Leerling/Meester exposities #18 Anouk Kruithof

of 12/12
ANOUK KRUITHOF Andrea Jellina Grevink Dorenda Verhaegen Goof Kloosterman Marilou Klapwijk
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15 t/m 25 mei 2014 Anouk Kruithof Andrea Jellina Grevink | Rotterdam Dorenda Verhaegen | Tilburg Goof Kloosterman | Utrecht Marilou Klapwijk | Rotterdam // OPENING donderdagavond 15 mei om 19.00 uur // LUVUMORE Skype, e-mail en één analoog diner. Een expositie die voornamelijk digitaal tot stand is gekomen. De kunstenaars betrekken ieder een eigen ruimte, zoals ze ook telkens vanuit hun eigen ruimte met elkaar de communicatie aan zijn gegaan.

Transcript of Leerling/Meester exposities #18 Anouk Kruithof

  • ANOUK KRUITHOFAndrea Jellina GrevinkDorenda VerhaegenGoof KloostermanMarilou Klapwijk

  • Anouk KruithofSkype, e-mail and one analogue dinner. An exhibition that was organised mainly digitally. Each artist will have its own space in the exhibition, the same way they communicated from within their own space during the preceding interaction.


    15 mei t/m 25 mei 2014Kunstpodium-T

  • Andrea Jellina GrevinkIm teller of true fairy tales and I am the director of futuristic companies. By being my own detective I shape my environment to be my playground.

    LUVUMOREAndrea Jellina Grevink | Rotterdam

    15 mei t/m 25 mei 2014Kunstpodium-T

  • Dorenda VerhaegenEvery man is seen. But how do we show ourselves and how do others see us? What happens if both meet? In my work I want to give people a broader view of themselves and others, by personal contact and cooperation. During Selfie in Kunstpodium-T, Dorenda works together with Tessa Persijn.

    LUVUMOREDorenda Verhaegen | Tilburg

    15 mei t/m 25 mei 2014Kunstpodium-T

  • Goof KloostermanThe urge to know how things can visually appear to us is what drives me to make work. I build testing arrangements to observe, register and experiment the perceptual qualities of phenomena.

    LUVUMOREGoof Kloosterman | Utrecht

    15 mei t/m 25 mei 2014Kunstpodium-T

  • Marilou KlapwijkIt seems life is a rapid succession of moments. We try to capture them, because we dont want to forget and we dont want to be forgotten. We push moments into memories and force the present into the past. But can we document a moment and experience it at the same time?

    LUVUMOREMarilou Klapwijk | Rotterdam

    15 mei t/m 25 mei 2014Kunstpodium-T

  • ColofonJep de Goede (Vormgeving)

    Zeus Hoenderop (Kunstpodium T)Stijn van Dalen (Fotograe)

    In opdracht van Leerling/Meester project 2013-2014 van Kunstpodium T