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Transcript of Leah Tissue Lane

1. Tissue Lane Proposal October 12, 2009Leah DePriest 2. Concept Statement This proposal addresses the site experience of maintenance and administrative employees, as well as hikers along Tissue Lane, through careful placement of path intersections, management of views, and strategic landscape interventions.The building is situated so as to integrate into the existing road system and to take advantage of south light. 3. Site Proposal 4. A A B B LEGEND 1. Employee Parking 2. Material Bays 3. Tiered Gardens 4. Exterior Dining 5. Administrative (Above) 6. Maintenance (Below) 7. Exterior Work Space 8. Fleet Parking 9. Greenhouse (Above) Tissue Lane Warp and Woof Site Plan 5. Section A 6. Section B 7. Study Model