Lesson 2 Artificial Intelligence Lesson 2 Artificial Intelligence.

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Transcript of Lesson 2 Artificial Intelligence Lesson 2 Artificial Intelligence.

  • Lesson 2 Artificial Intelligence

  • 1. Besides Artificial Intelligence, What science fiction films have you seen that are about intelligent robots or robots that look like humans? 2. How did the robots behave towards humans?Qs:Before we start:

  • What are robots doing? The two robots are nursing the patients.

  • What are they doing? Robots are beating drums.

  • Who will win the game?

  • Robot can replace human to do many jobs. Will they feel tired or make mistakes?

  • One day robot can really have a real conversation with us.

  • She is hosting a program.

  • work in factories, play football, control cars and Planes, beat us at chess, write music, give us the news,speak to us, have feelings,have a real conversation with us3. Which of these things can robots and computers do now?work in factoriesplay footballcontrol cars and Planesbeat us at chessgive us the newsspeak to us

  • Where can you see and hear her? what does she do? 2. Does Ananova really exist? Can she really talk? 3. Why are there no photos of her as a child?4. How does she find news stories? 5. What are her plans for the future? Listen to the interview with Ananova and answer the questions:

  • 3. Because she isnt human and was created in 1999. Shes never been a child.1.On the Internet. She presents the news 24 hours a day.2.No. she cant really talk.4.She has her own search engine.5.Shell be sending news directly to mobile phones.

  • Read these words togetherin other words, is that clear? What I dont quite understand, to put it another way, What I mean is, what that means, so does that mean, could you explain how, What Im trying to say, what Im getting at, that a programme which, I meanClarify and ask questions:

  • 1. what I mean is2. Is that clear?Listen to the interview again. Complete the Function File with these expressions.3. What Im trying to say4. Could you explain now?5. To put it another way6. In other words7. What I dont quite understand8. What Im getting at9. thats a program which10. So does that mean11. I mean12. What that means

  • Completing notesLook at the notes and decide what kind of information you need, e.g. a date. A number, an adjective, etc..Dont worry if you dont understand everything- just listen for the important words.Pay attention to the changed sentence strucrues.

  • 1. 2001: A Space Odyssey was first shown in ____.2. Some peoples reaction was to walk out of ___________.3. Many people found it ___________ _________.1968the premierestrange andconfusing

  • 4. The first scene is set on Earth ___________________ .5. Some cavemen find a black block, a machine sent by ___________ ______________.6. The next part of the film is set on ________.the moonan advancedalien civilizationfour million years ago

  • 7. The third part of film is about a journey to _____________.8. Only the intelligent computer HAL knows the ________.another planetreal plan

  • Female: 2001: A Space Odyssey marked a turning point in science fiction film. Ive seen it three times and I have got a lot out of it even though it originally came out in 1968. when it first came out, a lot of people did not like it, they couldnt figure it out, they found it strange and confusing. At the Hollywood premiere of the film a lot of people walked out. However, it became very popular, particularly among young people.Tape script:

  • Its not easy to explain what the films about. I suppose its to do with an alien civilization, but you never actually see any aliens. The films starts, about four million years ago. It is about a group of cavemen who find a big black block. Its really a strange kind of machines that has been deliberately sent to Earth by an advanced alien civilization. Anyway, the next part of the film happens four million years later in the year 2001. Two more of these strange ,black boxes have been found on the Moon and a scientist goes there to study them.

  • The third part of the film is about a trip to another planet. The spaceship Discovery is controlled by the intelligent computer HAL 9000,the only one on the ship who knows the real plan for the trip. At first HAL and two men, Dave and Frank, get on fine. Then trouble starts. Anyway, Im not going to give away the ending. Youll have to see it for yourself! I really recommend going to see the film because it makes you think. What Im trying to say is that after watching Space Odyssey you start thinking about all sorts of things-who we are and what we are doing here. It also makes you think about the future- you know, how intelligent computers and machines might take over our lives.

  • HomeworkFinish Exercises 7-8.

  • People use a robot to act as guard dog, are you curious? Now turn to page 103, read information about the robot. Could you add your own information so that the robot dog become more perfect?