Learning R and Teaching R

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Learning R and Teaching R

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 a brief tutorial to learning R an teaching R including navigating syntax, documentation and interfaces

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 Learning R and Teaching R Today Title: R Language and Analytics as a Profession Agenda: 1 hour hands on R coding (beginner/intermediate level) 1 Hour talking on Analytics as a Profession Speaker: Mr. Ajay Ohri Venue: Room No: 511, Department of Management studies (DMS), Vishwakarma Bhawan, IIT Delhi 110016 Date & Time: 14 June 2014, Saturday 14.30 16:30 Hrs Directions to Reach the Venue: Option A: You need to get down at Malviya Nagar/Hauz Khas Metro station and ask auto to take you just near Katwariya Sarai. Option B: Get down at Hauz Khas Metro Station. Take Bus (511 or 511A or Battery PoweredRickshaw to reach to Sanskrit Vidya peeth (near Katwaiya Sarai ). Or Take Bus 764 and get down at IIT Hostel Gate. Walk a bit to reach DMS. PLEASE NOTE- DMS or IIT Delhi has no role in organizing this event. New Delhi R Meetup http://www.meetup.com/New-Delhi-R-UseR-Group/ 298 members 2 Years Sponsored Non Commercial Group Only Introduction Learning R R Console R Studio R GUIs R Cloud Teaching R R from the Console limited lines of code can submitted at a time one graph can be viewed at a time best for either beginners or really command line users no syntax prompting help is in a separate window R Syntax- most important - # adding a hash or # comments out rest of sentence comments make your code more readable -?(keyword) looks for help on that keyword locally -??(keyword) looks for help on that keyword in all the documentation Assignment objectname1=subset(df,df.name$var1 ) My first 25 R Commands Whats here? ls() getwd() setwd() dir() rm() Whats in my object? str() class() dim() length() names() nrowl() # and ncol() How do I select or change stuff data.frame.name$variable data.frame[row,column] subset(df,df.name$var1 > X & df$var2 Install from CRAN Downloading Installation Dependencies and Loading Dependencies and Loading My next 25 R Commands Whats missing? is.na() na.omit() na.rm=T Operators diff lag cumsum Data Mining kmeans arules::apriori tm::tm_map References- http://www.statmethods.net/advstats/cluster.html http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/arulesViz/vignettes/arulesViz.pdf http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/tm/vignettes/tm.pdf http://www.rdatamining.com/examples/association-rules Modeling cor(x) lm(x) vif(a) outlierTest(a) System system.time() Sys.Date() Sys.time() What more can I do? b=ajay[sample(nrow(ajay),replace=F, size=0.05*nrow(ajay)),] png(graph.png) Write plot as png file dev.off Data Manipulation as operator substr nchar paste difftime strptime lubridate::mdy apply functions My favorite 15 R Packages Data Mining tm arulesViz forecast GUIs rattle Rcmdr epack plugin KMggplot2 plugin Deducer Visualization ggplot2 ggmap Data Handling Dates- lubridate Analysis - Hmisc Rcurl XML jsonlite Some more R packages slidify http://slidify.org/ quantmod http://www.quantmod.com/ rocr http://rocr.bioinf.mpi-sb.mpg.de/ r charts http://rcharts.io/ My favorite R documentation CRAN Views http://cran.r-project.org/web/views/ R Documentation http://www.rdocumentation.org/ Inside R http://www.inside-r.org/ R Documentation Views Stack Overflow Stack Overflow - for R Interfaces to R R Studio -IDE GUIs - RCommander, rattle, Deducer Online- R-fiddle, statace Rattle GUI for Data Mining RStudio Rcmdr Rcmdr JGR JGR JGR with Deducer -Data Viz R-Fiddle Statace Teaching R Multiple ways to do the same thing in R - Resolve CONFUSION GUIs can be shortcut initially -Selective Introduction to Packages Will need command line and ?help later on -Emphasizing documentation Pace of learning to be as per audience Huge Scope- hence should be kept pertinent to needs Analytics is not Statistics R is more than a computer language or syntax Projects are the best teachers R Project for Researchers creating packages for analytics relevant to industry i.e telecom churn, rfm, ltv, retail any takers? Thanks Contact- https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajayohri at ohri2007 @ gmail.com