Learning curriculum design & challenges: Teachers' conceptions and tensions

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from my MLS curriculum class for Singapore HODs (MLS Jan14) Task: What is your new understanding of Curriculum and what are the challenges ahead in designing for a better curriculum?

Transcript of Learning curriculum design & challenges: Teachers' conceptions and tensions

  • 1.Learning Curriculum Design & its Challenges: Teachers Conception and Tensions Management & Leaderhip Studies Curriculum Project Teams Jan 2014 Tutor: John Yeo Curriculum, Teachng & Learning Academic Group National Institute of Education

2. I believe curriculum is subject-centered (academic rationalism), with students picking up important skills and teachers being an important vehicle in making it all work! Ng Wei Chieh, Woodlands Primary School 3. There is no word/phrase to replace curriculum because curriculum in any school is unique. Very often, we described curriculum but could be incomplete. There will never be an end in trying to describe curriculum because it is something that changes with environment and people over time. Our definitions may differ from one another or may change personally over time. But one thing that will remain unchanged - the passion in teachers (or leaders who are teachers at heart) that will continue to ignite the passion of learning for our learners. Liu Kah Yang Bartley Sec 4. Curriculum to me is child centered, as the interest of the pupils will drive their learning. Goh Khong Lim, KCPPS We plan learning for the students based on their interest, thus I believe it is child centered. Wang Xiaoxuan, Lianhua Pri 5. A curriculum goes beyond a defined and prescribed course of studies, which students must fulfill in order to pass a certain level of education. The curriculum should place childs best interest, well-being and important values to develop the child in the centre of the curriculum to make it more holistic Suzanah Placing students in the centre of what we do is important. Hence, curriculum has to be child- centered, with learners taking charge of their learning. It is especially so when our learners have diverse learning abilities, thus we will need to customise curriculum to suit the different needs. Koh Ying Sin Telok Kurau Primary Sch 6. Context-centred because the worth and value of the knowledge, skills and attitudes possessed by the students depends on the context that he/she is in Bryan Lim CHIJ St. Theresas Convent 7. A child centered curriculum is essential for it to be successful, allowing us to engage pupils meaningfully and creating their love for learning. Low Choon Siong Evergreen Primary The outcomes are what we want our students to acquire after they completed the curriculum. For example, if we want our students to be a mathematician after completing the Math curriculum, we will design our curriculum to include exploring, deriving and connecting the concepts etc. Tan Beng Guan, HOD ICT, Nan Chiau High 8. Curriculum to me is organic and interdependent. Organic - it is not cast in stone, it is alive, it needs to respond to changes in its environment. Interdependent - if curriculum is organic, it needs to co-exist with all the elements of its environment in harmony for the benefit of all. I feel that a lot of times curriculum design is far removed from the place where its happening. People in the ivory tower, who have great knowledge in their area of work, no doubt, tend to be too removed from the realities of school. At school theres only one reality - assessment. In all the wonderful courses I have attended in MLS, the devil is really, assessment. Even as MMs, we sometimes are too focused to operationalise the curriculum to fit the assessment culture more than anything else. The big question now is - whats the purpose of schooling? Are we really just a large tuition centre? Even tuition centres these days have sound curriculum designs by the way :) Durka Devi, HOD Science, De La Salle School Curriculum can be cognition centered that require thinking skills on the part of the teacher. Faizan, Montfort Sec 9. Curriculum to me is child centered and also society- centered , as we develop soft skills in our pupils to meet the demands of the world of the 21st Century. Hamidah Binti Osman Jurong West Pri 10. Curriculum is child-centered and society-centered to me because the purpose of education at our level is to ultimately prepare students for the future. Ilyana Hardianti Dunman High School 11. It takes a whole village to raise a child. Therefore, there needs to be a whole school approach in supporting a child- centered curriculum, bearing in mind that the learners interest always comes first. Koh Ying Sin, Telok Kurau Primary SchChallenges and expectations from the society are influencing curriculum design from being child- centered, causing it to be society- driven. Low Choon Siong Evergreen Primary Because I view curriculum as organic and interdependent, the biggest challenge for me is keeping up with its evolution. Though the content we teach may not have changed in the last ten years, the environment in which the subject, the learners and the teachers reside has changed enormously. The challenge for curriculum design is then dealing with this ever-changing landscape while staying true to the subject matter. While we ride the bandwagon with all the in things, we must not lose site of the essence of the subject matter. Durka Devi, De La Salle School 12. Suzanah Sap Anderson Pri HOD ICT Reason: Integrating ICT into the curriculum requires all the IP and ICT heads to come together and to create a common vision and beliefs. As different heads have different perceptions and beliefs on curriculum, coming together as one may be a BIG problem. 13. I believe curriculum is subject- centered (academic rationalism), however with these challenges preventing it from being successful! Ng Wei Chieh Woodlands Primary School 14. Curriculum to me is child centered and also society- centered , as the needs of the pupils and the goals of the school and nation have to be met. Hamidah Binti Osman Jurong West Pri 15. The greatest challenge in curriculum is finding the right leverage point. We may be clever enough to identify a curriculum problem(or perhaps not a primary one after all) but to be able to move forward is never simple unless teachers beliefs are so strong that our actions are sufficient to overthrow the perception of the general public. Passionate and dedicated curriculum leaders must do what ought to be done and never get influenced by differing mindsets or selfish agendas. Liu Kah Yang, Bartley Sec 16. To design curriculum that is child centered, teachers must believe in it and be trained in the designing of the curriculum. Goh Khong Lim KCPPS 17. Tan Beng Guan HOD ICT, Nan Chiau High 18. Inference-centred because your understanding of it is affected by what you choose to see, what you choose to focus on, your assumptions and beliefs. and it is different for everyone Bryan Lim CHIJ St. Theresas Convent