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  • By. Quintan Lehn http://beta.na.league oflegends.com/ Champions
  • Champions Are creatures who you get to be when you enter the game They all have moves you can use when playing There are a 108 champions for the game Marksman Assassin Tank Lanes Support Mage Jungle
  • Marksman They are an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) They do most the damage on the team They are also one of the weakest coming to health and armor. They also lead team to victories They get the second most cs The second hardest job to do Champions
  • Tank They Have the most health and armor of most champions. But they also do the weakest damage to champions to. They also set up team fights Champions
  • Support They do the second least of damage They set up kills for the adc or protect them from taking damage One of the biggest job of the game But dont get a lot of cs
  • Mage Mages or Champions that use ability power They do the second to first most damage of all champions. They also get the most cs and level up faster then other champions The hardest job in the game Champions
  • Jungle Are champions who stay in the jungle and kill creators and gain points They also help lanes by ganking and help set up kills for other champions One of the least most important jobs But its pretty hard also Champions
  • Assassin These champions do the third most damage on the team They protect top lane and also can dominate and take over top lane to They get ganked the most by junglers but the jungles on your team also ganks as well. They also build some armor and damage as well Champions
  • Lanes Were champions go and protect and defend the nexus and torrents Were Most Battles occur in Minions move to There are three lanes Top Lane Mid Lane Bot Lane Nexus
  • Top Lane Were most the assassins go The least important lane to protect The most ganks occur Mostly close combat battles Lanes
  • Bot Lane The second important lane to protect Support and Adc go and protect Second most ganks occur If you lose this lane you have a higher chance of loosing the game Far range contact battles Lanes
  • Mid Lane The most important lane to protect If lose this lane you will lose the game Most team Battles occur The mage champions protect this lane The least where ganks occur Either close or far range combat depends on champions Lanes
  • Nexus Is the Man part of the game If you Destroyed enemy nexus you win If they destroy yours you loose Turret Monsters
  • Turrents They Protect The nexus They do damage to you if you attack a champion by it They do more damage each time you get hit If destroyed you get 150 G Nexus
  • Jungle Monsters They are monsters that the jungler defeat to get money They also can give you buffs And get 42 to 300 gold from them if you defeat them They spawn at 1:55 There's 2 of each monster except baron and dragon theres 1 Wolves Golems Dragon Baron Lizerds Ghost
  • Wolves They give the most exp points between them and reifs They give the 5th most money 55g and the first monster the jungler kills Monsters
  • Golems The double golems give you 74 gold when both defeated They have the 4th most health They are the third monster the jungler defeats They give buffs Monsters
  • Wraiths They give you least gold If you Defeated it you gain health And are the easiest to kill Monster
  • Lizerds They give you 86g They give you red buff They are the 3rd hardest to kill They 4th monster the jungler attacks Monsters
  • Baron He is the hardest creature to kill It gives you the most gold (300g) It gives you the best buff to You whole team gets the buff instead of just one person Monster
  • Dragon Doesnt give you any buffs You get the second most gold (190g) The second hardest monster to kill You whole team gets the gold Monster