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Using Visual aids

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  • Using Visual Aids / Graphics*

  • Reasons for using visual aids:To simplify ideasTo reinforce ideasTo provide a different entry point into the discussion.To create interest*

  • Formatting Visual AidsMake sure visual aids are neat.Keep the visuals simple.Refer to each visual clearly in the text BEFORE placing it on the page.Place each visual in a convenient place for the reader to see. (same page, opposite page, other pages, attachment or appendices)*

  • Formatting Visual Aids (cont.)5. For visuals used in conjunction with reports, explain the significance of the visual in the report when introducing the visual.Number Tables and Figures consecutively but separately, throughout. Use double number (e.g. Table 6.3) only to long reports that contain chapters.Provide a title for every visual. No punctuation after the title.


  • *Information gathered from the first batch of graduates to the seventh batch (2001 2007) by the universitys counseling unit of the Office of Student Support Services indicates that more than 95% of the graduates were employed 9 months after they graduated from the university (refer to Figure 4). The other 5% decide to pursue their studies at higher level. This shows that the employability rate of graduates from this university is high. Figure 4: Statistics on the employability rate of UTP graduates from 2001 2010Parenthetical reference

  • Table 1: Breakdown of UTP graduates hired by PETRONAS and other companies from 2001 to 2007

    *In UTP, about 70% of the students are PETRONAS scholars, while the others are sponsoredby MARA, JPA, PTPTN, MISC, GAMUDA, SHELL, and others. Many would think that the majority of these students are being employed by PETRONAS since they are the product of a university owned by this company. Yet, from the record of the universitys counseling unit of the Office of Student Support Services shows that from 2001 to 2007, only about 1297 out of the total of 3296 of the graduates are hired by PETRONAS, which is only about 39% , as shownin Table 1 below. This implies that UTP graduates are hired due to their qualification and their abilities not just because they are the product of a university established by PETRONAS.

    Textual reference

    YearTotal GradPETRONASMultinationalOthers20011507247420023037617210200333375482102004461906131020055429070382200669836669263200780952836245TOTAL329612973051694

  • Formatting Visual Aids (cont.)Give credit for the visual if you did not compile yourself or if compiled using borrowed data.Where possible, spell out words rather than use abbreviations.*

  • Types of visual aidsPie chart visual impression is of parts of a whole, where the segments total 100 percent.Vertical and horizontal bar charts visual impression is of discrete quantities, effective in representing comparisons and contrasts.Line chart visual impression is of progression over time, effective in showing chronological change.


  • Types of visual aids (cont.)Layouts map of an area seen from the topIllustrations photographs, drawings of objectsTables organize data into rows and columns to simplify groups of related numbers.Put the topics to compare down the left side of the table and factors for comparison across the top of column headings. Columns are easier to compare than rows.*

  • *

    StudentABCAge202121GenderMaleMaleFemaleProgramChemical EngineeringMechanicalEngineeringPetroleum GeoscienceGradeB+A-B+


  • - THE END -*

  • Write a paragraph for your superior, proposing that the company starts a recycling program or recommend not to start a recycling program based on the information below. Summarize the information in a form of a visual aid and refer to it in your justification.The company can recycle 100 pounds of aluminum per week. The current rate for aluminum is 25 cents per pound. This rate would earn the company $25.00 per week and $1200.00 per year. The company can also recycle 200 pounds of paper per week. The current rate for paper is 5 cents per pound. Recycling paper would earn the company $10.00 per week and $520.00 per year. The total earnings from recycling is $1720.00 per year.*