Lead to Money: Aligning Finance with Sales and Marketing Processes

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We all agree that sales and marketing alignment is critical. Companies that have the two teams working together reap the rewards. But the "lead-to-money" process isn't fully optimized without integrating Finance's involvement. This webcast outlines how an optimized lead to money process combines the coordinated involvement of the Sales, Sales Operations, Marketing, and Finance departments in high-performing organizations. By aligning goals, effort, and support resources, firms can realize accelerated pipeline throughput, improved sales effectiveness, and see an increase in productivity.

Transcript of Lead to Money: Aligning Finance with Sales and Marketing Processes

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Copyright 2014 The Sales Management Association.

Sales Management Association Webcast

13 February 2014

Presented by

Lead to Money: Aligning Finance

with Sales and Marketing Processes


About The Sales Management Association

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2014 The Sales Management Association. All rights reserved.


Copyright 2014 The Sales Management Association.

Sales Management Association Webcast

13 February 2014

Presented by

Lead to Money: Aligning Finance

with Sales and Marketing Processes


Deloitte is recognized as a thought leader in the Customer Transformation space. Industry analysts continually rank Deloitte

among the top consulting firms year over year.

Kennedy: #1 Global and Management Consulting

Gartner: #1 Consulting Services Worldwide

Kennedy and Gartner: #1 Customer Transformation

Forrester: #1 Business Technology Transformation

About Deloittes Customer Transformation Practice


Sales Transformation Developing go to market models with the right mix of channels to acquire customers more effectively through the selling


Marketing Transformation Increasing brand value, maximizing return on marketing investments, and improving the performance of marketing


Customer Service Transformation Defining the right service capabilities to drive profitable growth while increasing the effectiveness of the service

management process


Customer Experience Delivering a consistent brand promise across touch points that enables more value to be gained from customer relationships

Customer Insights & Analytics Developing a more heightened understanding of customers to better focus resources and improve return on


Deloitte provides the following cross-functional capabilities as part of its

Customer Transformation Market Offering:

Customer Transformation Framework


Aligning Goals from Lead to Money #LeadtoMoney

Automating lead

management can

increase revenue

by 10% in an little

as 6 months.

Marketing Alignment #LeadtoMoney

The Lead Management Process

Distribute lead to appropriate channel if not marketing driven sales lead

Capture the lead

Input and store the lead

Define qualification rules

Grade the lead

Gather customer demographics and information to input into system

Identify lead opportunity and associated product(s)

Lead Capture



Capture all information gathered during sales cycle

Assign lead for follow-up or reject lead

Input lead follow-up date and reminder

Prioritize the lead based on potential

Monitor and track the lead through stages of the sales cycle

Alert when lead is not followed-up with

Re-engage with lead to convert to business or close out of system

Lead Close or


Lead Progress


Measure and pull analytics on the lead

Segment leads based channel, campaign ID, product,

conversion time, etc.

Lead Analysis


Identify relevant campaign ID

Input campaign ID into lead management system Identify Campaign ID

Illustrative Lead Management Framework

The steps below are representative of the basic components of a lead management process and depict the

sequence of events that occurs to take a lead from origination to close.


Properly enabled sales

teams can achieve 5

hours of productivity

back a week.

Sales Executives on Sales Performance

1. Economist Intelligence Unit survey of senior sales

executives in Developing an Effective Sales Process for the Enterprise.

2. Deloitte Strategic Sales Compensation Survey

Based upon reviews of sales performance and surveys of senior sales executives, there is a high level of

dissatisfaction with the ways in which their sales managers do their jobs and the general levels of

productivity sales managers are getting out of their reps.

Level of sales skills and techniques

retained without follow-up sales

management reinforcement and



Sales teams falling short of goals2 67%

Sales managers are satisfied with

their sales forces productivity2


Sales managers arent leveraging processes and tools to support

their salespeople1

43% What sales execs

are saying:


Enablement Success Story: Leading Life Sciences



Major Life Sciences company conducted a survey among sales reps to better understand where they spend their time, the success of coaching efforts are and what additional training is needed

On average reps were coached 13 hours a month, significantly above the best in class average, yet there was a fairly low manager impact on sales success


A closer look at sales coaching practices found that the overall quality of the coaching being done by sales managers was well below average

Sales Managers needed to shift focus to coaching techniques that were tailored to the individual, providing real time feedback after sales calls, coaching reps based on actionable metrics and setting realistic and attainable


Training was put into place that coached the coaches on how to use their mentorship time effectively through metrics and individualized techniques


102% rep attainment to goal on average for highly effective coaches versus ineffective coaches seeing only 83% rep attainment to goal. Improvement in coaching quality as opposed to quantity significantly increases sales

rep attainment to their individual goals

Reps with strong coaches were 70% more likely to STAY with the company than those with weak coaches who were 63% more likely to LEAVE; this held true across the entire performance spectrum


Quoting Automation: A Game Changing Capability

Customer Engagement






CPQ Enablement

Basic Tracking & Reporting

Opportunity Management &


Improved pricing capability Reduction in pricing and order errors Better product mix and cross-sell Improve quote turnaround time

Improved pricing capability Reduction in pricing and order errors Better product mix and cross-sell Improve quote turnaround time

Sales Rep Enablement

Optimized Profits

Increased Revenue

Increased Quota


Increased Lead


Increased Deal


Quoting automation is a critical part of enabling the sales force, optimizing profits, and improving customer


Finance plays a key role

in sales capacity

planning properly optimized territories can

increase revenue by 5%.

Territory Planning Maturity Assessment

Obsolete Standard Best Leading

Ineffective manual

processes, poor data

quality, high error rates,

and little governance.

Awareness of large

gaps with some pockets

of effectiveness and

improvement efforts.

Automated and effective

processes, reliable and

accurate data, with KPIs

and controls in place.

Innovative and business

enabling processes with

enterprise data and best

in class systems in use

Process Data System

Effectiveness Standardization Documentation Governance Compliance

Quality Accessibility Standardization Governance

Usability Scalability Supportability Architecture

Organizations will fall in one of the four levels of maturity defined below. Identifying the current state and

gaps is a critical first step to moving up the maturity curve.

Territory Management Considerations

Territory Management Levels of Maturity


Sales ops ensures productivity and performance streamlined processes and tools can give 5 hours of

productivity back to reps a week.

Quota & Propose Myths

Myth #1 The Q2O process is a back office function with minimal customer impact

Myth #2 The Quote to Order process is a standard, routine back office function

Reality The Q2O process is a critical customer touch point, especially with new business models and the consumerism of IT (i.e. every decision maker is a consumer).

Reality The complexity of sales arrangements and deals, the growth