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Changes to the HSE Approved Code of Practice, L8 Legionnaires Disease

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  • 1. Anthony HoareHead of Surveying, Swiftclean BSc (Hons) Applied Geography Joined Swiftclean as Head of Surveying in2006 Runs a team of 9 Compliance Risk Assessorsacross the UK Has trained thousands of FMs since 2006 Over 250 FMs from BHS (Arcadia Group)

2. Anthony HoareSwiftclean , Head of SurveyingLegionella L8 updates 3. Water quality Wholesome water is an essential requirementfor quality of life UK Water Quality is considered one of the bestin the world Supply into a building is the responsibility ofthe local Water Authority 4. Legionella A brief History Initial outbreak in1976 Bacteria causes aserious pneumonia Fatal in 12% ofcases 250 cases eachyear in the UK 5. DomesticWaterSystems 6. History of UK Legionella Guidance HSG 70 1993 ACOP L8 2000 ACOP L8 2013 (HSG 274) Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations2001 Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations1999 7. Importance of Management Requirement under the Health and Safety atWork Act 1974 as well as the COSHHRegulations 2002 Health and Safety Offenses Act Active management may highlight otherpotential issues 8. ACOP L8 2013 - Legionnaires diseaseThe control of legionella bacteria inwater systemsThe ACOP and Guidance are nowseparate documentsThe ACOP focuses onrequirements of Risk Assessment,Responsibility and Management"The Science of Compliance" 9. HSG 274Three separate documents: Part 1: Guidance on Evaporative Cooling Part 2: Guidance on Domestic water systems Part 3: Guidance on other risk systems 10. Main ChangesClarification on responsibilities: Statutory Duty Holder Appointed Responsible Person Deputy Responsible Person The Importance of competence 11. Competence Essential for any Health and Safety Task Legionella Control Association Water Management Society Training Knowledge, Training, Ability and resources 12. Changes to Domestic WaterSystem Management No appointed time frame for risk assessmentreview A risk assessment should be reviewed whenthere are changes made to the system and/orwhen there are changes to the managementteam Specific guidance for monitoring of specificwater system assets 13. Requirements of Landlords Organisations, or self-employed individuals,who provide residential accommodation or whoare responsible for the water system(s) in theirpremises, are responsible for ensuring that therisk of exposure to legionella in those premisesis properly controlled. 14. Case Study ASRA HousingGroup Over 70 properties Ranging from 28 storey apartment blocks tomanaged bungalow/houses Many occupants are considered high risk 15. Case Study ASRA HousingGroup Swiftclean have managed the ASRA contractfor 8 years No legionella outbreaks in this time Successfully re-bid and re-won the 2013 tenderprocess for a 5 year extension 16. Case Study ASRA HousingGroup Risk Assessment Review every 2 years Monthly Temperature Checks Quarterly Shower cleaning 6 Monthly Tank Inspections Annual Calorifier/Hot water cylinderInspections 17. Case Study ASRA HousingGroup Difficulties with Management: Access Safeguarding susceptible persons Interpreting the guidance for tenanted buildings Where does the responsibility lie? 18. Summary Legionella is a waterborne bacteria present inMains water UK Guidance clearly outlines the need for aneffective management structure of competentpersons A risk assessment is essential as a startingpoint On-going planned preventative maintenancewill ensure good future water quality 19. Legionella Control Association The LCA was founded in 1999 by the BritishAssociation of Chemical Specialities (BACS)and the Water Management Society (WMSoc) It is a voluntary, independent, not for profitorganisation managed by a committee drawnfrom BACS, WMSoc, industry experts andhealth authorities 20. Legionella Control Association Each company registered with the LCA has astatement of compliance which consists of 9service provider commitments to ensureappropriate internal systems for legionellacontrol One of these commitments is to provide annualreviews with clients to ensure effectivelegionella management control is in place 21. Legionella Control Association Swiftclean successfully re-registered in August2014 with no changes required to ourstatement of compliance 22. Legionella Control Association Annual review document