults are easily seen but ones own faults one hides like a fowler in disguise. * Smiles are most wonderful and they have many benefits. * Smiles, other than being very healthy, help foster good humanrelationship.* Smiles, humor and laughter are very good natural medicine.