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A quick guide to some of the resources for Moodle at Empire State College

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  • 1. Are you new to online learning and taking an ONLINE class next term? Enhancing How You Learn in Online Courses Are you new to online learning? Do you want to be able to better navigate in your Moodle course? Offered during the PREVIEW WEEK for each term, we will hold face-to-face and virtual drop-in hours to assist students with understanding their online classes. These drop-in hours are designed for students new to the online learning environment as well as those students who want assistance learning how to navigate in their specific online course(s). ONLINE http://bit.ly/NECWorkshops ON SITE Latham & Saratoga SEPTEMBER TERM Wednesday, September 4th 4pm to 7pm Friday, September 6th 9:30am to 12:30pm JANUARY TERM Wednesday, January 15th 4pm to 7pm Friday, January 17th 9:30am to 12:30pm November & March terms by appointment For More Information: Call - 518-783-6203 Email - NECAcademicSupport@esc.edu WWW - necacademicsupport.pbworks.com DROP-IN HOURS SCHEDULE Join us at your convenience ON SITE or ONLINE during the days/hours below. No appointment necessary.

2. Use the link below to access and enroll in the self paced online tutorial A Student Introduction to Moodlerooms: Getting Started which provides an introduction to the basic features needed to use the new Learning Management System (LMS). The tutorial takes about 45 minutes to complete and is hosted in the Moodlerooms system. Go to www.esc.edu/moodleroomslearning (login required) and enter your college login and password. Highlights from the tutorial appear in this PowerPoint presentation. PLEASE NOTE DO NOT try to use MOODLE on your iPad iPads, iPods & iPhones do not support FLASH and you need to have Flash to access Moodle. Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for use with Moodlerooms. It can be downloaded for free at Mozilla support. Flash Player 10 or later plugin to view some demonstrations and interactions in the tutorials Adobe Flash can be downloaded for free at Adobe Flash Player. 3. Go to www.esc.edu/moodleroomslearning Choose Student Resources 4. You should start in one of 3 places : (a) Self-Paced Tutorial, (b) ANGEL/Moodlerooms Comparison or (c) Quick-Start (a) Choose the Self-Paced tutorial if you are new to online learning (dont worry about ANGEL). (C) Choose this if you are very comfortable with online learning or want a quick refresher (b) Choose this if you were used to online learning in ANGEL. 5. Announcements: In the main area, you will see a Welcome message and an area where system announcements will appear. These announcements will change frequently and come directly from the Moodlerooms system administrators. 6. OPTIONAL ITEM IF NEEDED/REQUIRED FOR YOUR COURSES Network Servers: This is where you will be able to access the Mahara e-portfolio system, which will integrate with Moodlerooms. 7. MyESC Announcements: This is a feed of college announcements taken directly from MyESC. There may be some overlap in these announcements and the system announcements that appear in the middle of the page. 8. Messages: This allows you to message any other user logged into the site. 9. Future Courses: This is a custom block that will give you a list of courses that you have early access to, like in "preview week" for official courses. 10. My Courses: This is a dropdown list of links to courses in which you are currently enrolled. Library: This is a dropdown list of links related to our library resources, like a video tour of the library and the Information Skills Tutorial. MyESC: This is a dropdown list of links to academic resources, such as the bookstore and your records. Faculty & Staff: This is a dropdown list of links to faculty and staff resources. Help: This is a dropdown list of links to help and support resources, such as Help Desk information and the Moodlerooms Learning Center. Breadcrumb Trail Menu 11. Blocks = the little boxes you see in the layout of your MOODLE environment. Each block has a specific role and function. Books = the entire content of a course or portion of a course. CHAPTERS = a subsection of a book. BLOCKS, BOOKS & CHAPTERS 12. The most common block is the Navigation block, which provides these links: Home: Provides access to the system home page of the site, outside of any courses. My Home: Provides access to your My Home page. Site Pages: Provides access to some resources that are available site wide, like your Moodlerooms calendar. My Profile: Provides quick access to your profile, where you share personal information and set your system communication settings (covered later in this course). My Courses: Provides quick access to all the classes in which you are enrolled. These are also available in the menu bar under My courses.