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Folheto convite para investimento colaborativo na rede de fast food saudavel Leon na Inglaterra.

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  • 1. Leon BondsI n v i tat i o n D o c u m e n t

2. I M P O R TANT I N F O R MAT I ONThis Invitation Document is important and requires trading on any market. Investment in an unquotedyour immediate attention if you want to applysecurity of this nature, being an illiquid investment,for Leon Bonds. If you are in any doubt aboutis speculative and involves a degree of risk. It will notthe action you should take or the contents of this be possible to sell or realise Leon Bonds before theyInvitation Document, you should contact your mature or to obtain reliable information about thebank manager, solicitor, accountant, stockbroker risks to which they are exposed.or other professional adviser who is authorisedby the Financial Services Authority to conduct This Invitation Document, which is a financialinvestment business and who specialises in advisingpromotion for the purposes of Section 21 ofon investment in bonds, shares and other securities, FSMA, is issued by the Company which acceptsincluding unlisted securities. responsibility for the information contained herein.CONTENTS This Invitation Document has been approved as aThis Invitation Document is an invitation to apply financial promotion for UK publication by Reevesfor Leon Bonds, on the terms and conditions setwhich is authorised by the FSA to conduct investmentout in this Invitation Document and the Leon Bondbusiness. Reeves is registered on the FSAs RegisterInstrument (copies of which are available at with registered number 135202. Reeves is actingwww.leonrestaurants.co.uk/theleonbond), theexclusively for the Company in connection with theprincipal terms of which are set out on pages 6 to 7 issue of the Leon Bonds and no one else, and willof this Invitation Document. The Leon Bonds will benot regard any other person as its customer or benon-convertible, unsecured, non-transferable, andresponsible to any other person for providing thewill provide investors with a return in the form ofprotections afforded to customers of Reeves or foreon Pounds and quarterly prize draws. The Leonadvising any such person in relation to the issue ofBonds will be repayable in three years time at theLeon Bonds. Introduction......................................................... 5option of Bondholders. Application should only be made on the basis of thisInvestment in the Leon Bonds involves certain risks. Invitation Document and the Leon Bond Instrument. About The Leon Bond........................................ 6For a discussion of the benefits and risks that should This Invitation Document does not constitute anbe considered in connection with an investment,offer of transferable securities to the public and How To Apply....................................................... 8please see the section headed Risk Factors onaccordingly this Invitation Document does notpage 22 of this Invitation Document. The historicalconstitute a prospectus to which the Prospectus Rules How The Funds Will Be Used........................... 10performance of the Leon Group is no indicationof its future performance. The Leon Bonds are an of the FSA apply. Therefore, this Invitation Document and the Leon Bond Instrument have not been The Leon Team.................................................. 12unsecured debt of the Company and they may not approved by the Financial Services Authority or any Leon Financial Performance............................ 16be a suitable investment for all people receiving this other regulatory body. You should ensure that youInvitation Document. Prospective investors shouldread and understand all of this Invitation Document Your Questions Answered.................................. 18consider carefully whether an investment in thebefore applying for Leon Bonds.Leon Bonds is suitable for them in the light of their This Invitation Document does not constitute an The Legals.......................................................... 22personal circumstances. Investors should not apply offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy,for any Leon Bonds referred to in this Invitation Leon Bonds in any jurisdiction in which such Leon And Its Advisers........................................ 27Document, except on the basis of the information offer or solicitation is unlawful. The distributionpublished in this Invitation Document and the Leon of this Invitation Document in jurisdictions other Glossary............................................................... 29Bond Instrument. than the United Kingdom may be restricted byThe Leon Bonds are not shares and do not conferlaw and therefore persons into whose possessionany equity interest or voting rights in the equity ofthis Invitation Document comes should informany member of the Leon Group.themselves about and observe any such restriction. Any failure to comply with these restrictions mayLeon Bonds are not protected from loss by theconstitute a violation of the securities laws of any suchFinancial Services Compensation Scheme.jurisdictions.Leon Bonds are not transferable or negotiable onany capital market and no application has or will bemade for Leon Bonds to be admitted to listing or 23 3. I NT R O D UCT I ONDear Club Member,There is something magical about fast food. As kids we were spellbound byit. John used to lie on his back and wave his arms and legs in the air withexcitement before his termly visit to McDonalds. But then we grew up andrealised that fast food makes you fall asleep and wake up fat.So, we asked ourselves: why cant fast food be good food? Since we openedLeon we have been working to bring about a revolution in fast food that isfresh and full of flavour. We believe that people should be able to eat thisin any major city in the world.With your incredible support and loyalty we have thrived since we firstopened our Carnaby Street restaurant in July 2004. We are often sentmessages asking us to open new restaurants.When we came to thinking about how we will fund this growth we wantedto allow you to benefit from a return as well as the banks. So we thoughtthat we would see if people who ate with us would like to get involved inlending us the money to do so. A growing movement of customers andbusinesses are doing this.When we tested the water with approximately one quarter of our ClubMembers earlier this year, the response was extraordinary. We wereoverwhelmed by the number of people who said they would like to getinvolved you can see some of their quotes on these pages.Given this response it is possible that the Bond will be subscribed aboveour 1.5 million target. In this case we will allocate the Bonds to those whoapplied earliest.This Invitation Document has been created using the input and questionsof those Club Members.Best wishes,Henry and JohnL EON CO - F OUN D E R SThe bond is a Now we want a wholebrilliant idea!chain of them, pleaseIt sums up whatNi g e l S l a t e rI love about Leon :)L e o n Cl u b M e m b e r5 4. ABOUT T H E L EON BON DIn addition to the eon Pounds you earn, everyLeon Bond will be entered into a seasonal prizedraw only available to Leon Bondholders. This Leon Bonds are essentially a very simple idea. will be drawn four times a year on the autumnal In exchange for taking up a Leon Bond, equinox, the winter solstice, the vernal equinox you will receive a return in the form of eonand the summer solstice. The first prize draw will Pounds that can be used in Leon restaurants. be on 22nd September 2012. Each quarter there You will be able to buy food, drink, cookbooks will be at least ten prizes, for example: or anything else in any Leon. Your return in the form of eon Pounds will be loaded a place on Leons annual cookery school on onto electronic cards which can be used at the river Dart (including accommodation) our restaurants. You will also automatically be entered into a quarterly prize draw where a place on week long courses at residentialTh e R i v e r D a r t you could win other edible and non-edible cookery schools run by some of our friends rewards (see below).(at home as well as abroad) hampers of food from artisanal British suppliers (from our suppliers or other Th e r e a r e t hr e e b o n d o p t i o n s producers we like) a set of five sessions with our nutritionistThe larger the denomination of the Leon Bond the higher theequivalent interest rate:You will be entitled to all of your investment backin full three years after the date of issue. (Subject1invest 1,500 for three years and receive 120 eon Pounds* each year to our right to repay some or all of the Leon equivalent to a net 8% return or 10% gross return for the basic rate taxpayerBonds early at any time. If we do this, we will pay2invest 3,000 for three years and receive 300 eon Pounds* eachyou back an additional 1% in eon Pounds on year equivalent to 10% net return or 12.5% gross return foryour investment when we return the money.) Leon Cookery School the basic rate taxpayerAfter the first three years, on each anniversary of3 invest 5,000 for three years and receive 600 eon the date the Leon Bonds are issued, you will be Pounds* each year equivalent to a 12% netentitled to receive your investment back in full. Or return or 15% gross return for the basic rateyou can choose to hold onto your Leon Bonds and taxpayer continue to receive your interest and rewards.Leon will make the necessary basic rate incomeGreat idea powerIf you wish to invest more you can buy inmultiples of any of these amounts up to a totaltax payments due on the eon Pounds return on to the people, notyour investment in the Leon Bond meaning thatvalue of 10,000.there should be no additional liability for tax if the banks!The response from those Club Members who we you are a basic rate UK income taxpayer. However,L EON C L UB MEMBE Rsounded out on the idea suggested that the Leon all applicants who are or may be liable to tax,Bonds would be popular. It is possible the Bond especially higher rate taxpayers, should consu