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Learning from Peers. An introduction to peer-review . Anthony F. Camilleri. 5 th ICT Innovations Conference 2013 14 th September 2013 – Ohrid , Macedonia. What‘s in a Name?. standards-based review. Who is a peer ?. an expert in the field an expert in what field ? e- learning ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Learning from Peers

Learning from Peers

Learning from PeersAn introduction to peer-review Anthony F. Camilleri5th ICT Innovations Conference 201314th September 2013 Ohrid, Macedoniawww.efquel.orgWhats in a Name?AuditExpert-ReviewObjectiveSubjectivePrecise standardsBroad guidelinesVerifies account of clientInterprets account of clientRequires detailed knowledge of administrative proceduresRequires detailed knowledge of the subject area concernedstandards-basedreviewwww.efquel.org2

Who is a peer?an expert in the fieldan expert in what field?e-learning!what is e-learning?


Features of an Expert-Peerexperience in course design and deliveryfamiliar with best-practicecomparative perspectivesense of missionnatural communicatorwww.efquel.orgA reviewer is a communicatorUniversityAgencyReview Teamwww.efquel.orgInter-subjectivitydifferent subjective perceptions, taken from different viewpoints, give an objective view of realitythe quality basis of an external reviewrequires consensus

consensus is not a diplomatic nicetybut an essential pre-requisite of qualitywww.efquel.org

Learning fromself-assessmentwww.efquel.org

There is no such thingas objective qualitywww.efquel.orgHow to learn from self-assessmentRead the quality standardUnderstand the quality standardAsk QuestionsDO NOT fill it inDiscuss it with all stakeholders in the institutionHow do we meet the standard?What can we do better?Does it apply in all areas?Discuss it some more do some implementationHave you internalised standard?Now fill in the questionnairewww.efquel.orgA look at the Quality CycleCHECK should be read as STUDYin English Check implies to hold back(Deming, 1980)www.efquel.orgA Need to Prioritisewww.efquel.orgBe HonestMost Quality Managers are MagiciansLook Here

dont look here!www.efquel.orgWhat will self-assessment produceA time to think, communicate and strategizeA better understanding of institutional processesAn overview of where we are and hopefully where we need to go

A report


Learning frompeer-reviewwww.efquel.orgTheShow-OffThePoliticianTheGrumpyTheBoredDont be one of these people.www.efquel.orgHow to approach a peer-reviewUnderstand the purpose of the reviewUnderstand your role in the reviewYour impressionsOf your part in the instituionBe candid and informativeDont try to hide things (youll be caught)www.efquel.orgMain result of peer-reviewan external evaluation of your institutional quality (procedures)

a report

a certificatewww.efquel.orgRun the cycle againwww.efquel.orgRememberNO process is without errors

There is ALWAYS room for improvement

www.efquel.orgWhat to do with the reportRead the reportUnderstand the reportAsk QuestionsDiscuss it with all stakeholders in the institutionWhat did we miss in our Self-Assessment?Have our assumptions been confirmed or refuted?How can we do it betterDiscuss it some more do some implementationHave you internalised the recommendations?Now start the cycle again.www.efquel.orgEFQUELs e-Quality ServicesE-Quality Review ServicesExpert ReviewsECBCheck E-Quality Label Certification for Short Courses and Training Programmes E-Quality Label for Programmes Certification for Academic ProgrammesUNIQUe E-Quality Label Certification for Institutions and Instituteswww.efquel.org

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13th June 2013 VISIR Session The Joy of Learning EDEN Conference - OSLOwww.efquel.orgLearning from Peers: An introduction to peer reviewAnthony F. [email protected]://www.slideshare.net/anthonycamilleri/www.efquel.org