Learn it Play it #3

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Diciembre 2012

Transcript of Learn it Play it #3

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    In this issue

    The FAC - Personal experiences


    - Sports and Health

    - Poetry

    Think Up Technology


    Jokes and puzzles

    The increasing number of students from multi-

    cultural or multilingual contexts is a growing

    challenge for ELT. Students are hypothesized

    to develop a culturally more complex and

    flexible way of thinking and speaking for them-

    selves as a result from the constructivist dy-

    namics of a trilingual classroom. These children

    are part of one of the Faculty of Education re-

    search projects, The Mayan Youngsters Pro-

    ject: the trilingual classroom

    These young children from El Coro Yidzat il Kay

    de Dzidzantn, represent one of the new chal-

    lenges you will have to deal with as an English

    language teacher. Get to know them! Be in-




    u, b

    y y


    May, 2013

  • Staff

    Editor in Chief and designer:

    Mariana Moguel

    Contributing writers:

    The 8th Semester


    Abigail, Atala,

    Celeste, Diego,

    Giovany, Irene, Irving,

    Ivn, Jaime, Jess,

    Jorge, Karla, Lizmar,

    Mariana, Pablo, Sonia,

    Stephanie, Stephen,

    and William.

    Special contribution

    from Alfonso Marrufo

    (6th Semester)

    Photography: The Cuch Holoch


    Outside consultant: Humberto Cervera

    Hola UADYs!

    Bienvenidos compaeros, a este ter-

    cera edicin de Learn it Play it. En esta

    ocasin este tomo llega hasta ustedes

    gracias a la participacin mayoritaria de

    los alumnos del quinto semestre de la

    LEII. Sin embargo, tenemos la contribu-

    cin de un estudiante de sptimo que

    nos habla de su experiencia de servicio

    social. Reiteramos que uno de los obje-

    tivos de esta publicacin es fortalecer la

    interaccin y lazos de amistad entre am-

    bas licenciaturas tanto LE como LEII, por

    lo que les extendemos a todos una cor-

    dial invitacin para formar parte de esta

    comunidad estudiantil informativa de las

    actividades acadmicas, sociales y de-

    portivas de nuestra facultad.

    En este tercer ejemplar podremos

    leer de experiencias en cursos regulares y

    optativos, de servicio social, de dar cla-

    ses particulares de ingls, de elecciones,

    participaciones en encuentros deportivos,

    ideas para el uso de herramientas de

    apoyo para la enseanza y aprendizaje

    de lenguas, y las acostumbradas seccio-

    nes de entretenimiento y ejercicio para

    las neuronas de nuestros cerebros. As

    que les invitamos a disfrutar de Learn it

    Play it una vez ms.


  • 03

    By Diego Snchez

    The personal results that I got

    from being part of this program were

    that it has given me a really valuable

    experience as a teacher. There is no

    doubt that I had the opportunity to

    acquire those tools and abilities that

    cannot be obtained during the degree

    classes and which are really important

    in the professional practice. Besides, I

    had to deal with problems that are

    common in a classroom. This made

    my experience even richer and

    helped me to be more prepared for

    my professional future.

    On the other hand, this pro-

    gram gave me the opportunity to put

    into practice all the topics that I have

    seen during the degree classes, and

    has helped me to understand even

    better the background of my degree.

    In addition, I was able to share with

    my classmates some experiences,

    opinions and real life situations,

    making me part of my own

    classmates learning.

    Finally, this project has also let me im-prove my skills as a teacher, for example, all those that relate to patience, nerves con-trol, classroom man-agement, giving in-structions, etc. How-ever, one of the most important teaching skills I learnt was

    time management. At the be-ginning of the first course I had to prepare almost 10 ac-

    tivities for the classes because I was not able to know how much time my students will take to do one of those activities. Now, I am better able to work out how much time an activity could take. I have also improved my English skills, like pronunciation, for example, this way I can be a good model for my students.

    There is no doubt that I advise my classmates and friends to take ad-vantage of any opportunity like this, of being part of this kind of social service program. I fully recommend the Facul-ty of Education to provide the students chances for acquiring teaching experi-ence, a real experience in front of a classroom, so they can obtain and im-prove their abilities and skills that only with professional practice they can get; this is the only way for them to finish their degree as prepared as possible and with the necessary tools in order to succeed in their professional careers.

    Instructores del Aprendizaje del Idioma Ingls para Becarios de Impulso

    Universitario, A.C

    The FAC

  • 04

    Currently, Im taking Traduccin de

    Textos as a subject, and I feel much

    more confident in dealing with differ-

    ent languages because I have a back-

    ground on the topic and also in prac-

    ticing translating.

    In some way, I can say that the Inter-

    pretation course offered me the tools

    to become an intermediary between

    English and Spanish speakers in my

    career. My experience was beneficial,

    not only in terms of improving my

    linguistic abilities, but also in terms of

    my own personal growth.

    I appreciate all the support from my

    instructor; I think he put a great effort

    to help us achieve our goals. I was

    able to obtain the tools that I will need

    to continue training and improving

    my linguistic abilities in the future, but

    I think I can still learn more.

    By Enna Rosa Castillo Carrillo

    My learning experience taking the

    Interpretation course at the Faculty of

    Education last year was helpful to my

    career development and further study.

    Although the course was very intense,

    I liked it and it opened doors to my

    career path, because it was the first

    time I took an interpretation course

    and it was my first approach into this


    During the course, we had many op-

    portunities to practice actual interpre-

    tation and also do some translation.

    We learned the different strategies

    and kinds of interpretation, so that we

    were able to analyze our skills and

    realize how good we were and what

    our weaknesses were.



    My experience was beneficial, not only in terms of improving my linguistic abili-ties, but also in terms of my own per-

    sonal growth.

    The FAC

  • 05

    By Andrea Sols

    Introducing yourself to the world of English classes is a step you have to take in order to start getting familiar with it and to start practicing to be a good teacher. I wasnt able to take summer courses this year because of my economical situ-ation, so I de-cided to start giving English classes at home to some kids that were going to start high school. They were all beginners; however, they had knowledge of some aspects of English, such as some numbers and colors. It took me some time to decide whether giving the English classes or not because it is a great respon-sibility and it takes time to plan the classes, but in the end I think I made the right decision.

    I gave the classes only for the sum-mer vacation but I am planning to keep doing it. It is a very good experi-ence. I really learnt a lot and started

    losing the fear of teaching. I be-came more responsible and or-ganized. I will never forget this experience. So, if you are planning to start giving English classes, start know. It is really helpful for fu-ture experiences, jobs and refer-ences. You will not regret it. Enjoy it! You not only earn money but great learning

    The first day I was really nervous because I didnt know if I was going to do it well or if I was going to explain things right, but throughout the class I started feeling com-fortable and confident. At the end of the day I felt really happy and excited to con-tinue with the classes. My students were quite cooperative and they liked the class. I used some colorful materials such as cards, posters, drawings and games. They enjoyed using that kind of stuff.

    My experience giving

    private English classes

    The FAC

  • 06

    By Ana Cecilia Castillo Loeza

    Most of the students dont know that there is a basket-ball team in our faculty. But there is one for girls, which is now participating in the Juegos Deportivos Univer-sitarios where we have the chance to play against other faculties of UADY.

    Faculty of Educations

    Basketball team

    It is a good opportunity for girls to do a sport because is a way to get distracted from school, to do something different and to make new friends. It is important to say that it is not just for LE or LEII students, but also for girls who study at CIL or are exchange stu-dents.

    It is a great experience where stu-

    dents have a lot of fun and coexist

    with different people as equals

    because it is a mixed female

    crowd of the whole school..

    The FAC

  • 07

    Some of my classmates that