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Legal Compliance audit

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  • LEGAL & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AUDIT SERVICES LexcareConsultantsLLP Lexcare Consultants LLP Amit Dwivedi Mobile:- +91 9930001306 [email protected]
  • ABOUT US A LLP registered under The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 : LLP Identification Number: AAB-5759. Registered date: 10th June 2013. Competent and experienced team of Lawyers, Chartered Accountant and Human Resource Professionals. Hands on knowledge of Implementing compliance management program for large companies in India and abroad. Rich experience of conducting legal & regulatory compliance audits for large companies in various domains such as Automobiles, Iron & Steel, Manufacturing, Pharma, FMCG, Retail, Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mining, BFSI, IT domain etc. LexcareConsultantsLLP
  • WHY LEGAL & REGULATORY COMPLIANCE AUDIT Increasing focus on governance, accountability & transparency Risk exposure for directors and executives of the business Failure to obtain all proper permits and licenses could lead to fines, penalties, and, in some cases, even closure of unit by governmental agencies Non Compliances at Contractors could lead to closure of Unit Complexity in Central, State and Local laws The legal audit also lays the groundwork for the establishment of an ongoing legal compliance and prevention program in order to ensure that the company's goals, structure and ongoing operations are consistent with the latest developments in business and corporate law. LexcareConsultantsLLP Small Non-Compliance can lead to Reputational Risk to the organization
  • SCOPE OF WORK FOR AUDIT SERVICES Preparation of Probable list of applicable laws based on Industry research; Physical visit to locations for understanding activities in details; Discussion with concern peoples for identifying laws & compliances applicable to locations; Examination and review of all statutory records maintained by locations; Examination and review of all statutory records maintained by each contractors for compliances which are primary responsibility of the contractors, but impacting client as a principal employer; Preparation and submission of legal compliance audit report highlighting areas of non-compliance with recommendations. LexcareConsultantsLLP
  • COVERAGE OF AUDIT LexcareConsultantsLLP Human Resource Environment, Health & Safety Corporate Tax (Direct & Indirect) Commercial Local/Municipal Industry Specific Import/Export Preliminary Compliances Ongoing Compliances Periodic Compliances Conditional Compliances Category of Laws Covered Type of Compliances
  • METHODOLOGY LexcareConsultantsLLP Understanding activities Submission of documents Examination of Records Preparation of Report Discussion of Findings Recommendations Our methodology of work would be- Extensive preparation by studying client business Physical visit to the Locations Understanding activity / operation / process after meeting with concern people and key management personnel to finalise applicable laws and compliances Submission of list of documents for review Examination and review of all statutory records maintained by Company Preparation & submission of Audit Report. Discussion of findings Recommendations
  • TIMEFRAME LexcareConsultantsLLP The timeframe for completion of audit and submission of report for one manufacturing location will be around 10 days. Please note that our ability to meet with the agreed time lines will depend upon: Timely visit to the offices and availability and receipt of the documents and information requested; Availability of the documents and information in the manner requested by us; and Timely availability of your representatives for providing explanations and clarifications. If we foresee any delays, we will bring this to your notice promptly so as to enable you to take prompt appropriate action.
  • Other Compliance Services LexcareConsultantsLLP
  • OTHER COMPLIANCE SERVICES LexcareConsultantsLLP Visit to Locations for understanding business activities. Identifying laws applicable to locations. Preparing & Providing exhaustive compliance checklists under all applicable laws. Periodic Updates in Compliance Checklist Design consulting and documentation to your IT team for developing IT system for compliance management. Feedbacks while development. Review and testing of system. Implementation support. Compliance Checklist Consultancy for Developing Compliance Management Tool
  • OTHER COMPLIANCE SERVICES LexcareConsultantsLLP Compliance training in the area of Labour and EHS laws Question & Answer sessions on compliances. Hands on training for filing returns & maintaining records & registers. Understanding requirements. Providing liasoning support to do the compliances. Support to identify vendor for liasoning and fillings. Review of deliverables of vendors. Compliance Training Liasoning
  • Why LexCare. Rich in Experience Rich in experience in providing legal & regulatory compliances. Strong Team with Domain Experience Domain expertise for all category of laws. Support Efficient response time for meeting critical timelines Quality Service Better quality of checklists which shall be easy to understand by non legal person and user friendly. Audit covering minute level of compliances. Cost Effective We offer excellent quality of services at reasonable cost.
  • CONTACT US LexcareConsultantsLLP You may contact following persons for any further details or clarifications:- Amit Dwivedi Email:- [email protected] Mobile:- +91 9930001306 Ravi Uppalapati Email:- [email protected] Mobile:- +91 9000977794 For any general queries please contact on [email protected] You may also visit our website at
  • Thank you LexcareConsultantsLLP